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>Since You Asked……


I had several inquires and comments about the super cute little zebra gaiter that I was sporting in yesterday’s GoLite review.  So, since you all asked, here is the low-down on the goods…….
DSCF3971DSC01559 The zebra gaiters and also these hot pink gaiters to the right are made by Running Funky.  I bought them on Road Runner but you can also purchase them from other online retailers.  For those unfamiliar with how gaiters work, they are made of light weight, bathing suit-y type material and the collar is elastic-y.  You really can’t tell they are on, not hot at all.  There is a piece of velcro on the back of the gaiter and you afix a piece of velcro to the back of your shoe.  Then there is a hook at the front of the gaiter that hooks onto the front of your laces.  And, VOILA… more junk in your shoes!!!! Fabulous!!!!
IMG_4058I also have another pair that I won from the Filly Girl blog (go visit her!).  They are  from Dirty Girl Gaiters, you can purchase those directly from the lady that makes them.  Of the two brands, I like Dirty Girl’s better.  They are BOTH made really well, fit perfectly and keep all the debris out of my shoes, but the Dirty Girl’s are much easier to put on and take off.  Nothing more annoying than to fight with your gaiters in order to adjust your laces in the middle of a run.  The hook on the Dirty Girl’s slip off and on much easier.  She also seems to have more designs to choose from, and you get a much more generous serving and much more adhesive velcro with the Dirty Girl’s.  
                                                                                                                                                                                    “arrghh, I’m a pirate!”
But they are both AWESOME!!!!  I won’t run trails without gaiters now.  Such a simple idea that had never crossed my mind until my running bud “trail girl” Ashley turned me on to them.  I was relatively lucky, keeping trail trash out of my shoes, until one day running through a field of high grass and tons of little sticky things got stuck on my socks and then found their way down into my shoes.  OWWWWWW!!!!  That was all the convincing I needed!!!!  Not only are they functional, but they are fashionable as well.  Just another way to express your personality and stand out in the crowd.  We get comments on them wherever we go.  And if I fall and pass out on the trail there is no way a passer-by-er could NOT see me in the bright pink gaiters LOL.   

>GoLite Review


The nice folks at Outside PR sent me some stuff from GoLite a few weeks ago to review, and I have been testing it out on several runs.  Being a skirt type of girl, I was super excited when I opened the package and saw a skirt (squeals with joy"). 
The “Wildwood Trail” shirt is just awesome!!!!  The first thing I noticed was how light weight the materials are.  The shirt is soft and gauzy, I couldn’t wait to put it on.  It is super comfy and fits perfectly and pretty true to size.  I am a S/M and this shirt is a M.  There is a cute little pocket on the side of the shirt that would be perfect for a gel pack or two or small Ipod.  Here is what the people GoLite say about the shirt.  Using lightweight fabrics with extra fast dry times and a UPF of 50+, this shortsleeve top is built to protect from the sun without the risk of overheating.   Materials:  80 g/m² 100% polyester body fabric; 86 g/m² 58% Minerale™ polyester, 42% polyester panels; UPF: 50+ (main body fabric)It is indeed a fast drying, super wicking shirt.  The first run I tested it on was a super hot and humid 8 miler on the trail.  Although it was soaked by the end, it was pretty much dry by the time I got home.  I would have expected the shirt to stick to me with all the sweat, but it remained flowy and comfortable the entire run.  Two Thumbs Up! for this shirt.   
The “Tilly Jane Run Skirt”……I have to preface this review with the fact that I am a skirt aficionado and very (to a fault) picky about my skirts since finding “the one”.  That being said, this skirt was up against some tough competition.  Also made out of similarly light material like the shirt, it is quite light and flowy.  A little shorter than the style I am used to, but still covered all the essential areas 🙂 I will say after getting over the shock of the shortness, I did feel a little sexy in it, well as sexy as you can be drenched in sweat while running through the woods.  I was skeptical of the boy shorts underneath, but they managed to stay wedgie free and stayed put for the duration of all test runs.  This also fits pretty true to size.  I was very impressed with its wicking and drying capabilities as well.    The skirt also has a cute little zippered pocket on the size for some light weight items.  Here is the description on the GoLite site.  All trail, this skirt has a stretchy body fabric that moves with the athlete and doesn’t ride up or get in the way. The boy short liner is made from Minerale™ which dries quickly and feels great.  Materials: 164 g/m² 85% recycled polyester, 15% elastic; 86 g/m² 58% Minerale™ polyester, 42% polyester lining.  So although I still favor a different skirt because I prefer a brief underneath (hmm, that rhymes) this skirt is top notch quality, super comfortable, and I would definitely recommend to someone who likes short boy shorts under their skirt. 
Here are some action shots of me in the test gear.  Before and after running…..I wish you could see how sweaty I was in the after shot……well, then again, maybe not, it was pretty gross!
                            Before (cute and perky)                                              After (tired and not so attractive)


