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>Thumbs Up! Thursday….the (sort of) abbreviated edition



Happy Thursday everyone!!! Welcome, old and new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thursdays just aren’t celebrated enough in my opinion. Here is my chance to say TGIThursday!!! Thanks for joining us!
Why the abbreviated edition you ask……blame it on Tony Horton and his stooopid P90X.  And I am (trying start) packing to go out of town this weekend, so I am WAY behind on reading blogs, entering giveaways, trolling the internet for gear….you know, all the things we runner/bloggers love to do with our free time.  I haven’t been able to enter a single giveaway this week, boohoo!!!!  So therefore, my list of giveaways is short and I did not have time to get together race reports….sorry, will try better next week!!!
Where I am going this weekend?????  My lil’ bro and I are going to NYC for the weekend. And Thumbs Up! to my super awesome lil bro, who scored us tickets to the taping of David Letterman, I’m super excited about these tickets.  I love David Letterman, although I don’t get to watch him very often.  You ROCK Moo!!!!  Thumbs Up! to you. 
Also super psyched to run in Central Park this weekend.  Isn’t it sad that us runners plan our vacation itinerary around running (which I’m sure my bro finds super annoying!).  It will be quite comical for this country girl to see the big city……”gosh ya’ll, the city is so BIG….we don’t have buildin’s this tall around these parts”  I’m sure I will be in total awe!!!  I can’t wait.  Thumbs Up! to running in new places!!!!  Any other suggestions of “must do” things to do while in NYC????  Running and David Letterman are all I have planned right now….sad isn’t it???
Thumbs Up! to all of you who are wanting to join the J4JS Virtual 10K, see {this} post for preliminary details.  I hope to work on some of the fine details on the flight to NYC.  Here is a list of folks that have expressed interest in the race.  Please let me know if you would like to be added to the list, I feel like I’m missing some people:
  • TMB
  • 5K Rae
  • Jogger Blogger
  • Midwest MultiSport
  • I Can Do This
  • 26.2 to the Finish
  • MCM Mama 
Giveaways, short list….I know:
  • One Run at a Time Ends 8.6
  • Im a Sleeper Baker Ends 8.1
  • 2010 Journey in Running Ends 7.30
  • Secrets of Running Mom Ends 7.31
  • S Club Ends 7.30
    Thumbs Ups! for my readers!!!!
    Courtney @ I Can Do This ~ Can I get on the Thumbs Up! list next week? I’m starting my first season with TNT – training for Disney and raising money to fight the disease that took my Grandma!  Way to go Courtney, running for a cause always gets a Thumbs Up!
    Lynne @ H2O Break ~ My Rottie is heading back into remission. The vet said she looked good Tuesday. She’s not feeling too good today. Chemo gets to her a few days after it. She’s such a trooper and I think she deserves two thumbs up (scratch behind the ear wouldn’t hurt).  Awww, yes, TWO Thumbs Up! for your fur baby, and lots of treats!!!!
    Marcia @ Running Off at the Mouth~ My Thumbs Up! for this week, still sugar-free and down almost 3 lbs! Ughh, I STILL don’t see how you are doing it….you GO girl…..Thumbs Up! indeed!!!!!
    So I’m down to P87X now.  I must admit, I sort of enjoyed the plyometrics (dear Lord, did I drink the Kool-Aid too??!!) I have to say it wasn’t horrifyingly challenging.  I’m not going to say it was easy by any means, but I was definitely able to finish the whole workout with a couple minor modifications of some of the moves because the deep lunges and jumps hurt my runner’s knee injury.  I dare say that in a couple weeks this routine will become less challenging.  I may be getting a little cocky, but plyometrics isn’t as EXTREME as Tony claims, and yes Tony….you are still LAME-OOOOO!!!!!  But I do see the benefit of plyometrics, it will help my running….there I said it!
    Sorry for not being able to do a great job on my usual linky-loos for giveaways and race reports….you forgive me right???  So what is going on in your world that deserves a Thumbs Up!? Leave me a comment and let me know.  Have a very Thumbs Upy! Thursday and great weekend while I’m gallivanting around the Big Apple!!!!

