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>Thumbs Up! Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Welcome, old and new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thanks for joining us!!

I have had some exciting developments for the Jog for Joubert Syndrome team in the past week. I had two different JS families contact me interested in teaming up with me for the cause. One family is thinking of hosting a 5 or 10K in their home town and working with J4JS. And another family is planning to run in events this summer and raising money while training/racing. Yeah!!!! I’m so excited that we are adding some fresh faces to the team!!!! Thumbs Up! to the newbies!!!! I hope to do an introduction post for them once I get some more information about them (and if they are agreeable to joining my crazy blog world!).

And speaking of races, I am in the very very early stages of considering putting together a race of my own. Right now it is only a consideration, as I have NO idea where to start with planning. If I do decide to really do it, it will probably take place sometime next spring. I will keep you updated on planning progress, and if you have any pointers or ideas for me, by all means… a sista out!!!!

Now some Thumbs Ups! from my readers:

Alana @ I looked back in my old running logs and discovered that I have been running for a full year as of 25 May. It seems hard to believe that this time last year I was thinking that running 10+ 1s would be a huge challenge! Now I’m starting marathon training in 2-1/2 weeks
. How AWESOME!!! I wish I knew when my running anniversary is. But because I was such a sporadic runner in the beginning its hard to track my true start point, but I think it was about this time last year. My how much changes in a year!!!!

Marcia @ Running off at the Mouth
I have a 5k this Saturday–will I or won’t I finally break out the cheetah skirt? Plus I’m gonna keep on truckin’ and make it a 10k for TMB’s Rock Your Socks Race! Oh and yet another awesome giveaway is coming soon! This was from last week, I will be sure to check out your race reports!

My partner in crime “trail girl” Ashley @ Adventures of Running Mom My thumbs up is for this weekend’s long run. I’ve been looking forward to it all week. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Hope I can join you Ashley!

I am super excited for this weekend. We have some good friends coming into town for the holiday weekend that we only get to see about once a year. Also, I am SOOOOO ready for a long weekend, I’m feeling really burnt out by the daily grind. But in honoring the true reason for this Memorial Day weekend, I would like to give a very humble Thumbs Up! to the American service men and women who have lost their lives serving in our military. No matter what your political views or stance on war, our soldiers need our support and respect. I’m embarrassed to say this but, I never really knew the real meaning behind Memorial Day until recently when I looked it up. So thank you for giving your lives for our country.

I seriously doubt there will be a “WeekEnd Re-Cap” this week, well….because there is not much to recap. One measly little 3 mile run and a questionable long run this weekend. I also don’t want to neglect our guests by blogging 🙂

If I don’t venture back into bloggy world this weekend. …..have a safe and happy Memorial Day



>So today, Kayte at Long Legs on the Loose, awarded me with the “Versatile Blogger Award”.

Not exactly sure what a versatile blogger is, but part of the award is to list 7 random things about yourself, and I love any reason to spew random facts about myself. So thanks Kayte for giving me an excuse to talk about myself some more (I am a closet narcissist after all!) I am also supposed to pass the award on to 15 other bloggers, and well, I just don’t have time for that and besides, I think all the bloggers I regularly follow have already received the award once….no sense in redundancy.

~Random fact #1~ I know all the words to Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance” and will sing it on command, and always request it at any wedding I attend… afraid, very afraid if I am invited to your wedding…..and yes I will sing along in front of complete strangers if an open bar is involved.

~Random fact #2~ I am terrified of belly button lint, followed by a general dislike of pocket lint and dyer lint. Don’t ask me why, but it is a fear that developed in childhood. My husband often teases me with a big giant wad of belly button lint and chases me around the house. Ewww, gross. I am getting he heebies just thinking about it!!!!

~Random fact #3~ I was a first section (for non band geeks that means I was one of the best players) trumpet player for 7 years in middle/high school. I will, on occasion, (once again, depending on alcohol consumption) drag out the ol trumpet and torture my husband and dogs with it….I’m not so good anymore.

~Random fact #4~ I have unusually small feet for my body. At almost 6ft tall I only wear a size 8 or 8.5 depending on the brand of shoe. I sometimes wore a 7.5 before getting pregnant. This fact makes me fairly clumsy, its a wonder I have not fallen while trail running yet (I just jinxed myself didn’t I?)

