Happy Bike-iversary!

It was one year ago today that I locked eyes with that beautiful 58cm blue aluminum frame….my Trek 1.5WSD. It was love at first sight….ok, well, first ride. I searched high and low for her, unsatisfied and uncomfortable with all the others. When I sat on that saddle for the first time in the bike trainer at Liberty Bicycles, the stars aligned and angels sang. I knew she was the one!


From the very first moment I awkwardly pedaled out of the parking lot onto the open road, something transformed inside of me. The freedom, the power, the unreal sensation that riding my bike gives me is nothing that I have ever felt before. It is difficult to describe. I feel strong and unstoppable when I am on my bike.

My first real ride….yah, I don’t ride in skirts anymore!


My bike has taken me places that I never thought I could go. I never thought I could overcome the fear of riding on the open road….and I do. I never thought I could complete a triathlon….and I did. I never thought I could be better at a sport than my husband….and I AM!


I certainly still have a lot to learn about cycling, and can make a bike faux pas and a total ass out of my self without knowing it in front of veteran cyclists. I have fallen off my bike more times that I care to count, and have multiple scars because of it. But despite all that, I feel almost like I am a natural. I finally found my niche, something I can one day maybe excel at?

One of many bike faux pas! Lesson learned, be prepared for all weather conditions!


I love my bike, and I am quite certain that I will never get rid of my very first real bike. Sure I may eventually upgrade, but I have bonded with my bike, and this one will always have a special place in my heart. 


Although I have spent many hours and miles with my bike and poured buckets of sweat over her, she still does not have a name. I do feel that my bike is a chick though, not sure why….just my bike owners intuition. 


I love my bike. I have learned a lot about myself over the last 1300+ miles, thanks to my bike. I hope to have many thousands more happy miles with my best aluminum friend!



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