The one thing I am really impressed with about GoLite in general are their values and commitment to sustainability and environmentally consciousness in the making of their products.  I wish I had some GoLite stuff to giveaway, but if you visit the GoLite site, they are having a “93 days of Summer Giveaway” giving away something everyday for the remainder of the Summer….go check it out.  Thanks again Outside PR and GoLite. 

>Thumbs Up! Thurday



Happy Thursday everyone!!! Welcome, old and new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thursdays just aren’t celebrated enough in my opinion. Here is my chance to say TGIThursday!!! Thanks for joining us!!
The Joubert Family had an excited day Tuesday and we got 15 minutes of fame! The Seymour family was featured on the Today Show yesterday. Their son Derek attends a special needs camp in Montana and the camp received a HUGE donation. The clip was mostly about the camp, but they did get to talk about Joubert Syndrome and what it was, how it affects Derek, etc. I tried to embed the video but Live Writer is acting up today, but you can check out the clip {here}So it was very excited to see the Joubert Family represented on national television!! Thumbs Up! to Derek and his parents and also Thumbs Up! to the Today Show for not editing out the details of JS!!!
Thumbs Up! to my hubby who has gotten a new spark of running fever. This dude is just a natural athlete and it drives me and my running buds CRAZY!!!! It is soooo frustrating to watch someone totally DUST you that hardly ever trains while you are religiously putting your miles in. He seriously has only run a handful of times (as in I can count them on one hand!!!) since March and he can go bust out 5 miles in the sub 8min/mile range with minimal effort……MADDENING!!!!!!. If he really trained he could be amazing!!! Anywho, I’m not sure what has gotten into him again, but the bug has bitten him badly and he is psyched to get back out there with me. Not sure how a two runner household is going to work though….we will be competing for running time slots now!
Thumbs Up! to all of your wonderful comments on my great marathon debate. All of your encouragement has really given me a confidence boost. And then I came across this post on a blog I have followed for a long time by Heather @ Run Faster Mommy! A post I found so inspiring I had to copy it just to post here for me to read everyday!!!
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
No, really, what would you do?
What would you do if you left the fear aside?
Whether it be fear of the unknown, fear of pain, fear of failure…
….fear of what others may think or say?
What if you realized that the only failure in life is failing to try? Failing to believe in yourself?
If you try, if you believe in yourself, you can not fail.
So I ask you again….

p.s…. I believe in you.
Thanks Heather……I think you gave me the last final push that I needed!

Some Thumbs Ups! for My Faithful Bloggy Readers:

  • Ashley @ Adventures of Running Mom ~ I took the plunge! Medoc Marathon here I come! Now you have to help me stay in one piece until October!
  • Laura @ Live Well, Laugh Often, Run Much ~ I started by 2nd marathon training clinic this week and signed up for my marathon. Thumbs up for me.
  • Ashley @ The Nelsons ~ Thumbs up for me! I got a new 5k PR in a race last Saturday (23:11!!) and am doing my first marathon next weekend!
  • Stacie @ Impossible is Nothing ~ June 15th was mine & my husbands birthday 🙂

Race Reports:


So what is going on in your world that deserves a Thumbs Up!? Leave me a comment and let me know if you want a shout out, to post an upcoming race, race report, or giveaway. And p.s. I encourage you to send Thumbs Up! requests any day of the week so that they will actually make it to the upcoming Thumbs Up! Thursday post instead of the following week’s 🙂

