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>Try It Tuesday!


Is this a cooking blog or a running blog???? I seemed to be confused lately, but I’m having so much fun trying new things I can’t help but share it with you all. Today I tried another favorite from Healthy Tipping Point……The Green Monster. I’m not sure why I was so intrigued by this concoction. It looks like pond scum and the ingredients are a less than appealing mixture…..but I had to try it. I slurped it down faster than you can say “glitter toast”. It was SOOOOO good!!! You really don’t even taste the spinach……I promise, try it!
IMG_4462 ~2 cups raw spinach
~1 cup almond milk
~1 banana (you just threw up in your mouth a little didn’t you Ashley?)
~2 Tbsp Nesquick
Blend until smooth and VOILA….you have a Green Monster! I would LOVE to know the full nutritional content of this tasty treat. I’m pretty sure I have not ingested this much spinach EVER! Thanks HTP! On a TMI side note…my digestive system is less than thrilled by my healthy eating habits as of late….my GI tract is protesting, and punishing everyone around me….be warned if you sample this deliciousness!
So what has been going on in my running life since the test run???? I did a 1.5 mile trail run last week with the hubs, and ran 2 miles yesterday in my hood…..pain free. As much as I have missed running in general, I have missed trail running 10 fold!!!!! I’m so elated to be running again, but I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Every time I head out for a run I think “is the pain going to be back this time, and put me on the sidelines for 11 more weeks?” I plan to run again Wednesday and maybe sneak in a trail run Friday.
I feel like I’m ignoring my bike now, but I do plan to get some time in on the trainer tonight and Thursday and maybe a real road ride Saturday. I do have to say though, that I have become a bit uncomfortable on the bike which is part of the reason I am avoiding it. My knees and back ached for two days after my 20 miler, and I’m also having some discomfort in…ahem…..the crotch region. Big Daddy Diesel (my personal bike guru….thanks BDD!), thinks its time to take it in for a tune up and probably be refitted. I just wish my bike shop was closer….we bought our bikes in Asheville which is 2 hours away…DOH!!! But since we get a free tune up with our bike purchase, I think I will make the drive up there.
And look what came in the mail today……a FREE Champion bra. Champion did a Facebook promotion a few weeks ago and I was able to snag one…..saaaawweettt! Thanks Champion!
How is everyone else’s week going….thanks for all the comments lately…..I love the interaction and hearing what my readers have to say! Have a great day! And go try a Green Monster….you won’t be sorry!

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Eating healthy has always been the bane of my existence.  If its not fried, chocolate-y, or covered in a sugary substance……me no like-y.  However, I am turning over a new leaf, I LSB, hereby declare a healthy (yet tasty) eating ordinance in this household!!!   I stumbled across another blog, which is apparently a big deal in the blog world….somehow I missed the memo, called Healthy Tipping Point.  The author is a vegetarian, and posts the meals she eats on a daily basis.  I have nothing against fruits and vegetables, I just don’t eat them as frequently as I should….mostly because I don’t know what to do with them.  If it weren’t for Chick-fil-A, I think I could manage vegetarianism. 
I highly doubt I could ever manage to banish meat from my diet, but I could definitely stand to add more fruits and vegetables and minus a WHOLE lot of processed CRAP from our diet  This new blog I’m following highlights some pretty obscure (at least in my eyes!) foods, but I’m open to suggestion, and so far so good!!!! 
Tonight, we had one of the best meals I have EVER had in my entire life.  It was ALL homemade and if I did the math (which I won’t) the meal probably cost less than a 20 spot.  The seafood dishes were hubs creations (he is actually a very intuitive and awesome cook), the veggie idea was courtesy of HTP.  


The Menu:
~Grilled Chilean Sea Bass (sorry, hubs won’t divulge the recipe for the spice rub he put on it, but it was TO DIE FOR!.  If I had to guess….it would be a mixture of Old Bay Seasoning, garlic powder, red pepper, and some other stuff than I can’t put my taste buds on) grill approx 8 min each side until fish is flakey.
~Grilled Shrimp Scampi and Mushrooms
  • Melt a Paula Dean dollop size of butter in a sauce pan, add fresh pressed garlic…sauté.  Brush mixture onto skewered shrimp and mushrooms.  Grill for a couple minutes until shrimp are pink and mushrooms soft.  NOTE…I despise mushrooms normally….but ate every single last one of these little morsels of goodness!!!!!. 
~Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction. 
  • Cut brussel spouts in half and cut squash into 1in or so pieces, brush with olive oil, add salt and pepper.  Preheat oven to 400. 
  • cook for 30 min-ish
  • for balsamic reduction….heat balsamic vinegar on med heat in a sauce pan until it thickens slightly…for about 5 min.  drizzle over veggies before serving.

