I’ll Be Back….Shortly

Sorry, I know I have been quite sporadic with postings these last two weeks….I apologize! But I did want to pop in real quick to say that I am going on a short break. I am going to be spending more time on my fund raising campaign, Jog 4 Joubert Syndrome, and need to focus my time and energy there. It is, after all, the “Reason I Tri”! I will post (hopefully) once a week or so here.

In other news, if all the stars align (read: I stay injury free) I hope to run my next Half Marathon next month. I have decided that its just not financially possible to keep the other triathlons on my fall schedule, so it looks like my rookie triathlon season was a pretty short one with only two triathlons. Next year, I will be more prepared in knowing what it takes to train (as in HUGE time commitment) and know better how to plan for my season. Picking races that I really want to do instead of wanting to do them all!

Thanks for sticking with me, I’ll be around, reading and commenting on your blogs. Until then……..


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