>My Reason to Run…..Luke’s Story


The following story is from a family that has a special place in my heart. They were the first family to reach out to us when we found the Joubert Syndrome Foundation after Haley was diagnosed. Luke’s parents, Bo and Kate, both helped me muddle through the emotional turmoil I was dealing with when Haley was first diagnosed. Their son had just been diagnosed a few months before Haley, so they related to my emotions very closely. They also live relatively close to us, about 2 hours away. Although, I hate to say, we have yet to meet in person. Hopefully one day soon!!!! Thank you guys for helping me get through such a rough time!!! Here is Luke’s story as written by his parents:
luke in walkerOur son, Luke, was born on his expected due date, July 8, 2008 without any complications at all. We have another son, Nicholas, who is two years older. Over the next couple of months after Luke’s birth, we had no idea that he was anything other than a happy, healthy, handsome baby boy. The only thing out of the ordinary that he did was breath quickly with a nasally “N” sound for about 30 seconds at a time, which we thought was cute and probably him just wanting to get attention.
After two months, Luke went to his pediatrician for his check-up and the doctor expressed some concern about Luke’s eyes did not seem to be working together and they were misaligned. He referred us to a pediatric ophthalmologist, who we saw the next month. That doctor indicated that Luke was too young for him to tell us anything. My wife was not satisfied with that response, so she took him to another pediatric ophthalmologist, who ended up dropping the “you should be very concerned” bomb on us. Among a couple of other heartbreaking syndromes, she mentioned the possibility of Joubert Syndrome based upon his hypotonia and possible cortical visual impairment. She referred us to a pediatric neurologist who ordered the MRI.
Luke had his MRI in January, about 6 months after his birth. The neurologist reviewed the MRI and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. When we reported this back to the 2nd pediatric ophthalmologist, she called back the neurologist and asked her to look for the “molar tooth sign” on the MRI, and the neurologist found it. Our neurologist then called Dr. Maria, one of the pioneers in the study of JS, and asked him to look at the MRI. As it turns out, she knew of Dr. Maria only because she randomly interviewed for a job with him previously, and she had no idea that he was involved in the study of Joubert Syndrome.
While the next year became a dizzying flurry of doctor visits, counseling sessions and emotional breakdowns, we were very fortunate in that we had a good eye doctor for Luke and a stroke of luck with the neurologist’s random association with Dr. Maria. We have also found a group of excellent genetic counselors locally. Additionally, we are fortunate that Dr. Maria, who recently moved to a different hospital as an employer, loves the South.
Luke now goes to a school for special children and also a church daycare with the “normals” and his brother in the afternoons three days a week. He receives speech; physical and occupational therapy weekly at his special school, though we are also having him see a nutritionist and a developmental therapist. Luke also sees his ophthalmologist, genetic counselors, Dr. Maria, and his nephrologist on an annual basis.
Ironically, we named him after Luke in the Bible, who is the patron saint of doctors and surgeons. He certainly does get his share of time with those guys. Luke is starting to say a few words (Bye and Dadda), eat some finger foods, hold his bottle, and scoot around the house on the floor. He does get frustrated easily when his environment changes and will bang his head on the floor when he’s upset. Crawling, walking and talking are a very long ways away, but we are glad that he chose us to share his journey with him.
We are also very thankful for the love and support we get from our family and friends, as well as the JSRDF. Without the JS Foundation, and their efforts to promote awareness to the public and medical community, we would probably not have ever gotten the diagnosis and would still be wondering why Luke isn’t growing up in the same manner as other children. We are also grateful for the work that Laura and her family have done to raise awareness and money for the foundation. If you’re reading this, then you are helping all of the families affected by Joubert Syndrome and we’re thanking you for your interest.
Thank you Bo and Kate for your story. If you would your child’s story to be featured here on the J4JS blog, please email me at Thanks for your support!!!!

For more stories about “The Reason We Run”, please click the Joubert Stories link at the top of the page.

>Road ID Winner…….


Just wanted to pop in really quickly and announce the Road ID winner.  Thank you all for entering and for your continued interest in my Jog for Joubert Syndrome cause……THE reason I run!!!! 

Congrats Stephanie, send me an email to and I will get your prize out to you.  And I totally have that Cyndi Lauper song stuck in my head now……thanks!!!!!

