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>ABCs Because I’m Bored


I’ve been seeing this little ABC thing going around the bloggy world and thought it would be fun.  I’m always looking for an excuse to talk about myself….this is perfect!

A~Age: 32

B~ Bed Size: King, gotta have my space!

C~Chore you hate: Vacuuming and mopping!

D~Dogs:  1 German Shepherd, Rhett Butler


E~Essential Start your Day Item: Breakfast…even before coffee.  Can’t function without food, SERIOUSLY can’t function

F~Favorite Color: I honestly don’t have one, is that weird???

G~Gold or Silver: Neither, Platinum for “real” jewelry, but I do love ghetto gold for cheap-o stuff 🙂

H~Height: Just under 6ft, I don’t like to say 5’11’ish, 6ft sounds cooler doesn’t it!

I~Instruments you play: I played trumpet in high school & was damn good too, first section baby!!!!


J~Job Title: RN….a thankless job!

K~Kids: Mom to 1 very sassy 3 year old girl


L~Live:  NC

M~Mom’s Name:  Krista

N~Nicknames: Runt.  Believe it or not, I am the shortest person in my family.  Yes, it is the land of the giants!


O~Overnight Hospital Stays: Just to birth my baby

P~Pet Peeve:  Really too many to list, I am bothered quite frequently.  But I HATE when people are late!

Q~Quote from a Movie: Hey, hey, If you would take a second, take the little sticks out of your head, clean out your ears, and maybe you would see that I’m a person who has feelings, and all I have to do is do what I wanna do and all I want to do is hold on to my bag and not listen to you! And the only way that I would ever let go of my bag would be if you came over here right now and tried to pry it from my dead, lifeless fingers, okay? If you can get it from my kung-fu grip then you can come and have it, okay? Otherwise, step off, bitch.

R~Right or Left Handed: Right

S~Siblings: One younger bro


T~Time you wake up: 6:30ish

U~Underwear:  None of your beeswax….yes, I do wear them though!

V~Vegetable you Dislike: Raw tomatoes

W~What Makes You Late: Absolutely NOTHING.  I am always EARLY.  If I’m not 15 minutes early, I feel 30 minutes late. 

X~X-rays You’ve had Done: OK seriously…I’m a runner.  But I have had pretty much every part of my body x-rayed during a chiropractic evaluation. 

Y~Yummy Food you Make: I am the master of breakfast.  I could eat it every meal of the day and its really the only meal I enjoy cooking.  I could really do without all other meals.  Seriously!

Z~Zoo Animal Favorite:  hmmmm, I really don’t have a favorite.  Not a huge fan of zoos and animals in captivity. 


>Sugoi Helium Jacket Review


I was sent this jacket a long time ago to review.  But the weather conditions never really presented themselves to be able to actually test it out.  Here in NC, it went from blistering heat to winter weather almost instantly.  But lately it has been quite nice out….perfect weather for a light jacket! 

This is what Sugoi has to say about the jacket:

Featuring impressive coverage and protection, our Helium Jacket weighs in less than 100 grams (3 oz.). Lighter than air, these jackets are both water and wind resistant, and have a packable function. This breathable Helium Jacket is perforated for ventilation, has a reflective element, and a signature zip pocket for functionality.”

First thing I LOVE about this jacket it its weight….or lack thereof.  As implied by its name “helium”, it is literally as light as helium…..virtually weightless.  It feels like what I would imagine parachute material to feel like.  Very light and airy.  It is also the perfect jacket to take with you on vacation.  It wads up into a teeny tiny little ball and can easily be stuffed into a small bag, and it doesn’t wrinkle.  

For as light and airy as it is, it is surprisingly warm.  I would probably be able to wear this jacket up into the low 60s, but I am a very warm natured person and shed layers a lot earlier than most.  I have ran in it on two 50ish degree days and it worked perfectly.  It also says its water resistant, I didn’t get to test out this quality, but wonder how water resistant it is.  