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    >I RUN LIKE A GIRL Review


    I had the opportunity recently to test some super cool products from iRunLikeAGirl.  They have a great selection of lady specific running gear, with their uber cute logo on them.  I was sent a girly skirt and sleeveless shirt to try out. 


    I am coo-coo for running skirts, but very picky about them at the same time.  I prefer a brief underneath, so when I saw that their skirts didn’t fool around with those IMG_4146stoooopid boy-shorts, I was ecstatic!!!!  I mean really, what is the point in 2 inch shorts unless you have twiggy legs?  Lets face it, most of our “pigs” rub together and cause the, most unflattering and uncomfortable, “crotch eating your shorts” phenomenon.  I HATE it!!!  What I initially loved about this skirt (after the brief issue of course) was the cute ruffle detail, athletic with a kick of girly-ness.  The skirt I was sent to test did NOT have a pocket, but I was told that the ones up for sale now do.  But I do not really utilize pockets to their fullest potential, so no biggie to me.  I’ve worn this during a 6 mile trail run and a 4 mile road run….both of which were brutally hot.  The skirt did not bunch, twist, pinch, rub, or irritate any part of my derrière, mucho comfortable.  I LOVE that the elastic of the waist band is sewn down.  Another skirt I have, the elastic in the waist band is not sewn down and it is constantly flipping….irritating!!!!  I was drenched with sweat by the end of both runs and the fabric managed not to chafe me at all.  It fits pretty true to size, I wear a big 6 small 8 (I know you know what that means ladies!) and I wore a medium in the skirt. 
    The shirt is equally as fabulous.  It is slim cut shirt for women, but not fitted or compression like.  It  does not ride up at all, wicks away the sweat like a good shirt should, and does not chafe or irritate at all.  I will, however, say that I wish I had gotten a size smaller.  But this is my fault really.  I should know by now that most non-compression running shirts run a little big.  I normally wear a small or a small fitting medium (again you ladies know what I mean).  But for some reason I told them I needed a medium shirt.  So it probably does fit pretty true to size, I was just the dummy who asked for the wrong size…..duh!!!  It has their cute little logo on the front and it says “iRUNLIKEAGIRL” on the back (this is my favorite part, I wear it proudly!!!)  So order the smallest size that you think you should wear. 


    The fabulous ladies at I Run Like a Girl have agreed to sponsor the virtual 10K, so one of their products will be one of the prizes up for grabs.  But in the meantime, head over to iRunLikeaGirl and check out all the cute stuff they have.



    1 day down, 89 more to go.  Yep, that’s right “kids” (what Tony Horton affectionately calls his minions), I have hopped on the P90X bandwagon.  Well, that implies that I got on willingly.  I am being dragged kicking and screaming by my husband, who drank a whole boat load of the P90X kool-aid and I am convinced he already has a man crush on Tony Horton (ewwww!!!!).  I abhor weight lifting and strength training.  It is so boring, repetitive, and PAINFUL!!!!  But I know I should swallow this jagged little pill, shut up and do it. 
    Our first session was last night and it was as horrible as I had envisioned.  I have never been able to do a pull up in my entire life and push ups have always been difficult for me.  Well our first encounter pretty much consisted of nothing but variations on those two exercises for a hellish 55 minutes.  I was in HELL, and Tony Horton is the devil!!!  I’m not sure how I will make it through 90 days of this douche bag making lame attempts at jokes and kidding around.  He is just ridiculously annoying.  Once I learn the routines, I will be muting him…..UGHHHH!!!!!  Listening to him was almost as frustrating as not being able to complete most of the exercises. 
    Sitting here this morning, (with sore shoulders and chest) thinking about the torture that will ensue tonight, I’m honestly not sure if P90X is for me or if I will abandon ship before the end of the 90 days.  I will give it my best girl scout’s effort, but don’t judge me if I quite on it LOL.  It is SUPER time consuming, with each work out averaging 70 minutes a day for 6 days a week.  I worry that it will cut into my running and triathlon goals.  And the whole reason for doing this insane workout routine is to help my running not distract from it.  But with a job, a special needs child, a house to take care of, 4 animals, and (most importantly LOL) a blog to keep up……..I’m not sure if there is enough room for P90X.  We’ll see how it goes. 
    Has anyone else tried and completed P90X, is it totally worth it, do you get used to stoooopid Tony Horton, do you get strong enough to do as many reps as these freakishly strong people, does the time commitment become a “normal” part of your routine, did you try to stick to their diet.  Please tell me it gets better!!!
    But being a good sport, I did take some “before” pictures and measurements……..Have a laugh at my expense.  And NO, I am not this cheesy, they really tell you to take pictures of these poses.  Harde-har-har!!!!!!



