Oh Trail Running….How I Have Missed You!

Last year I was head over heels in LOVE with trail running. It was shear torture to suggest I run on the road and I would become almost suicidal at the thoughts of running on the treadmill. Fast forward to this year…..I have only done a small handful of trail runs all year! I will admit, that suffering from runner’s knee for over a year, I subconsciously blamed trail running for my chronic injury. Perhaps I avoided trails because I was worried about a flare up.


My husband asked me to meet him after work Friday night for a trail run. I was hesitant, it would be HOT and I was worried about my knee. But I threw caution to the wind and I am SO glad I did. It sparked a little bit of enthusiasm for running that I have been missing lately.

My hub’s Garmin was dead, so I let him use mine (aw, so giving!) because I know one of the trails like the back of my hand, and really didn’t care about my time. Hubs quickly disappeared into the woods, and I was alone….just me and the trail. No watch, no GPS, no music. Serenity now!


6 (ish) glorious, HOT, dusty, miles and 1 blister later……I remembered why I love trail running so much! The constant mental stimulation, the thrill of instability, the shock of almost being tripped by a root, being in nature, being alone, I LOVE IT! I must get back on the trails more often!


Thankfully my knee felt pretty good after the run. I had hoped to run again Sunday to test it out, but I had to take an unplanned rest day….and another one today. I experimented a little too much with a new (to me) beer. I’ve quit drinking through the week to help cut calories, but after Saturday, I might quit drinking all together!


Two Hearted Ale was not so kind to me. I spent ALL DAY long on the couch fighting waves of nausea, and today still feel the effects of dehydration. ICK! Perhaps it was because I was drinking these quite POTENT beers as if they were Bud Lights. Opps!


Back on the workout train tomorrow! I also need to get back on the Project Pull Up train. I didn’t do very well with my exercises last week, but hubs did help me on my pull up “form” so that it doesn’t feel like my chest is being ripped apart! If you’re doing the Project Pull-Up, let me know how you’re doing and send some pics!

Happy Monday!

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