I am a tall gal, and often worry about sleeve length.  I am happy to report that this jacket gives me ample length for my gorilla arms.  The jacket allowed for my arms to swing freely without pulling feeling at any point.  I love the fit of it in general.  It is fitted without being tight and quite flattering, and I love that the back is a little longer.  It fits pretty true to size, I wear a small to medium and was given a medium….fits perfectly. 

There are some things I don’t like about the jacket though.  I think it is meant to wear a long sleeve shirt under it because if any sweaty body part comes in contact with the fabric it kind of sticks to you, which I found uncomfortable.  I wore it with a sleeveless shirt underneath and it stuck to my pits pretty badly, ICK.  I also wish it had better pockets.  It does have a pocket in the back, kind of on the side/flank area, but no pockets in the traditional areas. 

Overall, I REALLY like this jacket and would recommend it.  Visit Sugoi to check it out. 

I was provided this product for free to test, no other compensation was received.  This review is entirely my own opinion…..yada, yada, yada and all that good stuff.  

>OMG, What Day is it????


Our household was overtaken by puke/poopfest 2011 on Wednesday night. It started with the kid (doesn’t it always??!!) Her grandma was the next victim at 2am Friday, then a few short hours later it was my turn, then her grandpa later that day joined in the fun, then finally it overtook her daddy. A family that pukes together, stays together, I always say. I will spare you the gory details, believe me it was beyond UGLY. I’m talking about loss of so much bodily fluid that I nearly passed out. I can’t remember EVER being soooooooo sick.

I have lost 8 lbs since Friday. Although the weight loss itself is AWESOME, definitely not the desired way to achieve it. I do NOT recommend this viral diet!!!!! Today I still have that vague Twilight Zone feeling where my head is not quite connected to my body, but at least I feel partly human. I cannot recall the events or timeline of the last few days. I hate that feeling!

Today, I feel as weak as a wet dishrag, climbing steps is enough to cause some shortness of breath. I can only imagine how weak I will feel when I heave myself back onto the bike or into the pool. I managed 3 good workouts last week, sadly none of them were running. I was saving that for the weekend….bummer!

So, I will try to treat this week as a recovery week, it has kind of derailed my training plans, but I’m not going to sweat it. On paper this will look like 3 recovery weeks in a row, bleh!!!!! My first tri is little over a month away YIKES!!!!!! I just hope I can get back on course and my endurance hasn’t suffered too much.

Here’s hoping the puke fairy skips your house this season!

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>Near PANIC Attack Moment


PSA: “How to fix your Garmin if it mysteriously dies”:

I was seriously on the verge of a panic attack today!!!!  I got all geared up for a sufferfest session with the bike trainer today.  I gathered up my heart rate monitor and Garmin.  I went to turn her on (that’s what he said hehe) and she was just dead.  Nothing, nada, zilch.  Hmmm, I know I charged it last night.  I try to plug it into the cradle, still nothing.  It was starting to get serious at this point, little beads of sweat were forming on my brow.  How in the heck am I supposed to function without my GARMIN!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  I tear through my dresser looking for my owners manual, can’t find it.  I hop online and look through the manual there, nothing in the troubleshooting mentions this problem.  So now, I am doomed to call tech support, I LOATHE calling tech support, but this was serious stuff. 

For the love of chocolate covered donuts, does anyone know Garmin CPR????  YOU……GO CALL 911!!!!!


A lovely young man, I think his name was Luke, helped resuscitate my Garmin in less than 40 seconds.  I was so grateful I could have hugged him through the phone.  All I had to do was plug it in, push mode and lap/reset simultaneously for 20 and VOILA…..back in business.  I sure am glad she came back to life, I couldn’t bear the thoughts of a since mile without her.   

Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?

This makes the think I need to evaluate my addiction reliance on electronic devices.  This Garmin has way too much control over me….but I neeeeeed her!

>Happy Feet


Did I mention how nice it is to have connections???? A tri buddy of mine has an online sports apparel company called Racing Toes. You may remember the logo on butt of my tri suit (not to be confused with camel toes EMZ!)