~Random fact #5~ It took me 6 years to get a degree that should have taken 4 years because I am terribly indecisive. I changed majors at least three times. When I started college I wanted to be a veterinarian but now I am a nurse….go figure.

~Random fact #6~ I am a collector/border line hoarder of “things”. This is a fact that I am trying to get under control before you see me on the next episode of “Hoarders”. I have a hard time getting rid of things because I place an enormous amount of sentimental value on everything, and I am also very environmentally conscious and will not throw something away just because I don’t use it or it is broken so things will sit around while I figure out how to recycle or get rid of it. Stupid, I know.

~Random fact #7~ I eat way too fast. I usually finish eating a meal 10-15 minutes before everyone else. My whole family is the same way. We are like a pack of starved wolves at the dinner table. The first time my husband ate with us we scared him to death.

So, was that random enough for you???

I ran 3 mildly painful miles this morning. I woke up and really didn’t want to even attempt it. I realized that part of the reason I have not been too excited about running this week is because I am afraid the pain will still be there. My fears were confirmed today. From the very first steps the pain in my knees was with me. I wondered if I would make it through the first mile….I did, and the pain slowly went away by the end of mile 2. For about 2.3 seconds I thought I would sneak in a couple extra miles but I talked myself out of it when my left ankle started acting up. The ankle has been bothering me off and on for several months and I wonder if the knee pain is causing me to change my gait causing the ankle pain to return. By the end of the three miles I had had enough. Today my legs are fatigued and knees are sore when walking up stairs, I feel like I ran 8 miles instead of just 3. So I finally broke down and made an appointment with the sports med doc. I will see him next Tuesday. I’m not really looking forward to it, but maybe he can figure out the cause and help me with a solution so that I can get back to training. I really want to do this half marathon and hope to eventually do a full marathon, but feeling this beat up with only training for a half makes me question my body’s ability to handle a full marathon. Double UGHHHHH!!!!!

>Weekly Re-Cap


Welcome to my weekly re-cap where I bore you to death with my weekly stats and where I (try to) post snipets of what’s going on with some of my bloggy buddies with upcoming races, race reports, and giveaways. So if you have something coming up you want me to post about just comment or shoot me an email and I will gladly post about it.

I am still working on figuring out how to format things with Live Writer.  I have hated the huge paragraphs for a long time now, but Live Writer makes posting pics so much easier, that is why I have stuck with it.  I still don’t like this format though…..any other Live Writer users out there or do you use a different program to blog with???  I always hated using Blogger’s program because of picture issues, that’s why I switched. 

This has been a really bad week running wise, managing to only squeeze in two runs.  As much as it kills me to not see my mileage where I would like it (I had planned on 24 miles) I had to force myself to take it easy because the aches and pains were getting louder this week and don’t want to risk a real injury. 

I had also planned to run TMB’s Rock Your Socks virtual race this weekend, but decided against it this morning.  Sadly these were the only socks I was rocking today. 

DSC01497 DSC01498

DSC01502 Notice the words on the socks……”recovery” being the operative word!

Next week I will test out the waters with my regular schedule, but with the Memorial Day holiday and potential house guests for the weekend, and questionable soreness, I’m not sure how feasible 25 miles this week will be…..we will see. 

So my mileage recap is pretty easy this week:

Monday-5 miles in tha hood

Friday-11 mile long run on the trails

Mileage Totals:

Week – 16 miles 😦 big BOOOOO HOOOOOO

Month – 66 miles

Year – 333 (woohoo over 300!!!!)

Plan for next week:

Monday 5 miles

Tuesday 3 miles

Wednesday 5 miles

Saturday 12 miles

What took up a lot of time this weekend (aka….who needs P90X when you have brick, stone, and pavers to move):

DSC01503 DSC01507

It is almost (finally!!!!) finished.  We still have to put the caps on the wall and get some comfy furniture, but for the most part this phase is complete.  Last night we soaked in the hot tub for a while the dried off by the fire, enjoying the sounds of nature and fire crackling… can’t get much better, so worth all the hard work!!!!

Races and Race Reports~

~Marcia @ Running Off at the Mouth ran a 5K yesterday….look for her race report soon

~Lots of people ran TMB’s virtual Rock Your Socks, TMB posted her report today and I’m sure she will have others posted soon


And, yet again this week, I have been short on time and haven’t had time to search out all the great giveaways and I haven’t had a chance to enter all of these yet, but will get around to it and hopefully add to the list tomorrow.  I have had such great luck with giveaways lately, I figure I better stay at it even though it can be time consuming 🙂

Angie Bee – CEP Socks

Filly Runner – Dirty Girl Gaiters

I Run Because…I Can – Endorphin Warriors Hat

Run Court Run – TNT stuff

See you all next week!!!


