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>Thumbs UP! Thursday



Wow, I totally forgot Thumbs UP! Thursday last week, I’m out of practice!!!  At any rate, welcome to Thumbs UP! Thursday, the day I post about all the AWESOMENESS going on in my world and the world around me.  Thanks for joining me!

Thumbs UP! to week 1 of my meat free venture!!!  It has been 1 week today since I have eaten meat.  It has been surprisingly easy…so far.  My husband is a little less than thrilled with my newest conquest.  He seems to think my decision is ridiculous but has been (mostly) supportive.  I stocked up on all sorts of veggie/healthy foods last weekend, and other than one mishap with an eggplant (don’t ask!) I have had a great time coming up with new and creative ideas for meals.  I have eaten such things as eggplant parmesan, quinoa (YUM!!! tastes like grits!), spinach quiche, veggie dogs, parsnip fries, asparagus, lots of fruits, and on and on and on. 


IMG_4968  IMG_4462

I have gotten a lot of concerned comments and criticism.  People are worried that I may not get enough protein or iron, some worry that I will get sick or become unhealthy, some wonder why I just can’t eat organic meat.  This is a learning process, I will have to figure out what works for me.  So far, I’m loving it.  Let’s see how next week goes.  I did finish watching Food Inc.  I’m still very disgusted by meat, even the “organic/humane” meat, but I’m also disgusted by the whole food industry.  The movie is a little alarmist and leaves you with very little in the way of ideas of solutions.  Anyone else feel the same way after watching???  Kind of like, “we’re screwed with no idea how to really fix it!”

I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to sign up for my next tri….which happens to be next weekend….which happens to be an OWS…which I happen to be SUPER intimidated by.  I was pretty pumped after my first OWS experience, even if it was a complete disaster.  I felt empowered that although it was a big ol’ mess, I still did it.  But now, the reality of how hard that swim was and the prospect of biking and running after a tough swim are discouraging me.  PLEASE send me some Thumbs UP! vibes to get me going!  I need to get over this OWS fear!  But Thumbs UP! to the lake water temps…they seem to be rising slowing but surely.

Current lake temp, last OWS was 64 degrees

image Thumbs UP! to being included on some NINJA action.  Its a super secret mission, one in which I do not know the full details.  But NINJAS are on the move!  I hope I can help with the mission! 

Thumbs UP! to all you treadmill runners!!!  Seriously…..I don’t know how you do it!!!  Its getting warmer and warmer here in NC.  I’m going to have to adjust my workout schedule soon.  I’ve gotten used to sleeping in and working out in the afternoons.  Those days are about to be LONG GONE!  I did a pretty random workout today.  I needed to swim and run today, seems pretty useless, but I did it none the less.  It was 82 degrees per my car thermometer….a couple degrees past my comfort zone, so I opted to run on the treadmill at the Y after swimming (Oh the HORROR!) I wanted to die, like literally stick my head in the whirling belt and just put myself out of my misery!  I wanted to do 4 miles and then a 1/2 mile with my Vibram Five Fingers.  I had to call it quits at 3 miles, but still mustered up the strength for my VFF run.  HORRID!!!! 

Speaking of treadmill runs….have you heard about this girl…..she happens to be crazy enough to subject herself to 24 hours of this torture…..all for a good cause.  Go visit her and support her endeavors.  I would seriously loose my (what’s left of it) mind!  But this girl is made of steel (no really, look at her abs!)

And last but not least, Thumbs UP! to my Gu Giveaway winner!!!!  Check back soon….I’ve got another giveaway coming up soon!!!!  I’m in such a charitable mood!



Congrats Darlene @ My First 5K and More.  Email me at

What’s going on in your world that deserves a Thumbs UP!???  Have a very Thumbs Up! Thursday!!!!


