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I HAVE to Race Again….And Soon!

Alright….its settled.  I HAVE to race again….and SOON!!!! 

I accidentally washed my favorite swim cap last week and I’m quite bummed about it. 


Why is my favorite swim cap you ask?  Its yellow, its ugly, and it (was) littered with logos.  Its my favorite because I earned it when I did my first open water swim (OWS) triathlon.  This stupid little piece of latex symbolizes the triathlete in me.  Silly….sure.  But it means something to me.  I keep all of my race bibs for the same reason.  (I also write the date and my finish time on the backs, I’m OCD like that!) 


Now thanks to my washing machine mishaps, the logos are almost completely gone!


This unfortunate event made me think about race medals.  For some reason, race directors in my neck of the woods don’t pass out finishers medals at the end of a hard day of racing.  At first I was cool with that.  I didn’t need some stinkin’ medal to validate my accomplishment.  I do have medals.  Two for AG awards. 

2nd in my AG at my very FIRST race EVER, a 5K. 


1st place AG in a biathlon. 


I am very proud of those two medals, and even if I had finishers medals, I would value those above all others. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do draw a limit on where I would expect to be donned a medal at the end of the day.  5ks, 10ks, etc….I don’t expect a medal….unless I place….which is rare.  But half-marathons and above, any distance triathlon… those deserve some hardware!  I pour a lot of blood sweat and tears accomplish those feats.  I want a damned medal!

Is that too much to ask?  I understand these are hard economic times, and race directors cut corners where they can.  But I would MUCH rather get a medal than yet another stupid shirt!!!  At least I can display a medal, can’t do much with a crappy cotton shirt!

The half mary that I did was a small trail race, so I wasn’t surprised (yet still bummed) that no medals were given.  But most tris around here do NOT give medals….even for distances above the sprint level.  What gives????  Is this normal???  I have seen plenty of sprint tri race reports from other parts of the country that include the signature “medal pose”. 

At any rate, until our race directors decide to pony up with more hardware….latex swim caps cluttered with logos it is.  My way to display my pride in a job well done.  Now what will I do when they stop providing swim caps???

How do you feel about finishers medals….love them, hate them, indifferent????


Rokit Fuel Review

I learned about Rokit Fuel through a giveaway at Mom v. Marathon several weeks ago.  I was soooo bummed when I didn’t win.  So when Crystal at Rokit Fuel contacted me and asked if I would like to do a review, I about jumped out of my seat! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE food and LOVE breakfast even more.  So when I opened the box and found 4 cups of oatmeal, I was in heaven!  When I looked in the cup and saw the hearty goodness inside, I knew this oatmeal was NO JOKE!!!  I honestly stayed full on this stuff for at least 1-2 hours longer than I do with normal oatmeal.  SCORE!!!  It is a little on the high end of my comfort zone for fat content, but because it is full of such wholesome goodness, I over look the fat content.  And we need those good fats anyway, right?  I am also totally digging the fact that I can pronounce all of the ingredients, so you know this is some wholesome, good-for-you stuff!!!! 

Look at how hearty this stuff is!!!!!  Not your average oatmeal…NO SIR!!!!


I tested four different flavors:


Chocolate Dream…..the name explains it all.  Very dreamy indeed!


Stud Muffin, TONS of goodness crammed into one cup!


Pumpkin Chocolate, a very interesting combo!


Cherry Almond, a hint of cherry and a little almond CRUCH


I was shocked that Cherry Almond was my favorite, as I don’t typically like cherries.  Chocolate Dream was a close second.  YUM-O!!!!


Next I had the pleasure of testing out four of their “Booster Bars”.  I love the portability of bars, but do be careful with the chocolate ones, they get a little melty.   

Formula One:  Very good once you get past the very “natural” look of the bar itself.  I’m sure those who have tried it, know what I mean!


Enjoyed a preflight snack on Formula One in Chocolate.  Same great taste of Formula One + Chocolate….could it get any better????


Straight Up Peanut in Chocolate:  I was so eager to eat this one, I didn’t get a pre nosh shot!  It did not disappoint!!!!


Straight Up Peanut.  Can’t wait to tear into this bad boy!!!!!


And I am a HUGE sucker for creative and witty package labeling.  So when I saw this:

NOT FOR WUSSIES: Wussie (noun) A person whose pursuit of excellence is eclipsed by a total lack of discipline and drive.