>“Whatcha Eating” Wednesday


I just love alliteration!!!  Anywho……
I have been eating Pumpkin Spice Cookies made using a recipe my mom gave me. 
I posted this on my family blog last week and everyone has raved about it, so I wanted to share it with you all.  Its SUPER easy and healthy!!!  Enjoy!
~1 can of pumpkin
~1 box of “spice cake” cake mix (no other ingredients, just the mix)
Its really only these two ingredients….does that count as a recipe????
Mix together, put approx 1-2 inch globs of dough on a greased cookie sheet (I use an ungreased baking stone) and bake at 350 for 15 minutes.  Makes approx 3 dozen cookies….depending on how much batter your toddler eats prior to baking 🙂
Can it get any easier????  Little fluffy pumpkin pies that melt in your mouth!!!!  Important note, when you store them, the next day they will feel a little mushy….no worries!!!  I recommend popping them in the toaster oven for a few minutes, brings them right back to life.



>Don’t Call it a Comeback……


… really, don’t call it a comeback… least not yet. I went out for a test run today, 1 week post cortisone TORTURE injection. I am now cautiously optimistic about my immediate running future….key word being CAUTIOUS. I am not ready to say that I am making a come back….yet. I still need a few more test miles before I can say “I’m running again”.
Fingers Crossed!
When the alarm rudely interrupted my sleep at 6am, I almost let myself go back to sleep thinking “maybe I will just wait and try tomorrow” then excitement snapped me out of my sleepy fog as I realized today is the day I could possibly begin running again….for real this time. I was excited, nervous and dreaded it all in one. It may seem silly to put so much emphasis on a dinky little one mile run, but when your next step in the rehab process involves an MRI and then who knows what….one mile becomes pretty important. I pulled on my clothes and headed out the door….fingers crossed… goes nothing.


My game plan was to really have no game plan. I took my old running buddy, Rhett Butler with me. He’s not much of a runner now a days with a bum leg of his own. I knew this would be a slow short jog, I decided to let him tag along…..he was ecstatic! I headed out the front door, sans Garmin. For once, I didn’t care about pace or exact distance. I just wanted to be able to complete a full mile. But I was not going to go over a mile no matter how good I felt….NO overdoing it my first run back!!!!
Mr. Rhett Butler…no really, this is his excited face!
We walked briskly for a mile, just to warm up and see if I would feel any twinges in the knee that would give me an early warning that I still wasn’t ready to run. At the end of the walk, I felt good, just stiff so I stopped to stretch a little, then off I went. I waited for it, the familiar and unwelcome knife in the knee cap pain……waited for it, and nothing happened…..NO PAIN!!!! I was elated, I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs but I didn’t think my neighbors would appreciate it at 6:30am. I was completely 100% pain free for about 1/4 of a mile.
As most of you know, runner’s are very in tune with their bodies and aware of the slightest sensations that aren’t quite right. Usually that is a good thing, but it can also be a nuisance. It can turn you into a paranoid FREAK. After about 1/4 of a mile, I had weird pain in the right quad, then a dull pain in the right knee, followed by very very mild ache in the left knee. None of which have been pains that have plagued me before, so I chalk it up to not using my legs for running in almost 3 months, or maybe still lingering pain from overdoing it on the bike last weekend. But I do know that I am OVERLY aware of every little pain and that is quite a PAIN!!!!!
IMG_4442I came back in the house saying nothing, pretending to be disappointed. The hubs looks at me in a quizzical and cautious way as if to ask “how’d it go?” A big smile spread over my face and he knew that I was pleased with my test run. He has been anxious for me to get back to running so that we could run together again…..although he is much much speedier than me. For some reason he feels like we are running together even when he is almost a mile ahead of me. I digress. I iced both knees while getting ready for work (ace wraps work great for icing on the go!). I didn’t feel the need for ibuprofen. Now I have just some minor aches and pains that I again attribute to not running for so long.