>Pearl iZUMi Infinity LD Shorts Review


I was sent a pair of Pearl iZumi shorts to test and review a few weeks ago.  Honestly, when I opened the box and saw shorts, I was a little nervous.  Me no like-y shorts.  Unless you have twiggy legs or just happen to be gifted in a way that I don’t quite understand, shorts have never been comfortable for my (ahem…) ample thighs.  I have been a skirt girl for over a year now and have never been more happy or comfortable.  Ladies, you know what I’m talking about…..the hungry crotch syndrome where your shorts will inevitably creep up your inner thighs until they are in a chafe producing wad.  If it doesn’t happen to you, well it just simply defies the laws of physics, please tell me your secret!!!!!

Anyhow, I digress…..yes, Pearl iZUMi shorts…..that is what I was meaning to talk about.

Shameless opportunity to feature my boy, Rhett Butler


So I reluctantly tested the shorts on a short 3 miler.  When first putting them on, my initial impression…..”WOW!  They are comfy…..and cute!!!!”  They are light and breezy and fit very well!  NOTE: order a size LARGER than you typically wear….it hurts the pride but you will thank me!  And FINALLY a split leg short that doesn’t show off all your goodies.  PI managed to make a discreet split leg short!!!



They have some cute little embellishments that hint at feminine without being blatantly girly.  They also have a small pocket on the back that you could fit your keys and maybe a Gu into.


So how did they fare on the run????  Well, I have mixed emotions.  They did ride a little, but I did not have high expectations from the get go.  BUT, that being said, they did not ride up the crotcheral region quite as badly as most shorts do on me.  I did not spend the entire run with my shorts in the shape of an inverted V, nor was I constantly pulling at the shorts to put them back into the proper place.  I could be that I have not run in shorts in such a LONG time that I was just super aware of the extra fabric betweenst the legs. 

I have read RAVE reviews on these shorts and while I’m only 90% sold on them, they are still pretty great little shorts.  If you love shorts in general, then you will LOVE these.  I will certainly be wearing them on shorter runs and during other athletic activities.  So if you LOVE shorts….go get you some!!!!  Also, check out some of the other products by Pearl Izumi.  They have some really great cycling, running and TRI gear!!!!!

I give Pearl iZUMi Infinity Shorts 4 parachute jackets!


disclaimer: i was sent these shorts by outside pr for free, the review is my very own.  peace out!

>You Are What You Eat, Part II….Adios Meat (for now)


Last week during a trainer session, I stumbled upon a movie on Netflix called Food Inc. For those who haven’t seen this movie, its about the shockingly poor state of our nation’s food supply. It was no surprise to me how poorly we as Americans eat, but this movie really threw me for a loop and is making me take a closer look at what I put in my grocery cart. I am only about half way through the movie, but that was enough to really make me second guess what I stuff into my mouth!

One of the major areas I am troubled with is meat consumption. I have always had a problem eating meat. Don’t get me wrong, I love the taste of meat, but I don’t like what it is…..flesh and often times…..just parts. For years I have been able to push the thoughts of what meat really is out of my mind and ignore the fact that my beloved Chick-fil-a sandwich really was a clucking chicken. I know it doesn’t bother most people and they gladly eat meat fully accepting the fact they are eating a once living breathing creature. To each his own, I don’t hold anything against meat eaters, but it bothers me and I want to change for myself. I have a soft spot for animals….not just pets, but all animals. I don’t want to get into the very controversial aspect of animal rights and cruelty issues. I know we as humans have slaughtered and eaten meat for centuries…..its just something I don’t want to do anymore.