>I ran my weekly long run today and I am pretty sure I am about to die. This run was only 1/2 mile longer than last weeks long run, I guess that extra 1/2 mile just pushed me right on over the edge. No, I seriously doubt that. Last week’s run was so great, I think I was just due a bad one. I met with my usual partner in crime “trail girl” Ashley. I was so looking forward to today’s run because I have not felt that loving feeling for road miles this week. As I said in my Thumbs Up! post, I have been working my little patootie off in the yard, so although I have been “resting” from running, I have not been truly resting. I also think I was a tad dehydrated from the get go today. Beer tasted better than water last night….go figure!!!!

I was uncomfortable from the first step today, but I chugged a vanilla Gu and we were on our way. It was humid and sticky…yuck!!!! I started out with a side cramp that eventually went away somewhere in mile 2 or 3. My shoes were giving me an absolute FIT!!! Too tight, then too loose causing my ankle to slip and slide OUCH, too tight again….numb toes, ugh!!!! The miles were absolutely dragging by, thank God I had my trusty side kick to entertain me!!! We stopped somewhere around mile 5 to snack, I had an espresso love Gu and Ashley had a fig cookie. I had hoped for that same euphoric feeling of the caffeine rush from the espresso Gu……wait for it, wait for it…..never happened, double ughhh, I don’t know if I am going to make it another 5.5 miles. Then my knees start in on me with their griping, “stop stomping down the hills, you’re hurting us!!!” ok, I will slow down to a snails pace. Mile 6-9 were a blur of discomfort but they passed quickly. I noticed my 4th little piggy was starting to hurt around mile 8…hmmm, I’ve never had blister problems, but there’s no time like the present to start right???? By the last mile I felt so tired and clumsy…..I felt like I had mad cow disease or something. I felt all wobbly like those marathoners you see stumbling across the finish line. That’s probably a tad dramatic, I’m sure my form was just fine, I just felt very unstable. Our Garmins dinged at 11 miles and I put the brakes on….Thank GOD it was over!!!! Ashley felt amazingly great but my knees, hips, toes, and ankles all were screaming at me. But then we got to a little bridge that crossed the most wonderful little stream……and we got in. It immediately put the fire that was blazing between my toes out and made my ankles feel wonderful. I wish I could have bent down and put my knees in, but range of motion was a problem at the time. The thoughts of a water moccasin slithering through the creek crossed my mind, but the water felt so good, I didn’t care about a poisonous snake attack! Ahhhh, the beauty of trail running!!!!

Wow that looks like a long way down doesn’t it????


I’m not sweating, I’m glistening!

This is what I wanted to do but my knees would not allow it 😦


I grabbed a chocolate milk on the way home….chugged it down, but still had an empty feeling and then a sudden craving for red meat and fries hit me (think my body was trying to tell me something???) so I stopped at BK and got the most gloriously disgusting whopper and enjoyed every last bite of it. Way to totally waste the 1200 calories I just burnt!!!!! I’m still feeling kinda yucky like I could be over come with a sudden case of runner’s trots but nothing is happening. I had planned to cut the grass and do some work around the house, but since I feel like death warmed over now, I think I will veg out and see if there is a “Keeping up with the Kardashians” marathon on today. Good times!!!!!!

Happy 33rd birthday to my husband tomorrow. Hopefully he will take a day off from slaving away on our (what will eventually be) backyard paradise and enjoy his day…..but anyone who knows him knows that will NOT happen. Oh well, its his birthday right????? Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

P.S. I don’t know what Blogger is doing to my posts with spacing and stuff. I write my blogs with Live Writer then publish, but sometimes in the conversion process it gets a little weird. Any suggestions on how to fix it???

>Thumbs Up! Thursday


All-Thumbs-Up Happy Thursday everyone!!! Welcome everyone, old and new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thanks for joining us!!

Oh my gosh, I feel like I have fallen down a bloggy black hole….I am so behind on reading everyone else’s blogs, entering giveaways, responding to comments and emails.  We have some friends coming in next week for Memorial Day and I have been busy working out in the yard and getting the pool in proper working order, so needless to say, I have not doing much blogging or running for that matter.  I have only managed to run 5 measly little miles so far this week.  But that’s ok, I think I needed an easy week to let some of these aches and pain subside. 