Oh, How I have missed running!!! The familiar burning in your lungs, the satisfaction of hard work and sweating, the freedom of moving your body with your own power, and of course….the cute clothes!!! I didn’t really know exactly how much running means to me, until it was taken away. My whole outlook and attitude has turned around with 1 simple mile. Now I’m not sure where to go from here. Its been so long since I started from scratch, but that is exactly how I plan to approach my come back. I think I will just keep my runs to a mile or so this week then slowly increase. I can tell my running endurance has been knocked down several notches. I probably have the cardio endurance to run 3-5 miles MAX right now. That is mildly frustrating but I know I will be back to running double digit miles within a couple months.
Thanks for all the positive vibes and well wishes. Here’s hoping for many more healthy, pain FREE miles in my near future!!!!! Taking it one mile at a time!!!!

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I’ve let myself do something I never do…..get my hopes up.  In case you missed it, I got a cortisone shot in my left knee last Tuesday for the pain that has kept me from running for 10 excruciatingly long weeks.  Doc told me I could resume cycling by Thursday (which I waited until Saturday to be on the safe side) and try running in a week.  Since then I have been daydreaming non-stop about running…..even the thoughts of running the dreaded 1-mile neighborhood loop is an exciting prospect.  And don’t even get me started on the thoughts of trail running…..its making me as giddy as an 13 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert. 
As Tuesday approaches, however, I am getting nervous.  Nervous wondering if the cortisone shot worked, nervous that the pain will still be there, nervous that I will have to have an MRI, nervous that my running future will still be unknown.  I began to get really optimistic Friday when going up and down stairs was no longer painful.  I also noticed that there was no pain when I took a few quick jogging type steps in order to catch a ride on the light-rail train.  Both subtle clues, but both activities would normally be painful enough to make me hobble or slow down a bit. 
Saturday we rode 20 miles on the bikes.  I didn’t think much of it, I’ve ridden that far before with no problems.  But once I got off the bike I noticed my knee ached a little.  Not they same pain I have been having, more of an fatigued ache.  I iced it just to be on the safe side.  I rode again Sunday for 13 miles, against my better judgment, but I could not stand the thoughts of such little aerobic activity for the week.  The knee was just a little sore the entire ride, just enough to get my attention….I wouldn’t even really call it pain. I Iced it again for good measure.  But as the afternoon went on, the ache became pain so I iced it again and took some ibuprofen. 
Today as I walk, climb stairs, and bend my knees, the mild echo of pain is still there.  The “gravel-y” grinding is still there when I put my hand on my knee and bend it.  The fear of not knowing also lingers.  I think that is what is the worst…not knowing 100% what is wrong, not knowing if the shot did any good, and not knowing when I will ever be able to run again.  
I am taking a total rest day today and plan to run in the morning, but if it is the slightest bit sore I will wait until Wednesday.  I have only tried running 2 times in the past 10 weeks.  Both attempts were FAILS.  I could not even run 1/10th of  a mile….sharp, stabbing, crippling pain….the type of pain I could NOT tough out to see if it would just go away. 
I want to be optimistic that I will be able to return to running this week.  But after this weekend, I’m trying not to get my hopes up.  I realize that I will be pretty much starting from scratch again, but hopefully once I am up and running again, my running endurance will return quickly.  Keep your fingers crossed that I will be successful and have a good “first run back” report tomorrow or Wednesday.  If you don’t hear from me for several days… will know why.  I will be in my closet cradling my running shoes crying and longing for healthy knees. 

>10×10 J4JS Virtual Race Results Are In!!!


aI can’t thank you all enough for participating, spreading the word, and your VERY generous donations!!! I’m still amazed at how much participation and excitement I got from you all with this race. I had 38 participants including the 5kers, and I got race result times from 16 of you. So, without further ado, here are the results:
Grand Prize Winner, The Most Referrals Award:
Tressa @ Training with a Track Coach and His Adorable Wife. I am totally blown away by her enthusiasm!!! Tressa and her husband Jesse hosted their very own 5k race, they had quite a turnout! They made a big race sign and even had goodie bags and prizes. Thank you so much Tressa and Jesse for helping make this virtual race a success. Check out her race report {here}. She ran the 5k so wasn’t in the running for prizes based on time like the 10kers (but read her hilarious recap, it ended up being a little more than 5K….darn google maps!!!)
I wasn’t sure how to divide up the 10kers….age groups, by sex, etc. But I ended up 7 prizes and 16 race times turned in, so I decided to just do overall prizes to the top 7. I will be emailing each of you to let you know how to claim your prizes, as some of them I have in hand and will have to ship to you, and others you will contact the company and they will ship directly to you.