I have tried to cut meat from my diet before. It lasted all of 2 months when I was in college. But back then I didn’t know how to eat properly, ate virtually zero vegetables, and had no idea how to get alternative sources of protein. I basically consumed only carbs for 2 months. I felt like crap, eventually caved and went back to my carnivorous ways. I have been toying with the idea of trying vegetarianism again for a long time now. Its a huge commitment and a huge change for me. I live in a meat eating world and honestly I like a McDonald’s hamburger every now and then. It will be hard to NOT eat that anymore. Also everyone I know eats meat and will never give it up, it will be hard being different. I’m not going to say this is a permanent change for me just yet, but I definitely want to give it a shot. I’m on day 4 of a meat free diet. So far I don’t miss it at all, but meal preparation is beginning to get a little tricky. What do I fix for my meat eating husband that I can eat as well???? Domestic unrest will occur if I try to eradicate meat from this house and an uprising will take place!!!!

This change was a knee jerk reaction and I am pretty unprepared, which is a sure fire way to set myself up for failure. I still really don’t have much of an idea what to eat. I read the blog No Meat Athlete, I have a copy of the Skinny Bitch cookbook, so I do have some resources. Its just a matter of working this new lifestyle into my current one. I know I can’t survive on a diet of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, beans, and cereal. This is what I ate yesterday. I would say it is a vast improvement on the diet I posted a few weeks ago, but I still need some variety and probably not getting enough calories.

~2 eggs, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with raspberry jelly, strawberries

~peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and large salad (dark green salad with broccoli and carrots), balsamic vinegar as dressing

~some almonds and an orange

~some several mini york peppermint patties (damn Easter bunny!)

~spaghetti with sauce (no meat), HUGE salad with broccoli, tomato, cucumber and balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, two pieces of whole wheat bread with butter and garlic powder.

Like I said, I have not made the final decision as to whether this will work for me or not. I’m taking it day by day. At the end of this week if I’m still feeling ok about my choice and diet I will do it for another week, and hopefully another and another. Chances are it will be easier for me to consciously say “no” to meat since its an internal moral dilemma for me, not just a healthy eating choice. But will I cave in to a craving for my Friday ritual of a Chick-fil-a sandwich and say the heck with those chickens???? Time will only tell……..

Has anyone else seen Food Inc? How did it affect you? Are you a vegetarian, if so any advice on how to make a smooth transition?

>Epic Fail or Epic Victory????


Thank you for tuning in to the newest chapter of my book The Newbie Chronicles; The Adventures of a First Time Triathlete

Chapter 18

How to Fail and be Victorious Simultaneously

Someone (me) had the bright idea to take a crack at open water swimming this weekend.  The local open water course opened up this weekend and I recruited my bud (and swim mentor) Kqisha to tag along on my newest adventure.  Kqisha is a very accomplished swimmer, with many many years of competitive swimming under her belt and has her fair share of open water swims under her belt. 

So we met way before dawn and made the trek to Lake Norman.  The forecast called for high 50s this morning and clear skies.  What did we wake up to???  Mid 40s and drizzle.  And the water temps have dropped a few degrees this week due to several rain storms, to a balmy 63-64 degrees….just perfect (insert sarcasm here!)  What was originally a “wet suit recommended” swim quickly became a “wetsuit MANDATORY” day. 


Apparently Kqisha and I were not the only nut jobs in the Mecklenburg county area.  About 75 other wing nuts decided to join us for a chilly dip in the lake.  So we line up to pay (yes, I PAID to swim in these conditions!) the swim fee, we get up to the table, and what does Kqisha do????  She BOLTS!!!!!!  Chickened out, buh-bye!!!!  I couldn’t believe she drove all the way out there and then didn’t swim!  What I didn’t realize then was that she was actually the SMART one and I was the DUMB one!

Me and my 75 clinically insane swimmer friends were literally shivering with chattering teeth as we don our oh-so-sexy wetsuits.  We triathletes are a special kind of crazy.  I have done things in the last 6 months that I never imagined I would do.  Suddenly I was jealous of those with long sleeves.  I wanted to rip one girls sleeves off and put them on my goose bump filled arms! 