I had to giggle to myself a little.  I have been quite the “wussie” lately, should I be eating such non-wussified food????  Maybe it will help suppress the wussie within me!

I am quite interested to try the cereal pouches, especially the hole pinole!


All of the Rokit Fuel products are very reasonably priced.  I give Rokit Fuel the LB 5 Parachute Jacket Seal of Approval!!!  Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!!!!


Disclaimer: I was provide the above products by Rokit Fuel, free of charge.  The review is solely my own opinion, I was not compensated in any other way. 

Small Victories

I’m slowly peeling back the layers of the sloth like cocoon I have been living in for the past 8 days.  I forced myself to get in the pool yesterday and it was surprisingly nice…..other than choking on the wake of the dude in the lane next to me.  I’m not knocking bad swimmers, I’m not the greatest myself, but geeze….I’m not sure what he was doing to create such monster waves.  I digress……

I am feeling sooooo much better since getting back on track with diet and exercise.  It is AHMAZING what a craptastic diet can do to you.  And my bowels thank me too, apparently pasta, cheese, and bread are a sure fire way to clog the ol pipes!

I received two tidbits of good news while I was away in Orlando.  First I received an email that I made the Health Care Colleges.Net 2011 list of top running blogs.  Pretty cool, although, I’m not sure how they complied this list.  Sometimes I wonder why anyone reads my drivel.  But I am honored to have made the list!

And probably the most exciting news I have gotten in a while was that I was chosen to be on the Michelob Ultra Ambassador Team!  Anyone who knows me, knows I love beer.  How cool to represent Michelob Ultra as an athlete……you know….with the likes of Lance Armstrong and Natalie Gulbis.  We’re BFFs don’t cha know?!  I haven’t gotten all of the deets yet, but I’m sure it will be fun and exciting…..and possibly a beer or two involved!

Just two buddies, having a beer!


My innards aren’t the only thing that my vacation backlogged.  I am wayyyyyyyy behind on blog reading and commenting.  Also wayyyyyyyy behind on some reviews.  BOLO reviews for HooHa Ride Glide, Rokit Fuel, Running on Empty, and Pearl Izumi ISO Transitions.

How are you all surviving this ridunkulous heat wave that has gripped most of the nation????  Me??  I avoid the outdoors as much as possible.  All indoor workouts for me until mother nature gets over her hot flashes.  Someone needs to tell her to take some estrogen will ya!!!??

The Most EPIC of Fails!

I’m finally back from the JSF Conference……..and I brought back 5+ lbs of fat as a souvenir!  Wow, just what I always wanted!!!! 

UGH!!!!  Even the best laid plans can go awry.  But geez louise!!!!!  My workout plan while on vaca failed MISERABLY!!!  I didn’t skip just a couple workouts…….I skipped them ALL!!!!  I have not worked out in over a week.  My last workout was Insanity on Monday July 11th!  image

My complete lack of activity wasn’t because options were not readily available.  The cold hard truth is that I just didn’t have the drive to do it.  You see, the JSF Conference is no ordinary conference.  It was a week of meeting other families affected by JS, talking with the medical experts, and listening to presentations about JS.  Not always the most uplifting of experiences.  In our everyday lives we can sort of forget about JS, but the conference snapped me back into the reality  of how serious this syndrome can be can.  I was overwhelmed and emotionally drained.  I just wanted to stay in bed and pretend I wasn’t at a JSF Conference. 

Not only did I NOT workout all freakin’ week, but I ate horribly.  Its virtually impossible to eat a balanced vegetarian diet at a conference.  With no substantial non-meat protein options, I basically ate pasta, cheese pizza, salad, and LOTS of dessert, and maybe a few drinks (ahemmm).

I sit here this morning feeling bloated, tired, depressed, and UNmotivated. I should be eager to get back into my workout routine and normal diet, but I am NOT.  I have been struggling all year with motivation, and have gone through more highs and lows than I care to talk about.  But this time, its going to be extremely difficult to pull myself out of this hole. 

Don’t misunderstand, I had a good time at the JSF conference, but it was not a normal FUN vacation.  Its probably the farthest thing from a vacation that I can imagine.  I love my JS family, but it can also be very difficult.  And my brother and I only managed the muster up enough energy for one day of Disney.  It was so unbelievably hot that we decided not to go back.  Disney in July….what were they thinking????  The heat was NOT magical!