1st Place ~ Laurie H. @ (Mis)Adventures of Jogging Stoller Mom (Race Report) 44:46

2nd Place ~ Keisha B. @ I’m a Fitness Junkie (Race Report) 45:07

3rd Place ~ Jesse A. @ Training with Track Coach (Race Report) 46:06

4th Place ~ Rae G. @ 5K Rae (Race Report) 52:45

5th Place ~ Tonia B. @ Racing with Babes 1:00:03

6th Place ~ Pam B. 1:04:36

7th Place ~ Robyn R. @ Ramblings of a Wannabe Writer and Runner (Race Report) 1:05:23

And here are the results from the rest of my wonderful runners:

Stacey D @ Impossible is Nothing 1:05:32 (just narrowly missed a prize!!!!)

Amy N. 1:07:50

Lea P. 1:08

Erin G. @ From Fat to Fab (Race Report) 1:10:47

Ashley R. @ Adventures of Running Mom 1:12:17

Lesley J. @ Racing it Off 1:13:46

Diana D. @ Diana Tries a Tri 1:15:35

Crystal M. @ Crystal Love to Run 1:19:45

Lindsay @ 70.3 or Bust 1:24

Here are some of my favorite pictures from you all:
Laurie’s little one joining in the fun, playing with her J4JS race bib


Keisha sporting her J4JS race bib


And Rae in her J4JS race bib


Tressa and Jesse with their HUMONGOUS crowd or runners, they made there very own J4JS race sign!



Jesse in his “sandwich board” style race bib….LOL


My mom and Haley walked 10 miles in 10 days



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>Welcome J4JS’s Newest Member, and Some Shout Outs


I “met” Ashley D. a few months ago on Facebook where she stumbled across my cause, Jog for Joubert Syndrome.  She contacted me because she had just completed a 5K and wanted to know how to get involved with J4JS.  She has recently decided to run a half marathon this coming March in Texas.  I am so excited to have a team member!!!!!  Ashley is very enthusiastic about the cause and will bring a new spark to J4JS, I am so glad to have you.  She has also started a blog documenting her journey and introducing us to her daughter Kayden who is affected by JS.  Please take a second and hop on over and visit her blog. 
I also want to take a second to send out some positive vibes and good luck wishes to all the marathoners this weekend, I know there are a lot of you running this weekend.  But I have a very special shout out for my BRF (best running friend).  “Trail girl” Ashley is running her first marathon this weekend.  She has worked long and hard to get here.  The marathon distance has eluded her for many years and she has finally made it.  You are going to rock it “trail girl” Ashley!!!  I just wish I could be there running with you guys!!!  Have fun running the Medoc Trail Marathon!!!
I haven’t done Thumbs Up! Thursday in a few weeks….sorry about that!!!  But I got a shout out request from Alanna @ Running 42km last night.  She finished her first marathon on Sunday in Victoria, BC!!!  Head on over to her blog and send her some congrats!!!
Have a great racing and running weekend.  Check back tomorrow for the big 10×10 J4JS Virtual Race results!!!

>Last Call for 10×10 Virtual Race Results


I have heard from 16 of the 26 people that I had entered for the 10k portion of the virtual race.  I don’t want to miss anyone.  Please send me your times if you were able to run the 10k.  I will be posting the final results and winners Saturday.  Here are the people I have results or regrets from:

  • Laurie H.
  • Keisha B.
  • Jesse A.
  • Rae G.
  • Tonia B.
  • Pam B.
  • Robyn R.
  • Amy N.
  • Lesley P.
  • Erin G.
  • Ashley R.
  • Lesley J.
  • Diana D.
  • Crystal M.
  • Kim K.
  • Courtney B.

