That Was Rude

Oh, my! How rude of me to go off and unplug for over a week with little warning, no blogs, no updates, no tweets, NOTHING! Bad blogger….BAD!!! Forgive me??? I am so flippin’ behind on blog reading too, hopefully I will catch up!

I don’t really like to broadcast when my family goes on vacation, but I had planned to do a couple blogs while I was away. Buuuuttt…..we had a spotty and sloooooow Wi-Fi connection, and I tried and failed and mobile blogging via iPhone. So it was a forced hiatus for me.

I spent the first part of my vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN with some friends that I know through the Joubert Syndrome Foundation. A girls weekend without kids or spouses. We had a great time, its so nice to be surrounded by other moms going through the same struggles as you. No awkwardness about JS. I miss them dearly!


Directly after arriving home from TN, it was immediately back in the car with the family, following the caravan of cars to Oak Island, NC. We had a great time just relaxing with my brother, our neighbors (yep, the rooster killer!), their kid, and the wife’s sister.


I was soooo so very bad with my diet, but vacation calories don’t count….right???? I’m sure my net calories were wayyyyy upside down after vacation week, but who really cares… IS vacation after all!

But I WAS at least active during this trip unlike the last vacation! I ran twice (4 miles each), kayaked twice, and rode a bike once for 7 miles.

Running at the beach seems so much more fantastic in theory than it really is! I know from previous experience that running on the actual beach can be likened to the tedium of treadmill running. You run and run and run, but seem to get NOWHERE….plus its bad on your feet, achilles, and calves, or so I hear. So I stuck to the street….which turned out to be equally boring. Passing one beach house after another, all of them equally “charming” quickly turn into a blur after mile 1. And you would think that running with little to no elevation change would be nice, but its pretty brutal. It was HOT, HUMID, STICKY, SALTY, WINDY. But I got it done!


Kayaking was my preferred activity last week, something totally unique as I have not kayaked in over 8 years. Beautiful scenery, and a tad bit scary (I kept wondering what I would do if I flipped my kayak). I love a good thrill! Apparently my hubs is hillbilly even in a kayak!



Hubs and I did take our bikes with us, but for some reason they never made it out of the back of the truck. Our neighbors brought their 100+ lb Huffy bikes (slight exaggeration…maybe) with them as well so that we could ride on the beach. The sand at Oak Island, apparently, is not ideal for riding a bike. Our tires marred up in the sand immediately. So we decided to ride on the road. Let me just say that mashing the pedals of a HEAVY bike, one in which is supposed to have gears but the derailleur is rusted and un-shiftable, into strong headwinds, is HARD stuff!!!!! We only rode 7 miles at an average pace of about 11mph, but I guarantee you my heart rate was up at least a little!

We did get yelled at by a passing motorist because we were not riding in the “bike lane”. I couldn’t stop myself from yelling a dirty word back. Hurricane Irene had just passed thru the area a week earlier and the “bike lane” was rendered pretty much useless and, in my opinion, hazardous. With so much sand and debris, I felt safer on the actual road. Its not like it was a freakin’ busy road anyway! Geez lady, share the road!!!!!!!


I always suffer a small case of post-vacation blues, and it takes a while to snap back into the real world. But until next time……I will look back on this vacation with fond memories.






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