    IMG_4137                                  IMG_4139

    IMG_4140                  IMG_4141

    • Weight 155
    • Body Fat ???? need to get calipers
    • Chest 35 1/2
    • Waist 28
    • Hips 40
    • Left Thigh 21 1/2
    • Right Thigh 21 1/4
    • Left Arm 10 1/2
    • Right Arm 10 1/2

    >Gu Winner


    Be patient (or just skip this whole post if you like) I will announce the winner in a second!!!!  I just got back in from a particularly torturous 5 mile trail run (which happened to be my “long run” of the week).  Wow, its amazing how much your running endurance deteriorates in just a short amount of time.  This is my second full week of decreased mileage and I was sucking wind BADLY!!!!  I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my inability to tolerate heat, but I KNOW some of it is because I’m just not running as much.  On a positive note, my legs and body feel grrrrrrreat!!!!  Which is the whole point of my decreased mileage.  It’s just a hard pill to swallow knowing that long runs used to be in the double digits, now they are back down to 5 miles!!!  But whatever it takes to get my legs healthy again, right????
    After our long(ish) run, Ashley and I stopped for a ravenous high calorie feast lovely brunch at IHOP and then headed over to a bike shop.  I’m sure we looked quite comical just staring at bikes with blank expressions.  We both had ZERO clue what we were looking at.  But the nice young gentleman schooled us a little on bike 101.  I know a tad more about bikes now, just enough to be dangerous probably.  WOW!!!!!  this is going to be an expensive hobby!!!  And to Kovas, who suggested I get my husband interested in biking as a way to get him to buy me my own bike…..well, he is interested in it now.  I think his actual words were “I love biking, but thought you hated it, so that’s why I never got a bike for myself, I can’t let you have all the fun”.  Ughhhh, now he wants one too, which is going to really cut in to my bike budget.  He’s also pretty naive about how much a decent bike costs.  So I am pretty much in the same boat that I started….sans bicycle.  😦
    I am so excited, and taken aback, by the response I have received so far for my virtual Jog for Joubert race.  I will start working on the details and let you know as they develop.  But in the meantime, go ahead and put that race date on your calendars if you are interested…..10/10/10 (or you can do ANY day that week of 10/10, to fit it into your schedules).  Stay tuned for more information!!!
    Ok, without further ado…..the winner of the glorious Gu goodness is…….

    Congrats……….Please email me at with your mailing address. 