>Calling All WordPress-ers


Behind the scenes here at Jog for Joubert Syndrome and My Reason to Run, there are big changes in the works.  I have been doing a lot of soul searching about blogging and my fund raising efforts.  You may recall {this} internal conflict I was having a few weeks ago.  Recently I have wanted to stop blogging altogether.  But after much consideration, the fact that it has caused me so much mental anguish, I have decided that blogging really is important to me.  I just need to prioritize my blogging time and funnel my energies to what is important about blogging to me, although I have not answered that question fully. 
Anyhow, I have been doing a lot of research on successful blogging tips and almost everyone recommends ditching Blogspot and moving over to the far superior WordPress.  I am, however, a creature of habit and do not embrace change.  I opened a WordPress account about 2 years ago but never have gotten a handle on how to use it effectively, how to customize it, and I just don’t navigate well there.  I just don’t see why everyone raves about WordPress.  There are features that WordPress has that Blogspot does not that I do like though.  So I as all of you WordPress-er out there, have you yourself made the move from Blogspot to WordPress, did it just take a matter of time to learn, is it worth the move, where do I start??????  I blog via LiveWriter and publish it to Blogspot, but I just don’t understand CSS or setting up a custom theme, or widgets, basically setting up the whole “look and feel” is like speaking a foreign language to me.  I speak blogspot and HTML, not WordPress and whatever language it is that they speak over there.  
In the meantime you may see some odd things going on her at my original home, I hope it does not interrupt my cutesy little blog (which I am hoping to ditch the cutesy-ness) I apologize in advance if there are any hiccups.  You may notice some posting irregularities as I might be spending more time freshening up the place and finding a new home for the fund raising site.  Don’t worry, I am still around.  This is probably the optimal time to be making some changes anyway.  Since I have not been running and know so very little about cycling….I feel like I have run out of things to say making for very stale content.  I apologize for that also.  Anyhow, thanks for sticking with me this far, I am still reading your blogs, and will try to be a better commenter.  See you around in the blogosphere.
P.S. Be on the look out for the race results to be posted soon….hopefully by the weekend.  Some results and reports a still trickling in and I want to give everyone a chance to send me their reports….but the deadline will be Friday.  Thanks!!!!

>Needles, Syringes, and Cortisone…oh MY!!!!!


I am proud to say that I did not pass out, vomit, or freak out (too much) when getting a big ol’ cortisone shot in my knee today!  It was pretty anticlimactic actually.  I explained my symptoms and rehab course to the doctor, he poked and prodded around a little and decided a cortisone shot would be in order today. 
Remember this incident:


This is from when I fell while trail running.  It was the next to last time I ran any significant distance over 9 weeks ago.  I didn’t think much of the fall, it did not hurt that day, I was able to complete a 5 mile run, and it did not hurt the next day during a 3 mile run.  My knee did not hurt BADLY while running until about a week later.  I really thought it was more of a coincidence than a cause of the pain because it was not a bad fall.  If you notice in the picture, the right knee took most of the impact, but the left knee is the injured knee. 
The doc agrees that the pain is more than runner’s knee, pain from that should have resolved in a few weeks.  He said that it is not too unusual for runner’s who have a blunt trauma to the knee (like I had with my fall) to not have pain immediately or even a day or two out after the injury.  His words were that I “may have scratched or dented the under side of my knee cap and the inflammation from the runner’s knee coupled with the injury have just been too much injury for me to overcome.”  Yummy mental picture isn’t it?  The cortisone shot will hopefully calm the inflammation, let the joint heal and I can be on my merry way. 
As I sat on the table with my pant leg rolled up over my knee, I began having visions of a huge bore needle being jabbed into the side of my knee.  Waves of nausea started as I was envisioning the pain it would cause, and wishing I had brought a leather strap to bite on.  By the time he walked back in with the little metal tray holding the alcohol wipes, anesthetic and injection, I had whipped myself into a full on internal mental frenzy.  But he didn’t even give me time to think about it, before I knew it he wiped the injections site with alcohol, squirted me with numbing stuff and popped me with the needle.  And crazy thing was…..I watched the needle go in….and really didn’t feel much of anything, and I was not freaked out by seeing a needle in my knee.  There was a mild cramp as the needle made its way through my joint, but nothing much more.  There was an odd sensation of feeling like I needed to stretch my leg out (but I didn’t DARE move), almost felt like a reflex, but honestly no pain!!!! 
It may have been the numbing spray that made the injection tolerable, because I am a little sore now.  I’m icing as we speak and I am going to take a healthy dose of ibuprofen as soon as I get up.  He told me not to exercise at all for the next two days, I could resume cycling by Thursday and to test out the knee with running in a week.  If the pain is no better then he will do an MRI to see if there is structural damage to the tendons and will discuss next steps.  But I am really hopeful and optimistic that this will work.  For the first time in months, I am excited and fired up about running.  I just hope I am not HUGELY let down next week when I try to run again.  Keep your fingers crossed that this was a magic shot and I will be back out on the roads and trails very very soon!
And to top it all off, I have a dentist appointment in about an hour….I really am a glutton for PAIN today aren’t I????