We make our way down to the beach.  I am freaked out and afraid of walking in the lake muck, and what creatures are lurking below.  But I quickly forget about that when I dip my toes in the water.  BRRRRR!  I slowly inch my way into the water and I am waist deep.  I desperately try to pee in my wetsuit in an attempt to warm myself.  But the cold water has paralyzed my bladder!  I look into the distance and see a buoy and think….”how will I swim that far” then I look even farther into the horizon and realize that is the one I have to swim to before turning around….S#*T!!!!! 

First wave of DUMB ASSES!

IMG_0088The organizer yells “ready, set, GO!”, I hesitate wanting to let the crowd get ahead of me, but apparently everyone had the same idea.  I was instantly swimming in the proverbial “washing machine”.  All I could see were muddy bubbles and an occasional foot.  I quickly began to get short of breath.  The COLD water was stealing my oxygen, I could neither inhale or exhale completely.  I did maybe a total of 5 whole freestyle strokes before COMPLETELY forgetting EVERYTHING I know about swimming.  I quickly converted to breaststroke, then realized that every time I dipped my head below water I would gasp for air…..while under water….not the optimal breathing pattern.  Then came the illustrious doggy paddle, I was getting NO WHERE fast!!!!  So I flipped over on my back to my old go-to back stroke but for some reason could not bring myself to do the arm movements. 

I kicked, and kicked and kicked.  I looked to my left and saw half a dozen people doing the same thing and was instantly relieved….thank goodness I’m not the only one struggling!  I would roll over onto my side and do some semblance of a side stroke.  I was swallowing so much water and air.  I had the overwhelming urge to burp but couldn’t.  I felt like my wetsuit was choking me.  Every time I swam on my back I could hear the sounds of my erratic breathing and whimpering and whining.  I wanted to cry.  By this point I was maybe 250 meters in…..I wanted to swim to a kayak so badly.  I scolded myself…”NO, you will NOT quit.  You are a TRIATHLETE dammit, act like one!!!!!  Relentless forward motion, that’s all you have to do!!!!”  I would swim on my back, roll to my side, swim on my back, roll to the side, rinse and repeat for 500 more meters.  My body was no longer cold, but every time I would duck my head under water the gasping resumed.  I forgot about gracefully finishing this swim, I just wanted to finish.  I tried to occupy my mind with the sights around me while I was on my back.  The clouds, the birds….OOOO, SPLASH IN MY FACE!!!!!  Time was creeping by. 

Finally, FINALLY I rounded the last buoy and making my way to shore.  I had high hopes that I could do the course twice (I wanted to get my money’s worth!) uh, not happening today!  I kept letting my feet drop anxiously waiting to touch the bottom so I could be a land creature again.  I stood up and almost fell back into the water.  I have felt a slight sense of disorientation after swimming before but WOAH….this was BAD!!!!  I was so dizzy and out of it.

Doggy paddling to shore

IMG_0105 I’m SO dizzy!!!!


What was I thinking?????


I can’t imagine racing like this, trying to shuffle my way to T1 then actually mount a bike!  As I began to stabilize, I began to think this May 7th tri is out of the question.  I’m just not ready for the OWS.  This will be my only opportunity at OWS practice before the race!!!!  But before I even peeled that wetsuit off, the itch to get back in that water was already creeping back into my mind.  Am I crazy….quite possibly.

So what some might call an epic fail I call an epic VICTORY!!!!  I conquered my fear of the lake, I swam (using that term loosely) the entire 750m course, I did not stop, I did not have to be fished out by the kayaks, and I want to come back for more!  Yes…..I am a TRIATHLETE!!!!!  Another tough lesson learned, another notch (earned!) in my triathlete’s belt!!!!  What’s next????

>Sport Science Giveaway Winners!!!!


Congrats to the following winners!!!!  Please email me at and I will send your info to the folks at Sport Science.  Thanks everyone for entering and for taking the time to learn a little about Joubert Syndrome….the condition that my daughter has.  And BIG thank you to Sport Science for sponsoring this giveaway!!!!  Don’t forget about the Gu Giveaway still going on now!

image image image image



>Your Daily Dose of HILARITY!