And since I haven’t been spending much time pounding pavement, I’ve have had a hard time coming up with blog content this week.  You see, thinking about blogging while I run is how I keep my mind off of the monotony.  And I guess the physical pain of running helps get my creative juices flowing if you will . No running = blog writers block, so bear with me. 

I do give two enthusiastic Thumbs Ups! to two fellow blog writers.  I won 2, yes 2 giveaways.  But

that’s not the only reason I give them a Thumbs Up!, I do follow and enjoy their blogs.  The first is Kayte at Long Legs on the Loose.  I have been following her for a while and she is just the cutest little bubbly thing who runs for Team in Training.  I won two pair of colored shoelaces (everyone that knows Katye knows colored shoelaces are her trademark) and a Saucony shirt. 

Kim at Somewhere in the Sun is a new blog I found a few weeks ago.  I won her book giveaway for a signed copy of The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life by Amby Burfoot.  I am really excited about this book, because now a days it seems like if its not about running….I ain’t reading it!!!!  So Thumbs Up! to you Kim, I look forward to reading more of your blog!!! 

Some reader comments that get Thumbs Ups!

~SueMac~How about Thumbs up to me for merging my two blogs into one, which made my life so much easier. And thumbs up to me for NOT going to the grocery at all this week… we’re cleaning out the frige and pantry! AWESOME!

~Courtney~My Thumbs Up! would have to be the great response I’ve had so far to my virtual run on my blog! 🙂

~Teamarcia~I have an awesome giveaway starting tomorrow you may wanna check out! : )

Sorry for the lousy blogging this week, but I gotta get back to the much needed Spring cleaning.  So, is there anything super cool and awesome going on in your world that deserves a Thumbs Up!? If so, leave me a comment. Also, remember if you have a race, race report, giveaway, anything you want me to link in for the week, I’m doing that on Sundays now, so leave a comment if you need anything linked in.

>Our Reason…..Shaan’s Story


This is our second installment of our Joubert Journey stories….the “reason” we run.  This was written by Elizabeth, Shann’s mother.  Shaan is 5 years old:


“Shaan was a full-term baby and I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy.  However, something seemed wrong soon after his birth.  The pediatrician at the hospital thought at first that Shaan had some fluid in his lungs that would clear up fairly quickly.  When Shaan’s erratic breathing continued, a neonatologist was called in.  By that time, Shaan had an episode where he desaturated and he seemed to be experiencing even more breathing issues.  Shaan had what was later labeled as a Dandy Walker cyst, although the implications of that were unclear during those first few days.

Shaan subsequently was transferred to two different medical centers and underwent a battery of tests.  He almost coded during a barium swallowing study that one hospital conducted.  He spent two weeks in the NICU.  I remember vividly sitting with him at the hospital in the middle of the night while Christmas music was playing in the background.  At home, I refused to turn our Christmas lights back on our tree until Shaan was discharged.  I’m not sure why I thought that would be bad luck, but I did.  I remember also feeling strange when I had to pick up some things for him at the baby store, while he was still laying in the hospital.  He was discharged just a few days before Christmas with the diagnosis of Dandy Walker Syndrome.  One medical resident at the second medical center tossed out the idea of Joubert Syndrome while the neurology team was rounding, but for some reason, the attending physician felt Shaan had Dandy Walker Syndrome (possibly due to the cyst on his head).

We had high hopes for Shaan early on.  His physicians, including his neurosurgeon, said that some individuals with Dandy Walker Syndrome appear quite normal and have normal lives.  However, within a couple of months, I felt some of this optimism dissipate.  Shaan was not meeting any milestones and his eyes were not fully opening.  Some of the physicians downplayed the significance of this, apparently thinking he would catch up.  I then saw a new neurologist when Shaan was about three months old who said that what he was displaying (and failing to display) was absolutely not normal.

When we moved to a new state in 2005, I immediately completed the paperwork for Shaan to receive early intervention services.  He received then and continues to receive physical, speech, occupational and developmental therapy.  He also now receives music and horse therapy along with being a student at a special needs preschool.

