Eggplant…Its Not So Scary!

Look at what the girl who hates to cook created last night!


An open face eggplant sandwich with pesto and feta cheese, quinoa, and a side salad. I just kind of made the sandwich up in my head, a rarity for me to be at all creative in the kitchen! I’m making progress!

I’m loving these little mini eggplant. They are a little bigger than the palm of my hand. No one else in the house likes it, so the big ones always go to waste. These are so cute, I just love them! I used to be so afraid of eggplant. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. But I am really growing to love them! I just hate they go bad so quickly!


I lightly coated the eggplant in olive oil, salt and peppered and roasted in the oven for about 15 minutes until golden brown. Toasted a piece of bread. Spread a little bit of pesto sauce on the bread. Topped with eggplant with feta cheese. Voila! Baby steps….maybe one day I will actually enjoy doing this.

In other news, I may be without WiFi for a week or so and the thoughts of that are pushing me to the verge of a panic attack. I still have my iPhone though! Has anyone ever blogged via mobile phone? I do have the WP app on my phone but have never used it. Hopefully I will survive without my laptop for a week!

Happy Wednesday! What food were you once afraid of but now enjoy?


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