Anywho, they sent me some sweet trail running socks to try and review. I received the DryMax Maximum Protection and the Lite Trail Running socks.

Lite Mini CrewIMG_4801

Maximum Protection 1/4 crewIMG_4802

These bad boys were meant specifically for trail running. They have a few key components specific to trail running:

~Debris prevention~They intentionally left out the “vents” found in a lot of other socks to help prevent debris getting into the socks. There is also a special shoe seal around the ankle area to help keep debris from entering the top of the socks.

~Moisture control~Wetness is always a concern for trail runners. We splash through creeks on a regular basis, sometimes by choice sometimes by necessity. And can work up a serious case of swamp foot by the end of a long trail run. These socks are made with a fancy schmansy “Dual Layer Moisture Elimination System” to help remove excess sweat, creek water, and pond scum. ~Extra protection~These socks are densely padded but not thickly padded. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but just keep reading. Think extra protection, without the bulk.

I wore the Lite Trail Running socks this past weekend and I was a very happy camper. I wore them around the house for a bit just to make sure they fit my foot well. They felt just like any other sock, I honestly didn’t expect to feel any difference between these socks and any other sock. But once I put my shoes on, I could tell an immediate difference. I could feel the “dense” padding. They felt fluffy and comforting, just like little bunny slippers on my feet (how sweet!) With a sock this “fluffy”, I would normally expect to feel like my foot was crammed into my shoes, but these socks don’t take up the extra room that a THICK padded sock does. Weird….it almost defies the laws of physics! I also worry a fair amount about the toe seams of socks. If a seam is too pronounced (or there at all in some socks) it gets bunched up around my toes creating a blister friendly environment. Happy to say, these flat seams do not intertwine with my toes at all… blistered toes. As for moisture control, I did not encounter any bodies of water during my run, but they do their job moving sweat. I have mondo sweaty feet (ewwww!) It was a warm day out, and my feet were toasty in them, but not overly toasty. I would have expected my feet to be dripping with sweat, but they were bone dry after my run. I do wonder how they will fare in the sweltering NC summers. These may be reserved for sub-70ish degree runs. But these will now be my go-to socks for cold runs. Also happy to report that the anti debris system does indeed keep the trail trash out of my shoes. Basically, these socks ROCK!

Happy dance, for happy feet!


So hop on over to Racing Toes and pick up some socks, peruse the rest of their site, they have some pretty cool things. And for you NC locals, check out the link to the Lincolnton Biathlon on their website while you’re at it, I will be there….you should too! Thanks again Kim!!!!!

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>Shaky Trigger Finger


Signing up for a race is half the battle for me.  I am cheap, cheap, cheap!!!  Something about paying money WAY in advance for an event that is going to cause me PAIN makes the miser in me unhappy and nervous.  I have waited to the last minute to register for almost every race I have ever ran.  Which seems kind of counterproductive, as I end up paying more in race fees since most fees increase the closer it gets to race day.  But what do I ever do that makes sense???  This isn’t a race I am iffy about.  I’m DOING it, just register dummy, what’s the deal yo????

I literally sat at my laptop for an hour today trying to convince myself to sign up for my first triathlon.  I agonized over having to pay TWO fees….one to USAT and one for the actual race.  Now I know I don’t have to be a USAT member, but I will probably end up paying more in “one day passes” by the end of the season if I didn’t.  Yeah, I’m not going to pretend to know why most events require you to have either a USAT membership or their one day pass, I’m sure it has something to do with liability, insurance, or some other boring mundane stuff.  Can you other tri veterans enlighten me?

But I am officially entered in my first triathlon….now its FOR REALS!!!  I have been training for the past 5 weeks for a triathlon that I had not actually singed up for, how much sense does that make???!!!!  CoolBreeze 2011…..Here. I. Come!!!!

P.S. I had to channel my inner EMZ for strength to pull the trigger…..I’ve. Freakin’. Got. This!!!!