I should rename this blog to The Newbie Chronicles; The Adventures of a First Time Triathlete

Look what came in the mail today:



Crap!!!!  How am I going to squeeze my ass into that thing?  Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says BUTTAH!


Just getting it over my feet is a struggle, took 5 minutes and 1 fall to get this far!!!! Yes I FELL getting into my damned wetsuit….SHUT UP!!


10 minutes later……


Finally inched it all. the. way. UP!  Got a cramp in my shoulder zipping it up…oh, that’s what that string in the back is for…duh!!!

My best effort to SUCK. IT. ALL. IN!!!  And I thought a trisuit was unforgiving!


Nothing left to do now but JUMP IN THE POOL.  Current temp 69 degrees!






69 degrees is still quite chilly.  My arms and head were a little shocked, but the rest of my body didn’t feel a thing.  Check out a close up of how shocked I was I hit the cold water……priceless!

Oh S#*T, I’m STUPID!!!!!

IMG_5626I did a quick doggy paddle to the shallow end and BOYAHHH…HELLO buoyancy!!!  I think I’m going to like this whole wetsuit thing.  Guess this means I actually have to get in the lake now huh???? 

Too bad my hands were wet from the dip in the pool, the pictures of me getting out would have been equally as entertaining.  

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>Second Chance at Gu


Some of you may recall that I used to be a Gu gel girl, but Gu gel and I had a falling out during my one and only half marathon experience. At mile 11ish, feeling particularly low and desperate, I slurped a vanilla Gu gel in hopes of a pick-me-up. Instead, my parched throat hesitated with the swallowing of the miracle gel, gag reflex activated, and I began to dry heave. Thank goodness no actual vomiting occurred. Ever since then, I have been afraid to Gu. Totally NOT Gu’s fault, I take the blame.

So, when I was sent some of the new Gu flavors to review, I was a little weary. Flashbacks of dry heaving in the woods started racing through my mind. But in the name of research….I decided to give Gu gel a go. I’m such a martyr!!!!

The flavors I tested were Blueberry Pomegranate, Cherry Lime, Vanilla Orange, and Pineapple. All of which are the Roctane gels. Which will pump you up with a jolt of caffeine. Love this stuff!!!!!


Of all the 4 flavors, I like Blueberry Pomegranate the best. In an effort to make this as fun an experience for me (and to provide entertaining pics!) I decided to do a blind taste test to see if i could identify the flavors without looking at them. It was pretty easy to figure out, they are pretty distinct flavors haha!

Skeptical and scared


Bottoms Up! I really only tasted it, didn’t eat the whole thing!


Hmmmm, gotta think about this for a second


Thumbs Up! I survived!!!


They are all pretty good but Cherry Lime I will have to give some more thought. I’m not huge cherry flavor person, but it has more of a lime-y flavored so I can deal with it. I give the new Gu gel flavors 4 LB parachute jackets! ( would have given them five but I’m still a little leery about gel in general!)


IMG_4978Also, Gu is now making their fabulous Gu Brew in tablet form. I absolutely LOVE Gu Brew, so when it came out in easy to transport tabs, I was SOOOO excited!!!! I tested Lemon-Lime, Peach Tea, and Orange. All of them are grrrrreat!!! I do notice that the flavors aren’t quite as strong as the Brew powder, but I think this is a GOOD thing!. When I am overly hot and dehydrated, an overwhelming flavor can push me over the edge. There is a slightly carbonated feel to the drink, but not overly so. Simply plop the tabs in water and go….easy peasy! I give Gu Brew Tabs 5+ LB parachute jackets!


