Project Pull Up

I was a scrawny little weakling growing up, the wimpy girl in gym class. I was fast, but I was not strong. I always tried to be sick on Presidential Fitness Test day, I hated it with a passion. Its probably the root of my adult performance anxiety. I could not do the dreaded CHIN/PULL UP test! It was embarrassing!

Fast forward 20 some years….I still can not do a single (or even half of one for that matter!) CHIN UP or PULL UP! That is going to change!

This is all I’ve got




I introduce LB’s Project Pull Up! This is for all those inner wimpy kids out there that never acquired the upper body strength to hoist their bodies skyward and RISE ABOVE THE BAR! I know I’m not the ONLY ONE…am I??? I challenge those of you who cannot complete a single pull up to join me. And those who can (I’m jealous!)..…you can join in too, or at least mentor us weaklings!

The challenge is to either be able to complete a FULL pull up or chin up (just one is all I’m asking for!) in one month’s time or improve on the number of pull ups you can consecutively do.

Who’s with me? The challenge is on going, you can join at anytime. If you decide to take the challenge, post about it, put up the button, whatever you feel like to spread the word to other wimpies like us.

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Some great ways to help build the strength required to do pull ups include:

  • Build grip strength by just hanging from the bar for 30 seconds reps
  • Dumb bell rows
  • Body weight rows
  • Assisted pull ups with a chair or machine at the gym
  • Negative pull ups
  • Flex arm hang

Check out for demonstrations on some of these exercises

Send your pull up action shot pictures to and I will link you in each week with my progress.

Week 1: probably 80% assist with a chair


Good luck, hope you join me!

BTW, I know in one picture I’m doing a chin up (palms facing me) and in the last picture I’m doing a pull up (palms away). Pull ups are supposedly harder, they are both equally challenging for me at this point. I will be starting with chin ups, then hopefully progressing to PULL UPS!


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