    >The Joubert Syndrome Foundation 10×10 Campaign


    Last October, the Joubert Syndrome Foundation came up with a new fundraising campaign called the 10 x 10 Campaign, details {here}.  It’s pretty simple…..ask 10 people to donate $10 and those 10 people ask 10 more people to donate $10 and so on and so forth.  Kind of like a pyramid fund raising theme.  This has been a year long campaign which will run until 10/10/10 (clever huh?) The basis is that 1 in 10 people are affected by rare disease (such as JS), only 1 in 1000 people will make a difference.  You could be 1 in 1000 to help make a difference!
    So what does this have to do with my blog and my own fund raising campaign, “Jog for Joubert Syndrome”?  I wanted to do something for the 10×10 Campaign, but didn’t know what.  I have seen a lot of “virtual races” in the bloggy world, both used as fund raisers, and just for fun.  Soooooo…….I will be hosting my very own 10/10/10 virtual race for Jog for Joubert Syndrome.  For those who have not seen or participated in a “virtual race”, you basically sign up for said race and go out and run your hardest race effort the day of the race, wherever you happen to be.  Be it treadmill, neighborhood road, track, trail, ANYWHERE, you choose where you think you will race your best.  You record your time, report it back to the race director (me!) and I calculate and post the results.  Easy peasy!!!!  Its like participating in a race without the hoopla of crowds, early start times, or sucky race shirts.  Perfect for those who have never raced a real race and are a little scared to do so, or great for those wanting to get a PR (albeit unofficial one, for bragging rights if nothing else) 
    My goal is to recruit at least 10 runners to run, who then in turn recruit 10 runners, who recruit 10 runners……ahhhh, you get the point.  I will be asking for donations as “entry fee” of the suggested $10, but of course we will accept more!!!  If you really really want to get in on the fun, but just can’t afford $10 at the moment, that’s ok…..if all you can do is promote the race, then you can still participate!  I would rather have you join us without donating than not participate at all.  After all, raising awareness is half our battle with Joubert Syndrome!!!  All proceeds will go to the Joubert Syndrome Foundation, the ONLY support network for the rare few affected by Joubert Syndrome. 
    I still have to iron out the details of the race, but I’m thinking this will be a 10K (in sticking with the 10×10 theme), of course it will take place on 10/10/10 (or the week of 10/10 if you are unable to race that particular day).  I will be working on race bibs to email out to the racers to wear during their virtual race (sure people will stare at you like a loon but its still fun!), and getting some sponsorship for cool awards for the winners (I already have some super duper cool things you won’t want to miss!!!).  Depending on the response, I may do age group awards also. 
    So you have plenty of time to get in shape for a 10k and promote the race if you decide to join me!!!  Please comment or email if you already know that you would like to be a part of this fabulous race and I will put you on the list.  I will post about this at least once a week to pester you into doing it remind you to consider joining.  Thanks for your help and support.  You ALL ROCK!!!!!!

    >Thumbs Up! Thursday



    Happy Thursday everyone!!! Welcome, old and new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thursdays just aren’t celebrated enough in my opinion. Here is my chance to say TGIThursday!!! Thanks for joining us!
    First Thumbs Up! this week goes out to my mom. She is 10 days post-op from her knee replacement and coming right along with physical therapy. She has progressed to a cane and getting better everyday. She still has bad days (and nights) but I’m sure in no time she will be back to normal….no scratch that….BETTER than normal with the brand spanking new knee. Yeah! for cobalt chrome knees!!!
    I am giving myself a Thumbs Up! for the first time in what seems like a lifetime. Motivation and excitement have returned to me and I feel totally rejuvenated. Just the idea of doing a triathlon has stopped my wallowing in self pity over my running injuries and has gotten me off the couch and into the pool and on a bike (well sorta). I’ve been swimming laps in my pool at home. It gets quite dizzying swimming roughly 1500 meters in a pool that is only 11-12 meters long. But hey, its free and I can just walk right out my back door. And as for biking, the only access I have to a bike is my mom’s stationary recumbent bike. So right now I’m looking a little like this…ho, hum (nice hair):

    But want to look more like this (haha, I have a long way to go!!!):