Hopefully I will pull out of this nosedive and will resume my normal routine soon!!!!

Staying Accountable on Vaca

I am Orlando bound, in a few short hours I will meet up with my Joubert Syndrome Foundation Family for our biennial conference!!!!!  I have not seen most of the JSF family in almost 2 years.  I will also be meeting new family members….I can’t wait!

But with vacation, comes fitness pitfalls.  Conference food, daily activities, presentations and meetings will NOT throw me off this time.  I have a plan!

First, I packed for the occasion.  Almost half of my suitcase is filled with workout clothes, running shoes, swimsuits, swim cap, goggles, garmin, chargers, water bottles……everything I need to make my workouts HAPPEN!


I also packed my new BFF and personal trainer, Shaun T…..ahh the beauty of a DVD workout that doesn’t require equipment, only floor space!  Shaun T’s ripped little body fit perfectly into my suitcase!  Too bad I’m sharing a room with my lil bro….he will have to endure the hilarity that is LB doing an INSANITY workout! 

I checked out the fitness options at the hotel.  It appears that there is a small fitness center in the hotel.  This actually rivals my home YMCA!


There is also a pretty sweet pool at the hotel, but just in case its not what I ‘m looking for, I have mapped out the location of the nearest YMCA, which is technically within running distance, IF it’s a safe route. 


20 lap lane pool…..I. AM. SALIVATING!!!!!!  And because I’m a YMCA member at home…..I get to use this fabulous facility for FREE!

souce: YMCA Central FL

And if I start lacking in motivation, I brought some inspirational reading material along instead of trashy gossip magazines. 


So, if I fail to stick with my fitness this week, it will just be due to sheer laziness.  I have done everything in my power to set myself up for a good workout week!


I must have the attention span of a puppy, easily distracted by shiny objects.  As if running, swimming, and biking weren’t enough……I procured a copy of Insanity from my BRB (best running buddy) “trail girl” Ashley (Thanks Ashley……well, actually Brian!)  Um, yeah…..its no joke!!!!

Yesterday was the Fit Test.  I half expected the Fit Test to be easy, I was kidding myself!!!!  I’ve got some work to do!  Here are my results…don’t laugh!

Switch Kicks: 49
Power Jack: 42
Power Knees: 70
Power Jumps: 30
Globe Jumps: 10
Suicide Jumps: 11
Push-Up Jacks: 6
Low Plank Oblique: 34

And yahhhh….I was mega sore this morning (partly 45 minutes P90X Yoga X after the Fit Test to blame though).  I wondered how I was going to manage today’s workout….but somehow I pulled it together and did.  On the plate today was Plyometric Cardio Circuit. 

Basketball Jumps



Glad you could join me Rhett! Exit stage left to the bedroom!!


Push Ups with some crazy jumps to the side (UGH!!!!)


I think I officially have a crush on Shaun T.  There is definitely something to be said about chemistry between you and a trainer (yes, Shaun T is MY personal trainer!).  I hated (and still do dislike) Tony Horton.  His workout mojo is just not my style.  Shaun T pushes without being annoying.  Yes, I know its only day 2, maybe by day 7 Shaun T will be in the same category with Tony Horton…and on my shit list.  But for now, we are B.F.F.s!!!!!  And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that there is NO equipment required.  Nothing annoys me more than to fumble around, figuring out how much weight to use!!!!  I do still HATE push ups though!!!!

Post workout GLOW!!!!


Look what you made me do Shaun T….SWEAT!!!!!


I’m not entirely sure where INSANITY will fit in to my workout regimen.  I’m still debating about the marathon….Novemeber, December, or maybe even early next year.  I’m struggling to get my mileage base up due to miserable weather, lack of motivation, and just pure laziness.  I am no fool….I don’t want to set myself up for failure or worse, INJURY with a poor base. 

Have you tried INSANITY???  Do you LOVE it????  Will I be INSANE by the end of it (as if I’m not already!)????

Eating for Fuel??

Can I just say….I have felt like absolute crap all week!  I’m not sure what is wrong with me, but I have been tired, fatigued, cranky, and feel like I can barely put one foot in front of the other.  I’m so tired, its almost painful!  Miserable!