IMG_4979 And finally I tested some Gu Chomps. Again, I am very familiar with Chomps, have used them on many, many occasions and they never disappoint. I tried Strawberry and Peach Tea flavor. The chomps themselves are great, less chewy and don’t stick in your teeth quite as bad as other brands of chews. I really like both of the flavors. I really don’t have a bad word to say about the Chomps…..for reals!!! I don’t even bother trying out any other brand of chew anymore because Gu Chomps are really my go-to solid fuel during a run. I give Gu Chomps 5+ LB parachute jackets! image

The wonderful folks at Outside PR are GIVING AWAY a stash of Gu to one of my lucky readers. What’s going on???? Its GIVEAWAY city around here!!! The rules are as follows:

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You can enter as many times as you want until Midnight EST April 27th, I will choose the winner via on Thursday April 28th.

Go spread forth and spread the GIVEAWAY word!!!!!! Good luck!!!!

>The UN-Race Report


I was hoping to be writing a race recap today packed full of impressive race times and funny photos.  Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans for us for Saturday’s Valdese sprint triathlon.  I knew ahead of time the weather was going to be dicey on race day (AGAIN!!!) but at the pre-race meeting Friday, the race director and the town manager were both insisting that the race would NOT be cancelled, maybe delayed or change of format, but confident we would be racing. 

I should have known when I woke up that morning the race would be cancelled.  The butterflies that usually reside in my belly were missing, my body knew not to be nervous because there would be no race.  I have a pretty good sixth sense (too bad I ignore it 99% of the time!) I got up early Saturday am, and it was just drizzling, so I was optimistic that the race would go on as planned.  But by the time we got the the race site, the skies were dark and angry, the wind was whipping, and hard downpours were sporadically coming through. 

IMG_5602 We waited…..and waited……and waited some more.  I felt so bad for that poor town manager, you could really tell he was torn up about having to make the final decision.  I could not believe how many people showed up knowing ahead of time conditions were this bad.  Triathletes are a special kind of crazy I suppose!  But finally around 8:30, they made the call to postpone the race to another day.  Parts of the bike course were under water and gravel from driveways had washed into several parts of the road, so the bike portion was a no go.  There was also a tornado watch in the next county over and a lake wind advisory where we were (20+ mph winds!).  They decided not to change the format to a splash n’ dash because there were so many first timers there.  They really wanted to give everyone the full triathlon experience.  I’ve never been a part of a cancelled event, but from what I hear, the race director usually says “sorry about your luck, no race, no refund, buh-bye!”  So I really appreciate that they rescheduled it for June 25th!!!

Now the LMC tri team was all dressed up with no where to go.  So what do a bunch of triathletes do when we can’t race…..we EAT!!!  We headed to the nearest IHOP and PIGGED OUT!  We were all disappointed, but safety first right???  I was a little relieved though, I really wanted to put forth a FULL effort this time and knew I couldn’t in poor conditions.  I felt like I had a little left in my tank at the last tri (not much, but some!) I really wanted to go all out this time. 

image At breakfast we were all talking about our race schedules and what was coming up next.  Call me crazy, but I’ve added another race to the schedule….one with an OWS at that!!!!  YIKES!!!!  The Jetton Park sprint tri on May 7th…..a mere 19 days away.  Oh, and by the way, I’ve never done a OWS….and I’m terrified of it.  So I broke the promise I made to myself last week to put a freeze on triathlon spending and bought a wetsuit….but I swear, that’s IT for a while (spoken like a TRUE junkie!)  My partner in crime (and swim mentor!) Kqisha are going to do a practice OWS this weekend at a near by OWS course.  Pray that I don’t have a panic attack and drown!!!!

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>I Work to Pay for My Habit


If you haven’t done so already, go enter my Sport Science GIVEAWAY {here}

Now that I got my shameless plug out of the way, I can proceed with my post 🙂

I no longer work to pay my mortgage, or put food on the table, or clothe my child……I work to pay for my habit… triathlon habit.