>The Great Marathon Debate


32223_401669531986_9815486986_4667907_5084031_nI have been having an internal debate since completing my first half-marathon earlier this month….”should I, or shouldn’t I consider running a marathon?” I have been getting some pretty conflicting omens lately as well. The day of my half marathon, this month’s issue of Runner’s World was waiting for me in my mailbox. The first thing I see on the cover is THIS article screaming at me from the bright red circle. It has several marathon training plans for runners of all abilities ranging from beginners to elites. It was very encouraging, making a marathon seem totally do-able. I thought to myself….”hmmm, is this a sign????” Then just last week “trail girl” Ashley told me about an article in this month’s issue of Running Times titled “A Race Too Far, Is it time to get over the marathon?” Basically saying that we as runners today are obsessed with “The Marathon” and why we don’t really need to be running it if we are not competitive runners.
So I stop by and pick up a copy of Running Times at the book store today just to see what this article was all about, and staring at me from the back cover is the following ad from Pearl Izumi…….
IMG_4056At first I thought “yeah, good point” but then I started to realize “hmmm, I think that is directed towards runners like………gulp…..myself. Those of us who don’t run a marathon to “race” a marathon, but merely to complete it.” And I became a little insulted. Now I’m pretty confident that I wouldn’t “mosey across the finish line”, as they put it, in over 7 hours(I am hoping for around 4.5 hours, which is a far cry from “racing” a marathon). Does that mean I am not respecting The Marathon???? And if that is the case, does that mean I have no right to run The Marathon according to Pearl Izumi?
Now you may say that I am taking this ad a bit personally, and yeah, I am….but so should you if you are not a so called “competitive runner”. It is this elitist attitude that alienates the sport of running and keeps people from taking up running in the first place. We are not all born natural athletes, most of us will never win races, or toe the line with the likes of Kara Goucher or Ryan Hall, or my local running hero Mike Beigay (had to give you a shout out, you ROCK!!!!). And because of those facts, should us “recreational hobby runners” hang up our running shoes and sit on the couch and eat chips adding to the obesity epidemic in America?
To add fuel to my fire, I went to the Pearl Izumi website and found this quite appalling page called The Running Preservation Society. With such slogans as:
Not_Jogging_1680sI had to leave the website, the longer I stayed the angrier I got. I realize that most competitive runners do not view us hobby runners as a threat to their sport, they welcome us with open arms, and we appreciate that welcoming attitude very much. As simple a thing as running is, it is also a very intimidating sport when starting out. You feel slow and awkward, worried you don’t have the coolest gear (one fear I have never had since I’m a gear JUNKIE!!! LOL), thinking everyone is staring at you thinking you shouldn’t be running. This is exactly the message these A-holes are giving the general running population!!!!
On the opposite end of the spectrum, I am reminded of another ad I came across several months ago that I found very inspiring: Thank you Adidas for accepting runners of all shapes, sizes and abilities!0a24ced3753064ad261739d0773756caSo I am getting away from my initial question… run The Marathon or not to run The Marathon??? Today I want to give Pearl Izumi the middle finger and say “I think I will JOG THE Marathon, so what??!!!” But really, I am still very undecided about what to do. Is training for the The Medoc Marathon this Fall in the unbearable Summer heat the best for me right now, should I give my knees and ankles a rest, am I burnt out on a training “schedule”, am I just too chicken s*%t to commit??? Or should I throw caution to the wind because this is a kick a*$ marathon that I want to RUN, there is no time like the present, fear nothing but fear itself, I could come up with a thousand clichés right now.
I think the “signs” I have been coming across are just giving me some food for thought so that I can make an informed, well thought out decision. Now I just have to DECIDE!!!!!!