I fully admit….I stink at stretching and strength training. Now, I do the obligatory post run stretching, but only half heartedly. I’ve been told and preached to over and over how I need to do at least some strength/stretch days. But like most sound advice that makes total sense….I ignore it. In addition to there just not being enough hours in the day…..I find it dreadfully boring and just choose not to do it. I’m so dumb!

Friday I did have enough hours in my day to go to yoga class at the Y. I’ve done some yoga in the past at home with cheesy DVDs courtesy of Rodney Yee and Tony Horton, but this was my first actual class. I sat my little mat up, looked around and thought it was going to be a ridiculously easy class. There were some sweet old ladies in the back of the room, a couple old dudes, and some others chicks that appeared to be New Year’s resolution-ist that were still hanging on to the goals. 75 minutes later, it would seem to be a pretty innocuous yoga session. I felt so good, relaxed, and bendy, I went for a 1300 yard swim and felt stronger than ever in the pool.

But WOW, Saturday when I woke up, my hamstrings were in knots and my abs, from ribcage to hip bones, were sore. Say what???!!!!! How can I be sore (at all) after yoga???? I’ve never been sore after yoga. And today am I doubly sore….two day soreness usually means I worked something out pretty good. I can’t believe I’m this sore, I feel absolutely utterly ridiculous!!! As much as I work out doing “hard” stuff that should make me sore, and yoga is the one thing that is now making me feel “the burn”???

But this seemingly innocent yoga session has taught me a couple things. My core is stupid weak. If I am this sore from holding a couple core strengthening poses half a dozen times, I’ve got some serious work to do! My hamstrings need extra and regular stretching. I already knew I had tight hammies, and thought I was doing enough already….apparently not. I will definitely be finding the time to go to yoga once a week and trying to fit in at least two strength/stretch session….no matter how much I hate it.


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>Hood to Coast, the movie review


Oh the joys of having connections! I got an email from one of the peeps at asking if I would like a “media pass” to the encore presentation of Hood to Coast so that I could review the movie. Ah, yeah!!! Thank you sir, may I have another???? I jumped on it like a bunny on glitter toast. I asked my BRB “trail girl” Ashley to join me. I think she was as excited as I was. Feeling a little self important with my “media pass”, I walked up to the box office and handed the old dude my “credentials”. Apparently having a so called “media pass” means nothing to the fine folks at Stonecrest 22, I didn’t even get free popcorn….don’t these people know who I am??? I’m the Charlotte Running Examiner for goodness sake! Just kidding, I didn’t expect special treatment….but popcorn would have been nice 🙂 Luckily, Ashley bought a lifetime supply and a gallon of blue slush and was kind enough to share…..and leave some in my car.

So we cozied in to our seats, the theater was pretty much a ghost town. But the seats quickly began to fill up. It was exciting to see that many people show up for this little ol’ running film. There were previews of other sports-y type films. One I was interested in was the Leadville 100MTB race. Then there was a (completely unnecessary) pre movie thing….I’m not even sure what you would call it. Apparently someone hired their 3rd grade cousin to film at the movie premier red carpet event. It was choppy, shaky and full of dumb interviews, but what can you expect from a small indie film. I sat hoping that the movie would not be the same.

The opening scene set the tone and instantly grabbed your attention. A middle aged female runner chugging along, in the dark, suddenly gets road killed (what HTCers call passing someone, otherwise known as “chicking”) by some uber young super fast dude. She mutters sounds of frustration under her breath but continue to plug along. You are then introduced to the teams that range from seasoned veterans of the Hood to Coast race to virtual newbie anti-runners. The movie is both comical, inspiring, gut-wrenching, and a tear jerker. I am not an easy crier, but I was on the verge of tears several times.

I won’t go into detail about the rest of the movie, you can read my review {here}. I am having a hard time finding my voice within the confines of “professional (ish) journalism”. I don’t feel like I did the movie justice. As we walked out of the theater, I turned to Ashley and said “I have no idea how to write a review for this movie!” But I did my best.

It was so inspiring, it makes me want to gather a team and sign up today! But we may have an alternate relay to satisfy us in the works…..stay tuned!

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>New sport… clothes!!!!