The race day forecast is not budging.  It looks like it will be a very WET day.  So I broke down and went to REI…..again!!!  They love me there, no really they do.  The lady that checked me out yesterday remembered me from my trip last week.  Last week, I had to ask if they had chip straps and she didn’t know what I was talking about, so I had to explain that I was doing a triathlon.  Yesterday she said “Hey, you’re the triathlon girl right???”  Yes, REI lady, I am THE triathlon girl, the ONLY one in the Charlotte area.  LOL.  I digress. 

I ended up buying a NorthFace cycling jacket.  They had a Novara jacket on clearance that is probably the superior jacket, it was totally water and wind proof, but I was worried that I would get a little too HOT in it because it was COMPLETELY sealed up.  Yes it had the zippered vent areas, but I always forget about those until its too late.  The NF jacket has an open mesh area under the arms, which makes it not waterproof in that area of course, but waterproof everywhere else.  I also figured that I could run in the NF too and would be more likely to wear this out and about as a regular jacket.  (I always have to justify purchases!)  And in the end I just like the NF better, it was a way cooler color and had a more feminine fit. 

Excuse the “fresh” face.  I just woke up.  Yes, I’m blogging in my pajamas!

IMG_4973 Look closely through the door, Rhett trying to sneak in some camera time….LOVE HIM!!!!


With this purchase, I hope have to temporary hold on recreational spending.  Triathlon is WAY expensiosio!!!!!  I should sit down and add up how much I have spent on triathlon thus far…..uh, then again, maybe not.  It would probably scare me!

I’m debating on whether to go pick up my race packet this afternoon or just wait until tomorrow am.  The race site is little over an hour away, but it always makes me feel better to have my numbers and packet the day before the race.  And bless these race directors.  The race doesn’t start until 9a.m.  I really appreciate a little bit later start (except in the summer!)  My swim start is 9:23 a.m  Wish me luck!!!!  And good luck to all you racing this weekend too, there’s a first time half marathoner out there that I’m really pulling for!!!!!

And Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY {here}

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!

>Thumbs UP! Thursday



That’s right kids….I’m bringing Thumbs Up! Thursday BACK!!!  I figured since I was going all retro with the giveaway {HERE in case you missed it}, I might as well go all out. 

For those of you not familiar with Thumbs Up! Thursday, it is that day that I post about all the random AWESOMENESS going on in my world and the world around me that deserves a Thumbs UP!

First order of Thumbs UP! business… is my mama’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY mama!!!!  Not sure what kind of birthday celebrations we will be getting in to today, I’m sure it will be something fabulous!!!!


I am going to give a Thumbs UP! to the weather forecast in hopes that karma will turn race day weather around to be BEAUTIFUL….long shot…I know.  The forecast seems to get worse the closer race day gets!


I give myself a Thumbs UP! for managing to NOT have pre-race freak-outs on an hourly basis.  I am still nervous, but I’m not having a steady stream of irrational thoughts like I was last time.  YAY ME!

In case you live under a rock and didn’t see this yesterday…..I give 50 Thumbs UP!s to EMZ for her epic 50 mile treadmill run yesterday.  Just a little ol’ training run for this awesome chica!  Oh, and she’s running Boston in 5 days too.  No she has not lost her marbles…..she is training for her 24 hour treadmill ultra marathon all in the name of charity.  She is raising money and awareness for the Sojourner House, visit her fund raising page {here} for more info.


And last but not least, Thumbs UP! to all you running Boston next week.  I’m going to try and get together a list of all my bloggy friends running and track down your bib numbers so I can stalk track your progress.  Off the top of my head, Jim (50 after 40), EMZ, Katye (Long Legs on the Loose), Beth (SUAR), and Mel (Tall Mom) are all running.  I can only imagine how excited you first time Boston-ers are!!!!  I would like to think that I could one day run it too, but have a sneaking suspicion that I will always be a spectator.  Enjoy your big day!!!!

What’s going on in your world that deserves a Thumbs UP!?