    I am doing some homework on bikes right now. I really don’t want to spend money on a Walmart beginner bike only to catch the tri bug and need to upgrade. I would rather get a decent bike from the get go… how to convince the husband that I need a bike……ideas???? As for running, I have backed WAY off on the mileage. I think I only got in 8 miles last week and will maybe get in 10 this week, but this is the first time I have not been freaked out by it because I am doing other activities to make up for those missed miles. Thumbs Up! to cross training and my motivation coming back home to me!!!!!
    And Thumbs Up! to you all for the encouragement and support with the whole tri idea. A lot of my motivation to try a tri comes from some of the blogs I follow. And a special Thumbs Up! goes out to Big Daddy Diesel for taking time to help me figure this whole crazy idea out!!!
    Thumbs Up! Requests, cool things going on in bloggy world, and a few*** blogs I’m totally digging right now.
    Thumbs Up! request from Marcia @ Running Off at the Mouth~ “My Thumbs Up! is that I’ve been sugar-free for 5 days!” UGHHHH, I could never live without sugar… da woman!!!!
    Natalie @ Lil Runner had her baby last week…..little baby Kara…..congrats and Thumbs Up!!!! Yeah for new babies!!!!!
    I am Boring~ I stumbled across this blog last week when he had a CEP socks giveaway going on (and darn it, I didn’t freakin win!!!!). But I still love his blog and enjoy his humor!!!
    Dirt Diva~ She doesn’t blog often, but when she does its totally worth the read, amazing pictures!!
    Run Faster Mommy!~ I think just about everyone follows her already (and if you don’t you should!), but I have been reading her blog for a long time now and, motivationally, I relate to her right now (oh, and she just started her journey to IronMAN 2011!!!).
    ***disclaimer……If I could list all of you I would, you know I still read your blogs and you are ALL super cool!!!!
    Race Reports
    Well, that’s about it for this week’s installment of Thumbs Up! Thursday. So what is going on in your world that deserves a Thumbs Up!? Leave me a comment and let me know.
    Stay tuned for more giveaways and reviews. I have several lined up!!!!
    OH!!!! and I made a blog button (its on the right hand side of the page) grab the code and put it on your blog and help spread my cause “Jog for Joubert Syndrome”!!!!

    >Tri Something New??


    I am either suffering from athletic ADD, lost my marbles, or might just be on to something. In case you haven’t heard me complain enough about my recent lack of motivation and overuse injuries……I am really having issues right now, I’m tired, burnt out and I HURT. So I got a crazy idea this past weekend. Yes, I am indeed thinking of delving into the world of the triathlon. I have always thought triathlons were so cool, but something I thought I could never ever do. I always assumed a triathlon had to take place in open water, as in a lake or ocean. Both of which give me the heebies. I loathe water that I can not see the bottom of and would prefer it crystal clear and chock full of chlorine. I have always been a pretty good swimmer and swam on the swim team when I was younger. But then I recently learned some triathlons take place in pools……WOW, that takes care of that fear!!!! But I really would like to do a tri with an open water swim one day. Then there’s the bike issue. I don’t know that I have really been on a bike for any significant distance since I was in elementary school, I’m terrified of riding on the road with traffic. This is the most intimidating part to me.
    So you’re probably thinking “why the heck do you want to do a tri if you are afraid to do 2 of the 3 sports?”…..good question, why would I force myself into things that make me break out into a cold sweat just thinking about them? Well, the answer is all because of my running injuries. I have a dirty little secret…..I don’t cross train. I don’t strength train either…..there, I said it. In my simple little, one-track mind, I just didn’t see the point in practicing an activity that does not directly benefit my running goals. Well, duhhhhh, cross training does indirectly help my running by exercising muscles and joints not used in running and decreases the stress placed on said muscles and joints. But I’m not the type of person to work at something and not actually use it in real life. If I’m going to put the work in, I want to participate in an event.
    Now I have to figure out where to start. I know zilch about bikes, I haven’t owned a bike since like the 6th grade. They all look the same to me and then learning how to ride correctly will be another fun learning experience. I don’t think I even know how or why to change gears LOL. As I’ve said before, I can swim and I can run, but putting all these activities together and “train” for a triathlon seems mind boggling. I contacted one of my tri-addicted blog followers, Big Daddy Diesel, who has already been a HUGE help guiding me through the process of getting into this sport. So now I am doing some homework, scouring the internet for information and checked out some books from the library…..if nothing else I am a great gatherer of information!!! I tried to stop by a local bike shop today, but they are closed on Mondays….FAIL!!!! I also stopped by Sports Authority just to see what they had….yeah, that was a waste of time. I didn’t know what I was looking at and the employees are just about as clueless as me (ummm, they all have wheels don’t they was pretty much the response I got). And I made the mistake of stopping in the book store and flipping trough a triathlete magazine……OH MY GOODNESS at the gear!!!!!! I promptly put the magazine down and stepped away, NOT good to already be getting googly eyed over gear I know NOTHING about!!!!
    I haven’t pick out any race to train for, and although I am excited to try something new, I’m still not 100% committed to the idea of me participating in a triathlon. It still sounds too crazy to me. I probably won’t think of myself as 100% committed to it until I am actually on a bike. But I thought if I posted about it, and said it OUT LOUD it would help make it more a reality than just an idea. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE running, especially trail running. I just feel like I need to branch out for my running health. I haven’t even really talked about this to anyone other than in a passing comment to my husband. So you heard it here first…….LB wants to try a TRI!!! Stay tuned for my progress (or lack there-of)