Shaan’s diagnosis changed to Joubert Syndrome when he was approximately two years old.  His MRI film from infancy was reviewed again and he underwent genetic testing, which confirmed which genetic mutation caused his Joubert Syndrome.  Shaan was also diagnosed in 2009 with a progressive retinal disease, Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis, common in some other individuals with Joubert Syndrome.
I would describe Shaan’s Joubert Syndrome as very severe in some respects and mild (so far) in other respects.  At five years old, Shaan is unable to speak, stand, walk, drink from a straw or eat solid foods.  He also screams and thrashes when he is upset–sometimes multiple times per day–and has a lot of sensitivity to sounds, being confined in a car, etc.  I wonder sometimes whether there is light at the end of the tunnel in this regard.  Shaan is mild presently in terms of his health.  He can eat pureed foods by mouth and has few medical issues.  We know that this situation could change at any time, especially given that Shaan’s Joubert Syndrome was caused by a CEP290 gene mutation; individuals with mutations in CEP290 are believed to be at an elevated risk of developing kidney disease.
Shaan faces many struggles each and ever day, but we are grateful to have him in our family and to be part of an amazing network of other families touched by Joubert Syndrome.

Shaan’s sister, Shefali, also wanted to write about her brother:


“I have a brother named  Shaan.  He has a disability called Joubert Syndrome.  He can’t walk, he can’t talk, he can’t see very well either.  When he was born he had a little bit of  yellow on his skin. He takes therapy, he also loves toy with light and sound and thats about Shaan.  What makes me sad about him is I wish he  didn’t have Joubert Syndrome.  What makes me happy about him is I know that when I see some body with a problem I care a lot.”

Thank you all so much for your support and caring about our cause…..the reason we run!!!!

>Weekly Re-Cap


Hello all my running bloggy buddies, welcome to my weekly re-cap where I bore you to death with my weekly stats and where I (try to) post snipets of what’s going on with some of my bloggy buddies with upcoming races, race reports, and giveaways. So if you have something coming up you want me to post about just comment or shoot me an email and I will gladly post about it. BUT, I have been incredibly busy this weekend and haven’t had a chance to pull together my lists, so I will hopefully get to that tomorrow. Instead, here are some pictures from the Charlotte UltraSwim. We did not actually get to “meet” Michael Phelps, but I did get to stand (while attempting not to stare!) like 2 feet away from him for quite a while during a couple of events. He won both of the events that he swam (surprise, surprise!) and hubby and I got to give the medals to the male and female 400IM winners and have our picture taken with them on the podium. It was a lot of fun, made me miss swimming and wish I hadn’t quit swim team in high school.

DSC01470 DSC01472 DSC01474 DSC01480

So now for my mileage recap:

Totals to date:

Week: 24miles

Month: 50 miles

Year: 316 miles

Mileage for the week:

Tuesday: 3 miles in tha hood, attempting some speed work averaging 8:29min/mile- 27 minutes total

Wednesday: 6 miles on the trails, very hilly trail – 1:12 minutes 11:50 min/mile average

Thursday: 5 miles in tha hood, just regular ole run – 48 minutes averaging 9:34 min/mile

Sunday: 10.4 mile trail run – 1hr 59 minutes, averaging 11:30 min/mile. My first double digit run and I actually felt pretty good at the end. Amazing!!!! I did a pretty good job fueling myself I think. I had an egg and cheese on an english muffin for breakfast (it was really a McMuffin from McDonalds, but sounds much healthier to say it the other way, right!?) about 2 hours before the run. Then ate a Gu just before the run (vanilla bean, another good flavor, YUM-O!). I experimented with Nuun tabs in one of my 10oz water bottles. I used the lemon lime flavor and loved it!!! I ate another Gu around mile 5. If I had run any farther, I would have needed one more Gu around mile 9.5, so I will keep this in mind for next week. I hate the thoughts of having to fuel at certain times instead of fueling by how I feel, but I think it will work better for me to stay ahead of my needs. I tend to wilt very quickly once I get a little wimpy with low blood sugar, so right now my plan will be to fuel every 5 miles drinking electrolytes along the way. I am also contemplating needing something else to hold water. At mile 6, I realized I needed to start rationing my water intake so I wouldn’t run out too early. On the trail its not like you can stop by the store and pick up more water…….time for a CamleBak?????

Plan for next week:

I think I am going to exchange out one of my short mileage days for some swimming (weather permitting) just to take it easy on my knees. When I got home, my knees felt like they were going to come unhinged. I wish I had a picture of this, but the grass needed to be cut before the rain came in, so I strapped some ice packs on my knees and hopped on the riding lawn mower. Super sexy look!!!!! They feel pretty good today, but defiantly stiff.

