Random Friday Facts

1~ I hate to drive. Any trip over 1 1/2 hours, I start looking at other transportation options!

2~ I have small feet for my height (6ft). 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 depending on the type/brand.

3~ I don’t like my toes to be squeezed together, maybe that’s why I LOVE vibrams!

4~ I have strange eating habits. I could do an entire series of posts about them.

5~ I have year round allergies, I live on children’s zyrtec and benedryl. It works better than all the prescription meds I have tried.

6~ I am still upset that my neighbor for killed his roosters

7~ But I am happy with karma, one of the rooster shit on him during the massacre

8~ He ended up eating the roosters. That somehow seems wrong to me, isn’t there some moral codes against eating pets?

9~  I refuse to watch I Am Legend ever again because of what happens to Sam. That movie came out right after Rhett was run over by my husband’s boss. I still suffer from PTSD from that incident!

10~ I procrastinate with almost everything in my life.

11~ It took me 6 years, 2 college transfers, and 4 major changes to get a 4 year degree. See above.

12~ I always run out of conditioner before shampoo.

13~ I am fairly certain my new multivitamins have meth or crack in them, I have been JACKED up ever since starting them!

14~ I will probably never go to my regular Dr again for minor stuff. Minute Clinic at CVS is a million times faster…and cheaper!

15~ I hate to shave, but I also hate body hair. Quite the daily dilemma.

16~ I eat way too fast. I am usually done before most people even get started.

17~ I’m not sure why I use “LOL” because I rarely do LOL when I’ve typed it.

18~ I collect wine bottle corks in a huge decorative cookie jar on my kitchen counter. I bet my guests think I’m an alcoholic because its almost full.

19~ I have to eat Oreo’s in pairs. I take them a part, eat the two plain cookies then mush the two with filling together. Why don’t I just buy double stuffed Oreo’s?

20~ I think I may be falling in love with the dreadmill (GASP!)

21~ If you’re a friend of mine on DailyMile you would know that I swam 1800 yards today with snot stringing out my nose.

22~ I’m loving how swimming is making my arms look!


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