    >Gu Review and sample pack giveaway!


    Finally……I now bring you a gender neutral GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! The nice folks over at Outside PR sent me some Gu products to try. I have been experimenting with different products and am now reporting back to the masses……all 13 of my loyal readers!!! When people think about Gu the first thing that comes to mind is probably GEL….but Gu is soooo much more than just the energy gel!!!! Visit {this} page for some interesting FAQ about all the Gu products

    Gu gel…..strange and funny stuff. You will NEVER forget your first gel experience….you can never be quite prepared for it can you ??? I tried Gu gel several months ago when my mileage started ramping up. I knew I needed the electrolytes, but I’m very sensitive to fluctuating glucose levels, so that was my main reason for trying it. When the glucose starts running out……..all hell breaks loose for me. The gel did the job for me for a while, and the caffeinated packs really added some pep in my step. I will spare you the details, but I soon found out that gel + running is just not for me, but I did enjoy it while I used it. The flavors were, in general, pretty good with vanilla, chocolate, and espresso love being my favorites. I know Gu gel works for TONS of people, but sadly it does not work for me. I SO wish it did, because its the most convenient thing I have found to carry during a run and easy to get down. Maybe one day I will be able to gel again.

    Up next were the Gu Chomps. Honestly I have yet to try them during a run. After having the “issues” with the gel, I was a little afraid the Chomps would do the same thing. I mainly eat them for snacks or eat them post run for the electrolytes. They are really tasty, I LOVE the cran-apple flavor. They are pretty sticky and gummy and get stuck in my teeth. But I think they would work pretty well on a run, no after taste, not overly sweet. I may be brave and try some during a run soon.

    Now, I really like the Gu Electrolyte Brew!! I had been using a tablet form of electrolytes during long runs, but the pseudo-carbonation the tabs created got on my nerves. This is just a powder you mix in, shake and drink. Yum-O!!!! All the flavors were great. I was skeptical about the blueberry-pomegranate flavor but it ended up being my favorite, very light and refreshing. I will definitely be getting some more of this stuff!!!!

    And finally the Gu Recovery Brew. I had been using good ol’ chocolate milk for my recovery drink. I was very excited to try this stuff because I am never happy about the amount of fat in chocolate milk. There is ZERO fat in the recovery brew, just 250 calories and 8 grams of protein, plus all the other necessary amounts of electrolytes. I do wish it came in more flavors. Right now it only comes in strawberry-watermelon and orange-pineapple. The orange-pineapple was my favorite of the two. It goes down pretty easy, a little thicker than the electrolyte brew, but not heavy or overly filling like milk can be.