Monday: 5 miles

Tuesday: swim

Wednesday: 5 miles

Friday: 11 miles. NO running this weekend, Saturday is my hubby’s birthday!!!!!!

See you all next week!!!!

>Thumbs Up! Thursday


Happy Thursday everyone!!! Welcome everyone, old and new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thanks for joining us!!

EDIT TO ADD: OMG, I am so embarrassed (again!). I knew I was forgetting something, my mind is too frazzled!!!!! One of my good friends, Andrea, raised over $300 for the JSRDF last weekend. (Yeah, now you see why I am soooo embarrassed!!!) Her little girl turned 1 last weekend and instead of gifts she asked for everyone to make donations to the foundation in Haley’s name. Unfortunately we missed the big event because Haley’s ever changing nap schedule intersected with party time and she was also coming down with some sort of mystery illness that included green snot so I thought it best not to share that with everyone. So the BIGGESST Thumbs Up! ever to my friends Andrea and Mike and their sweet baby girl!!!! Love you guys bunches!!!!!

guHmmm, where to start, this has kinda been a slow week in the Thumbs Up! department. I guess I give a Thumbs Up! the the makers of Gu. “Trail girl” Ashley gave me a sample of the Espresso Love flavor a while back and I have been too scared to try it until now. My munchkin commandeered my usual pre-run snack (graham crackers) yesterday so I had nothing else to eat this morning. With 2x caffeine……KA-POW!!!!!! It was actually quite tasty and I really got the kick start I needed this AM and had an awesome 5 miler….in my boring ol’ neighborhood no less! I also managed negative splits without even trying, BONUS!

We might have a chance at meeting Michael Phelps (oh, and some other Olympic swimmers whose a440e32d901668benames I don’t know, forgive me!!!) tomorrow night. The Charlotte Ultra Swim is going on this week and we might have an in. I’m kinda excited being an ex-swimmer (but not all that great) and all. I will be sure to get some pictures if I can (hmmmm, are cameras allowed, maybe not???) But I’m sure it will be an interesting experience none the less. So Thumbs Up! to potential celebrity contact, and having great connections!

And here are couple Thumbs Up! shout outs I would like to make from follower comments (see I am listening!):

~Madison M. @ Peace, Love, Run ~“I have 1 final left for the Spring Semester (in college) which means that I have classes this summer and this coming fall and then I graduate in December 2010 with my Bachelors in Psych. I’m super super excited its getting sooo close!!”

~Learning to Run ~ “I guess my Thumbs up would have to be that my ankle (sprained about two weeks ago) is finally getting better and I am no longer walking with a limp :)!”

I have to send Stacie at Weight Loss Mama a Thumbs Up! I just read her blog post for today saying she lost more weight this week for the 2nd week in a row, but she is also leaving for a trip and having to leave her babies behind and kinda sad about that, hugs to you Stacie!

I have a 10 miler scheduled for this weekend……that just sounds so crazy, 10 miles!!! I’m sure it will be no problem, but I guess its a runners rite of passage to have their first double digit run. So send me some Thumbs Up! vibes to get me through this long run 🙂

So, is there anything super cool and awesome going on in your world that deserves a Thumbs Up!? If so, leave me a comment. Also, remember if you have a race, race report, giveaway, anything you want me to link in for the week, I’m doing that on Sundays now, so leave a comment if you need anything linked in.

>Running in the Rain

>I’m running in the rain

Just running in the rain

What a glorious feeling

I’m happy again

I’m laughing at the clouds

So dark up above

The sun’s in my heart

And I’m ready for love

I had an awesome, refreshing run today….in the rain, as if you didn’t know that already. Something about running in the rain seems to wash away all the mental gunk you carry around with you and cleans your soul. We were worried that we wouldn’t get our mileage in today because 1 mile in it started thundering and we thought it best not to climb up to the top of the mountain in a thunderstorm. So we went back to the park office and waited for a bit for the skies to clear. So glad we did, I had planned on 5 miles today but ended up with 6 just because we could. We had a pretty steep incline on the way out and you know what goes up must come down and the trip down was AWESOME. Made me feel like a little kid running wildly though the woods with reckless abandon. Talk about adrenaline rush!!!