Anyone who knows me knows I am a gear junkie aficionado.  When I started considering doing a triathlon, the shear amount of gear needed for this sport made even my gear loving self break out into a cold sweat.  I love gear, but good golly….you can go crazy with this sport!!!!  I am proud to say (and I’m sure my pocket book thanks me!) that I have been pretty conservative so far.  Aside from my TONS of running clothing, I only own 2 pair of bike shorts, 3 jerseys, and 2 tri suits (one of which was a saaaweet deal at TJMaxx…a Saucony trisuit for $24!!!).  And that is ALL I will be buying this season…..famous last words!

I had the opportunity recently to get the Joubert Syndrome Foundation a sponsorship spot on the team tri suits and jerseys of the multisport club I am involved with.  They came in yesterday and I am super stoked about them.  Seeing the foundations logo on my suit makes me so proud!!!  I am super excited to see the whole team sporting them this spring!!!

But a tri suit is a weird bit of clothing.  I opted for the suit rather than the shirt/shorts combo thinking that I would feel more covered.  Don’t be fooled, a tri suit hides NOTHING!!!  I feel very subconscious in this little number.  I put it on and immediately felt like I should shed 15 lbs.  It also is not the most comfortable garment either.  I was told that you get used to it, so today I wore it around the house to see if I would indeed get used to it.  (note to reader: yes, I am this ghastly paste-y white…all.year.LONG!)

So I lounge around reading “Triathlete” magazine. Nope, not comfy….IMG_4773I try doing the dishes.  Nope still not right….


Try catching up on some blogs…..getting there……IMG_4774 Lets try some jumping jacks….maybe..…


And some high kicks…..almost comfortable….

IMG_4785 Well, I still feel like I have a wedgie and possibly some camel toe action.  But I’m sure it will “work itself out” in the end.  But, in all seriousness, here is a better look at our suits, notice the logo has a prime time spot on the front and a pretty good one on the back too!

IMG_4772IMG_4787IMG_4794 We got bike jerseys too, they are equally as sweet:



>A Runner’s Dirty Laundry


IMG_4752 Well this is actually clean laundry.  But I have had laundry on the mind all day.  Seems like I do laundry every day of the week.  Between diapers (yes, still doing cloth diapers!!!!), regular everyday laundry and running laundry, I AM BUSY with laundry.  It also seems like I have to do “running” laundry at least twice a week.  Its not for the lack of running gear.  LORD knows I have enough running gear to clothe a small army.  But the laundry basket starts to emit a foul under arm-ish odor after about 3 days worth piles up. 

I am FANATICAL about laundry.  HAS to be separated correctly….jeans, slacks, darks, lights, butt-crumb-y, running, baby, and diapers are my categories.  The butt-crumb-y category is all laundry that touches your butt and could contain said butt crumbs….of course, this category applies more to men than women LOL.  Most of my pants can NOT be put in the dryer.  I am nearly 6ft tall and most women’s pants don’t leave enough length for the “shrink 3 inches in length in the dryer” phenomenon.  My husband is NOT allowed to do laundry.  As much as this may be detrimental to my workload, I can’t handle the thoughts of laundry being done incorrectly.  It has been reported on occasion that I screw something up and laundry comes out with new stains, but that is hubs fault NOT mine.  He should empty his dern pockets, I’m not his mama!!!  But that’s another argument for another day.  🙂

I am super strict about running laundry.  I probably treat my running clothes better than my designer jeans….which they, themselves, are treated like royalty  in this house.  I pay too much for running clothes to let them get destroyed in the wash.  They have their own specific detergent (probably a marketing ploy, but I’m not chancing it).  They get washed separately, cold water only, double wash, double rinse, light spin.  Then everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING is hung to dry.  If I run in it, it gets hung up…PERIOD….even socks.  It often takes up two, sometimes three doorways to hang everything, meanwhile we are all ducking and dodging the precious running laundry as they hang to dry. 

Am I a complete freak.  Tell me I’m not the only one who treats their running clothes like GOLD.  How do you do your “running” laundry.