    So, do you want to win some Gu products to test and try for yourself??!!! Sure you do!!!! Here are half a dozen + ways to jump through hoops earn some entries:
    Leave a SEPARATE entry for each thing you do please!!!!!
    ~Mandatory~ follow my blog…..see that little group of super cool people on the right side of this page…click follow and join the club! Leave a comment letting me know you are a new or current super cool person.
    For extra entries~
    ~Post about this on your blog, Facebook, Twitter….Leave a comment each time you do
    ~Visit Gu {here} take a look around and let me know what product you would try….leave a comment
    ~Like Gu on Facebook {here}….leave a comment
    ~Visit the Joubert Syndrome Foundation website {here} and let me know something you learned about Joubert Syndrome, the rare disorder that my 2 1/2 year old daughter has……leave a comment
    For TRIPLE entries you can:
    ~In an effort to try to raise more money for the Joubert Syndrome Foundation. Please visit the Facebook Cause Page {here}. For every dollar you donate, you get 3 entries. And yes, even a $1 donation counts. All proceeds go directly to the Joubert Syndrome Foundation. …..leave a comment.
    Entries will be accepted until Midnight Saturday July 24th. I will post the winner Sunday July 25th. Good luck and spread the word!!!!!
    Note: all the Gu goodies were provided to me for free….however, the review is totally 100% my own opinion.

    >Nuu-Muu Winner


    And the winner is………..

    Congrats Molly, email me at!!!!

    >Thumbs Up! Thursday



    Happy Thursday everyone!!! Welcome, old and new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thursdays just aren’t celebrated enough in my opinion. Here is my chance to say TGIThursday!!! Thanks for joining us!!
    Thumbs Ups! are a little on the short end for me in my personal running life, I’m just not feeling very Thumbs Upsy! about my running lately. I have lost my motivation (see this post) and can’t seem to track it down. I know I’m in a funk and I will find it again (hopefully sooner than later). But maybe this time off is beneficial in the long run to see if it helps my flared up sore spots. Keep a look out for my motivation and send it back this way if you spot it.
    Thumbs Up! to my mom. She had her knee replacement surgery Monday. She did really well with the surgery and will be discharged today. Now the hard part…….recovery. I’m so relieved (and I know she is too) that it is over and done with. Hopefully this will alleviate all the pain from the arthritis she has had in her knee for years. Thumbs Up! to NEW knees….yipee!!!!
    And Thumbs Up!, yet again this week to Team Carter!!! Here is an email I got from one of their team members, Erin:
    “We had six “Carter runners” and fourteen “Carter walkers” including Carter and the others babies that were pushed. Each of the runners did very well, and I do believe they reached their personal bests on the 4.5 run. Most of them said that is was much easier running with a large crowd rather than running by themselves. As for the walkers, the experience was very diverse. I had been training to run, but tore a tendon in my ankle so the 1.5 mile walk was very easy for me, but there were some walkers with us that are newbies to exercise and we are very glad they came out to support Carter with us. The first I RUN FOR CARTER race was so surreal for me, very emotional for all. We all love Carter so much and would like nothing more than researchers to find a cure for JS. That’s why we are raising money and awareness. WE DO IT FOR CARTER!”
    Thumbs Up! requests from my readers and things going on in the bloggy world
    ~Courtney @ Run Court Run was the ONLY one to make a request again……surely more of you need some Thumbs Ups!…..give me a shout and let me know!!!!!: “Well I have another Thumbs Up! for this week as well: Thumbs up! to doing my first Triathlon of the summer this Saturday and Thumbs Up! to my best friend, Becca who will be doing it as well! Its her first ever!!!”
    ~Thumbs Up! to Kovas Midwest Multisport for a new addition to their family. Congrats and Thumbs Up! on the new little one!!!!
    ~Thumbs Up! to all of you who are having some FABULOUS giveaways….and Thumbs Up! for my incredible luck lately!!!!!
    ~Thumbs Up! to my running partner, “trail girl” Ashley, for winning her age group for the short distance series at the Carolina Trail Run Series and to Kay, a running acquaintance, for winning OVERALL female runner for the long distance series at the Carolina Trail Run Series. Congrats girls….maybe one day I can be as cool as you two 🙂
    Giveaways: Adding more as I find them….I WILL win some CEP socks dern it!!!!!
    Race Reports: If I missed yours, send me a comment…..
    So what is going on in your world that deserves a Thumbs Up!? As always……leave me a comment and let me know if you want a shout out, to post an upcoming race, race report, or giveaway. And p.s. I encourage you to send Thumbs Up! requests any day of the week so that they will actually make it to the upcoming Thumbs Up! Thursday post instead of the following week’s 🙂