Anywho……I have been seeing this little catch phrase floating around “eat for fuel, not for pleasure” and it has been catching my eye and making me think about how I eat.  Its no secret that I LOVE food, I really enjoy eating.  But there are other times that I eat sort of mindlessly, grazing through my pantry as if I am a heifer in the field.  Sometimes I catch myself eating and think to myself, “this does not even taste good….why am I eating this?” 

I am also slightly obsessed with food in the fact that I always ALWAYS carry food with me.  I get a little panicky if I think I will be without food for any significant period of time.  When my blood sugar drops just the slightest little bit, it have very adverse affects on me (and those around me!) 

I do a fair share of comfort eating also.  I eat to reward myself.  I eat to celebrate.  I have even been known to hide what I am eating (like that 5th slice of birthday cake!).  I realize I may have a slightly unhealthy relationship with food, but who doesn’t???? 

Now, back to the crappy state that I have been in all week… this diet related??  I decided to take a closer look at what I have been eating.  Since ditching meat nearly 3 months ago, I have not felt bad (until now), but I wouldn’t exactly say that I have felt great either.  I read time and time again how people felt TERRIFIC once they stopped eating meat.  I keep waiting for that to happen. 

I found a cool new iPhone app for a website that I used last year called Calorie Count.  I am super lazy about logging exactly what I have been eating, but this app made it super easy….there’s even a barcode scanner.  This is the summary of what I ate yesterday:


And here is the analysis:


I am soooooo do not get nutrition, but from my untrained perspective, it looks like I didn’t do well on my iron and calcium intake yesterday (which is why I take a multivitamin with added iron and calcium), my potassium intake was also low, it says my carb intake was also low….which I find very hard to believe.  I think I did OK on calories and fat.  But is this why I have felt SOOOO bad lately????

I still struggle to eat enough fruits and veggies, I didn’t eat a single fruit did I and very few veggies????  Duh….the vegetarian that doesn’t eat veggies….what am I thinking????  BUT, my diet is 100 times better than it used to be, but I still have some work to do, and I also need to work on eating for fuel….not comfort.  Using this app makes me think first about what I am eating before I shove it mindlessly into my mouth!

Do you track your diet?  Do you eat for fuel or for pleasure….or both?

iRun Athletic Wear Review

I recently had the pleasure of testing and reviewing some clothing from iRun, a new women’s running apparel line.  I received a running shirt, skights, and a hoodie.  I wish it were not the middle of summer so that I could wear the skights and hoodie outdoors!!!!  How many more days until fall????

What is a skight you ask???  It’s a skirt with tights underneath.  I have never had the pleasure of wearing a skirt attached to my tights, I’m thinking I will like this combo!  While it was too blasted HOT to do field testing of the hoodie and skight.  I did do a fair share of lounging around in it (I sacrifice for the sake of running science!) and a dash of home yoga.


Definitely very comfortable pieces.  The tights in the Skight are pretty thin, as in, I’m not sure these will be a really COLD weather option.  I predict these will be good until below 40 degrees.  Although I have never worn the tights/skirt combo before, a complaint I hear from other wearers are that the tights fall down, especially in the crotcheral region.  I don’t think you are in any danger of having to deal with a saggy crotch in with this skight.  My only complaint, the tag is itchy….this will be surgically removed before wearing again Smile I love the little detail of the logo tag on the side of the skirt!


I love a good hoodie, and I see this one being heavily used in my hoodie rotation once the weather permits!  Its made of silky soft material, but has that dern scratchy tag in it too.  Must go!  Does it make me look sexy?  Yah…I didn’t think so……I tried!


It has a HUGE pocket in the front, you can store all kinds of goodies in it, its also deep enough that you could scratch your crotch without anyone noticing!  I’m totally NOT doing that in the picture…..or am I????


And finally the tech tee.  I was able to give this puppy the good testing it deserved.  I love that its black, its simple, but exudes attitude!  Made of the same soft silky material….but AGAIN with the scratchy tag!!!!!


The seams did not rub, chafe or irritate.  This shirt sucked up and whisked away all my profuse sweatiness during my 4 mile slog through the neighborhood.  Too bad its black….you can’t appreciate the buckets of sweat that was seeping out of my pores in this post run picture!


