Monthly Archives: November 2010



Yes folks…..I am going on a temporary blogging hiatus.  It could be a week, it could be months…..I’m not sure.  I do know that I need to regroup, refocus, reprioritize, and refresh.  I feel like I have lost sight of my blogging purpose and life is too hectic to try and sort it out right now.  Aspects of blog culture are beginning to wear on me as well.  My first draft of this post was dripping with snark and bitterness.  Rather than stir up blog drama….I will just leave it at this….I need a break.  I will be back, sooner or later….hopefully sooner than later.  I owe it to myself, to my readers, and to my cause to recharge my blog batteries.  Until then…..happy running, and run for a REASON!