>Thumbs Up! Thursday…Special Edition


Happy Thursday everyone!!! Welcome, old and new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thursdays just aren’t celebrated enough in my opinion, here is my chance to say TGIThursday!!! Thanks for joining us!!
So why a “special edition” of Thumbs Up! Thursday you ask……Its my BIRTHDAY week!!!! Yes, I said birthday WEEK. In case you didn’t know, my birthday is a national holiday and one of the rare holidays that is observed for an entire week, you know like Passover, Kwanza, Hanukkah (yeah, I really am that important!!!!) Now you know, so feel free to shower me with gifts, praise, good wishes, and lots of Thumbs Ups! for the remainder of the week!!! I will turn the ripe ol’ age of 32 on Saturday. It is hard to believe that I am 1/4 of the way through my 30s and have had a driver’s license for half of my life now. I was reminiscing about my sixteenth birthday today, that has been half of my life time ago!!!!! It seems like just yesterday. Ahhh, how times flies when you are having fun!!!
I also have to give a Thumbs Up! this week to my Dad, my husband, and all the fathers our there reading my blog. Happy Father’s Day!!!! I have always been lucky enough to share part of my birthday week with the celebration of Father’s Day, cause I’m special like that. Thank you Daddy for helping me become the person I am now (for better or worse LOL, I did inherit your temperament after all). And thank you to my husband for being such a great dad to our baby girl.
The weather has been BRUTAL hot for the past two weeks and its not even Summer yet. I despise Summer as an adult. Its funny because as a kid, of course, it is your favorite season. I do not fair well in the heat, I wilt like a fragile flower that prefers the shade (I also have heard that I become quite grumpy and mean when I am overheated, but that’s just a rumor). That being said, I have to give myself a big SWEATY Thumbs Up! for slogging through my weekday runs and albeit slow runs, they are runs none-the- less. It is soooo frustrating to struggle to hold a high 9min/mile pace, and just 3 miles is a tremendous effort, but the humidity really takes a toll on me. I tried running at 6am Tuesday, could barely breath it was so humid, I’m talking 97% humidity here people!!!! Wednesday I thought I would try 1/2 hour earlier….nope, no difference, might as well get that extra 1/2 hour sleep and not bother. I can honestly say I would rather run in freezing temperatures than this crap. Bring on WINTER baby!!!!!

Thumbs Up! Requests:

My one and only request 😦 Surely you need a Thumbs Up! for something people!!!!
Caratunk Girl~Thumbs up for me – Pirate Tri (last) weekend – it is exactly a year since my first tri (this one) and I am psyched to see how much stronger I have gotten! 🙂


Races and Race Reports: Kind of a slow week huh? Let me know if I overlooked you somehow
So happy Thursday everyone…Thumbs Up! to you all!!! What do you deserve a Thumbs Up! for this week, leave me a comment and let me know, I will link you in next Thursday!!!!

>Road ID, Never Leave Home Without It..Review and GIVEAWAY


Carrying ID with you on a run is an important thing to do, but a fact that is often forgotten.  I admit, I rarely carried ID with me on runs either out of laziness, forgetfulness, or out just feeling like I didn’t need it.  I was recently asked to do a review on the Road ID Elite ID Band and, of course, I jumped at the opportunity. 


I originally was going to order black but decided to get one true to my “style” and order pink.  After I got it I thought the bright color may be functional as well as fashionable.  The bright color might stand out more than a black band and alert someone to my ID more quickly….just a hunch.  You get 6 lines worth of information to put on your ID.  I put my name, city and state, two emergency contact numbers, medical history and the phrase “Jog 4 Joubert Syndrome”.  You can fully customize it however you like with any information you feel pertinent.  I love the silicone band because I don’t have to worry about it getting stinky and gross with sweat.  It is very comfortable and after wearing it all week I don’t notice that I have it on anymore, in fact I don’t think I have taken it off at all. 
After wearing this invaluable piece of running gear this past week, I really see the value of it.  I think of how dumb I was to run alone without ID all those times.  It was probably even dumb to run in my teeny tiny little neighborhood without ID, because I doubt if I fell out while running “the loop” a passing neighbor would be able to identify me because I don’t know most of the people in the neighborhood.  I also think about what a horrible situation it would be if something happened to me while running with someone who didn’t know my contact information or medical history and I was unable to communicate that to them… freaked out would you be if something happened to the person you were running with???!!  I think my new Road ID will be the running gear that I can’t won’t leave home without. 
And now you have the chance to win your very own Road ID!!!!  The guys at Outside PR have provided me with a gift certificate for an Elite ID.  Here is how to enter to win your very own!!!
MANDATORY Become a follower of my blog (on the right hand side of the page) leave a comment letting me know you are a new or current follower– 1 entry
-Add me to your blog roll for a bonus entry (leave a link to your blog so I can follow you too!) – 1 entry
– Visit Road ID {Here} and leave a comment telling me what other product you would try- 1 entry
-Become a fan of Road ID on Facebook {Here}
-Post about my giveaway on your blog, Facebook, Twitter etc post a comment each time you do- 1 entry for each
– Visit the Joubert Syndrome Foundation website {Here} and leave a comment stating something you learned about JS – 1 entry
The Giveaway ends Midnight Monday June 21th and I will announce the winner on Tuesday June 22st.
Good luck… SAFE!!!!! 