I’m really digging the new iRun brand.  All of the items fit true to size.  Their products are also VERY reasonably priced (and it looks like they are having a sell on a few items right now)!!!!!  Their selection is small right now, but I look forward to if/when they expand their line.  Cute and functional stuff!!!  But seriously….you’ve got to just do away with the tags.  They are cute, but they are irritating!  Stop by and check them out.  Make sure and read the amazing story behind the brand!

I give iRun Athletic Wear the 4 parachute jacket, LB seal of approval!


Disclaimer:  I was provided the above items for free by iRun Athletic Wear.  No other compensation was received.  This review is entirely my own opinion!

Skinny Fat

It was about this time last year that I attempted a little thing called P90X. Yah…that didn’t go over so well.  I quickly became enemies with Tony Horton and was convinced he was the devil.

That was back before the days of my tri training which involves long, intense workouts and two a days.  During my first attempt at P90X, I wasn’t quite ready to invest that amount of time with a guy I couldn’t stand the site of.  I lasted….ohhhh, about a week and the (no so) love affair with Tony Horton was over as quickly as it began.  But now, I am accustomed to pouring out an hour + worth of sweat on a regular basis.  Could I be more tolerant of the P90X time commitment now????

Tonight the hubs dusted off the ol’ P90X case o’ DVDs and made a declaration to conquer Tony once and for all.  Still annoying, still looks ridiculously hard, but as I sit here watching him suffer, I’m sipping a beer and blogging, and listening to Tony-isms in the background…..but I am intrigued to begin again, could I give Tony a second chance????

Last week, “trail girl” Ashley and I went to a class at the Y that I was hoping would be yoga-ish called “Mind, Body, Spirit”.  An hour later, I was sweaty, tired, and sore.  The class was an awkward mixture of tai chi, yoga, and pilates.  Although it wasn’t my favorite-est class, I did enjoy it, and it made me painfully aware that I am lacking in the strength department.  With all the tri training this year, I have had little time (or….lets be honest, little interest) in strength training.

Although, I’m not really feelin’ Tony Horton and his P90X ridiculousness, I may have to give a little thing call “Insanity” a try….you know the P90X of 2011.  Its all the rage and it seems like everyone ditched Tony and his P90X crew for “Insanity” this year.  Will I find Shaun T equally annoying and spout curse words at him as if I am possessed???  Maybe, but I need to FIRM IT UP!!!!  I may be cardiovascularly fit, but I am what I like to call…..skinny fat. I am thin and appear to be in shape, but a little soft in the core and lack that hard definition that comes with strength training.

And if Haley can do it, I should be able to also.  Yep, Haley works out with her Daddy in her “Super Why” Big Girl Britches, and yes, that is a potty in the background….we are in the middle of potty training boot camp around here!  In all honesty….she will probably be able to do a “real” push up before I will!!!!  I need some serious upper body work!!!!!

I’m a Terrible Gardener

Its time for me to stop pretending.  There are just some things I am NOT good at.  One of those things I just suck at is gardening.  I like to think of myself as having a natural green thumb, but the truth is….I don’t!  I am a particularly dismal potted plant grower.  Plants in the ground have a slightly better chance of surviving me.  I do pretty well the first two weeks of a plants life.  It gets plenty of love and attention and, that apparently key ingredient to life….WATER!

I really wanted an herb garden this year.  A lot of the recipes I want to try call for fresh herbs, and DAAAAANG they are expensive!  Also the idea of having an herb garden makes me feel like a domestic goddess!  I was determined I would succeed this year!  But after 2 months, It’s not looking so good.  And honestly I have actually used them to cook with twice.  FAIL!  Maybe its not too late, maybe some of these plants have a chance.


Sad thing is…..these poor plants are literally 10 steps outside my back door, not like it takes a HUGE amount of effort to carry water that far!

Poor basil, there may be life in you yet, but you need some TLC!


But I think this flower is on its last leg 😦


Ah, rosemary….the only plant I can’t manage to kill.  Thank you for loving arid soil!


Other things that I like to pretend I am good at but I’m not:

  • Cooking
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Keeping a Spotless House
  • Organization
  • Sewing
  • Driving
  • Crafty Art Projects
  • Decorating
  • Being Thoughtful

So its time for me to stop being delusional and accept the fact that I am not particularly skilled in the aforementioned areas.  But that doesn’t mean I will stop trying to master these skills!!!!

What are some things you like think you are good at but, in all honesty, are NOT?