Waiting for the rain and thunder to pass, soaking wet!!!!


Gloomy clouds hanging over Kings Mountain

I have a GIVEAWAY waiting for you guys, but the exact same one is going on at a couple other blogs so I want to wait until theirs are over to start mine….stay tuned.

>Weekly Re-Cap

>Hello all my running bloggy buddies, welcome to my weekly re-cap where I bore you to death with my weekly stats (but most of you runners understand the numbers obsession!) and where I post snipets of what’s going on with some of my bloggy buddies with upcoming races, race reports, and giveaways. So if you have something coming up you want me to post about just comment or shoot me an email and I will gladly post about it. Today is a long post but worth the read. I had lots going on in my running world this week despite running fewer miles than scheduled.

FIRST…..HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you running mommies!!!!! Enjoy your special day, I know I will!!!!

Race Report: I love race reports!!!!

~Mel @ TallMomontheRun – She totally rocked it out at the Eugene Marathon and BQ’ed. In case you have been living under a bloggy rock and haven’t read her report, check it out {here}

~TMB (Racing with Babes) and Kayte (Longs Legs on the Loose) ran the MAC half marathon together.

~Heater @ Run Faster Mommy finished 3rd overall female at Little River Blue Crab Festival 5K

I know there are lots I am missing but these are the ones that come to mind.


~TMB is hosting a virtual race called “Rock Your Socks 10K” on May 21st-23rd (pick your date)

~Kayte is hosting a virtual run also called “Finish Chelsea’s Run” in honor of a young runner, Chelsea King, who was kidnapped and murdered in February

I am planning on doing both of these, but still need to “sign up”


~Barefoot Angie- Barefoot Book Ends 5-19

~Miss Zippy-Running Chics Ends May12

~Run Court Run-Lift Your Sole Ends May 13

~Never Underestimate-Athletes Cookbook Ends May9

~Run Mommy Run-Recovery Socks Ends May 10

~Somewhere in the Sun-Runners Guide Book Ends May 14

~TallMom- Run Like a Mother Book Ends May 14

~Filly Runner- Dirty Girl Gaiters Ends May 31

~Long Legs on the Loose Shoelaces Ends May 22

And now for my mileage re-cap

Totals to date:

Week: 17miles

Month: 26 miles

Year: 292 miles

Mileage for the week:

Tuesday: 5 miles on the trail – 57 minutes

Wednesday: 3 miles in tha hood – 29 minutes

Thursday: I had planned 5 miles but the knee was bothering me a little so I swam laps for 30 minutes just to be safe

Saturday: 9 mile trail run at Anne Springs Close Greenway – 1hr 43 min. We found a fabulous new little gem of a trail system. As a spur of the moment thing, “trail girl” Ashley and I decided to meet up in Fort Mill, SC with my BFF Meredith from Columbia, SC. This trail was a pretty good half way point for us to meet up.

This, once private property, consists of over 20 miles of bike, equestrian and hiking trails. For first timers its a pretty hard place to navigate because, despite having a map in hand, the trails are very poorly marked.


We spent a lot of time stuck on the rough equestrian trails but finally made it to the hiking trails which were much smoother. At one point we had to cross a creek with no bridge. I managed to stay pretty dry, but the others got a little wet. Then we came to another creek where we had the option to cross in the water or on a bridge. Meredith and I chose the bridge while Ashley (she is so hardcore!!!) crossed in the water. LOVE IT!!! I think I will be crossing in the water next time, it looked like so much fun. We had tons of fun and hope to be able to do it more often. Ashley and I were feeling pretty rough by mile 8 and had to really push to get through to 9, but Meredith kept powering through and was still pretty fresh at the end of the run. I think she had a couple more miles left in her tank. I’m very impressed seeing as how this is only her second trail run in the past few weeks. The trails were beautiful and couldn’t resist stopping to take some silly pictures.

And I finally managed to get my shoes dirty. I have some insane ability to stay clean while running and I had to work really hard to accumulate this small amount of mud yesterday. LOL.

DSC01448 After 9 HOT miles we were all still smiling. I love running with these girls!!!!!


Plan for next week:

Like I said last week, the training is pretty much the same during the week for the rest of the schedule. I did manage to do some weight lifting Monday and swimming for cross training which I am so proud of myself for doing.

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: 5 miles

Thursday: 5 miles

Saturday: 10 miles

See you all next week!!!!