>Thumbs Up! Thursday



Happy Thursday everyone!!! Welcome, old and new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thanks for joining us!!
Thumbs Up! to my knees and ankle for feeling GREAT this week without my planned week off. I just couldn’t bear to take a whole week off so I’m just taking it easy on the miles. I will probably only get in less than 15 miles this week. And as anticipated, the bad memories of the big FAT 1/2 marathon fail are fading and the desire to go for a full marathon in October are taking over. AHHH, I really am crazy aren’t I?
Thumbs Up! to “Team Carter” our newest J4JS team. They created a new facebook fan page for their races and fund raising efforts. They are running a series of 3 races starting in July. Go check them out if you get a chance and make a donation if you feel so inclined! Their goal is to raise $1000, I think they are going to CRUSH that goal!!! Keep up the good work Team Carter!
I got a little bit better response from you guys last week for Thumbs Up! requests, but surely more of you deserve a Thumbs Up! for something????? Leave me a comment and let me know about how awesome your week has been!
  • ~Kayte @ Long Legs on the Loose~ “Thumbs Up! for me for running my first marathon on Sunday the 6th AHHH”
  • ~Big Daddy Diesel @ Tridiesel~ “I have one, I took first overall Aquabiker at my race over the weekend!!”
  • ~Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run ~ “I get a Thumbs Up! for running a FREE Marathon this weekend… Making over 50 miles for the week.” And yes, Thumbs Up! Thursday was inspired by your High Five Friday, keep on spreading positivity through the bloggy world 🙂
Thanks guys for your Thumbs Ups! requests!!!
I’ve decided to NOT do the “Weekly re-caps” for now (do I hear a collective sigh of relief?) I’ve had a hard time making myself write them out and I know they probably bore you to tears anyway. I was doing it more for me anyway just keep tabs on my progress….I can do that without torturing you all 🙂 That being said, if I will post race results, reports and blog giveaways along with Thumbs Up! Thursday. So if you have any thing you want to add to my list, send me an email or comment.

Race Reports:


Oh….and I totally forgot (yeah right!) Thumbs Up! to you for actually reading this far……..the winner of the Sweaty Bands GIVEAWAY is:

Yipee!!! Congrats!!! Have a great Thumbs Up! Thursday!!!!!!!

>Kids, Tape, and Strollers


Odd combo right????  I had planned on totally taking this week OFF from running, but yesterday I got the itch to just get out and move a little.  I was also anxious to test the waters and see how my knees and ankle faired after the 13.1 mile effort Saturday.  Dumb and risky, I know, but I couldn’t help myself.  So I ran a nice, easy, fairly slow 3 miles yesterday morning in my neighborhood.  Not too bad, but not totally pain free.  I could feel the jarring of impact on my knees from the asphalt, it is just not a forgiving surface, my body does not like it.  But after my legs loosened up some, the pain subsided and I felt great afterwards. 
I had an extra day off work this week, and Haley is out of school today, so I decided to dust off the good ol’ jogging stroller and meet up with “trail” Ashley at the greenway.  Her little one is out of school also, so I was not alone in my jogging stroller hell!!!  Ashley reminded me of the fact that pushing a stroller while running is a 20% greater effort, and today I really felt that extra 20% today.  But I was thinking back on this time last year, when I first got my jogging stroller, OMG, its so much easier now.  I could barely run with the stroller about 1/4 to 1/2 mile back then…seriously!!!  Today I ran 3.2 and could have made it farther if I really wanted to, but it was too freakin hot!!!
Here some pictures of our cute little kids!


I had bought some KT tape the week before the half and had hoped to be able to experiment with it before the race, but since I did not run that week, I did not have the opportunity.  I didn’t think it would be a big deal to get the tape on right before the race, but apparently I have a hard time reading directions and just couldn’t figure out how to get it on in the heat of the moment of the time crunch to get to the starting line.  So I went sans tape last Saturday. 
I thought today would be a good time to test it out on a short run and also to compare today with tape to yesterday without tape.  I honestly couldn’t tell a difference just standing and walking with the tape on and was very skeptical about it.  And while running I didn’t feel it at all, but you know what else I didn’t feel…..the jarring I normally feel when running on asphalt.  I don’t know if it was coincidence or if it was for real, but I will be using this stuff again.  Its very comfortable, not irritating, sticks pretty well, and comes in super cute colors…..I of course picked pink!!  I also felt like a “real” runner while wearing it LOL.  Anyone else ever used this stuff…..thoughts??? 
Cute HUH?