Two Cats and a Salamander

I have two cats who could really be classified as sloths. I’m pretty sure they sleep 23.5 hours a day, the only two non-nocturnal cats I have ever met.


So when I see a cat scampering across the floor….and FAST, I know there must be something really cool piquing his interest. Today, as I’m surfing the interwebs, Baxter scurries across the floor. I glance down and he’s chasing a salamander. I had to do a double take. A SALAMANDER IN MY HOUSE!!!!!  AHHHH!!!!

Two thoughts crossed my mind

1. I didn’t want the cat to kill the damn thing. Please no animal murders in the house!

2. I didn’t want a loose salamander in the house to later crawl across my face as I slept.

Somehow I managed to think and act quickly and trapped him!


But now what?!?! I sat staring at him for 5-10 minutes trying to figure out how to keep him contained but get him out of the house. Then I began to have a mini freak out because it was taking me so long to figure out this predicament, would he suffocate under the glass?!?!

I finally got a piece of cardboard, slid it under the glass. But his tail somehow got out from under the glass and got chopped off a little. Opps, sorry little guy….they grow back…right???!!! And side note….that tail twitched and flopped for an awfully long time after it was detached from his body…eww!

On the training front….I ran today, 4 miles without any residual knee pain. I was worried that I over did it with Friday’s trail run. I haven’t run trail in SO long, mix the instability offered by trails and a long(ish) run and it could lead to a possible runner’s knee flare up. It was a mentally tough run on the DREADmill, especially after such a lovely trail run last week. It won’t be long before I can resume midday runs outdoors once the temps drop. I can’t wait!!!!

I did an uber short swim today before my run. I really didn’t fell like working on distance, so I worked on speed just a tiny bit. I hardly ever do speed work in the pool, it hurts so badly and almost induces vomiting every time. I was pretty pleased though. My 100 yard time was about 15 seconds faster than the last time I timed it. YIPPERS! And best of all, the kids are back in school and the pool is quiet again. Now if I can just avoid tidal wave man!

Any unusual critters in your house lately? Have you ever chopped off a lizard’s tail (accidentally)?


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