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>New Giveaway!!!!


UPDATE: MAY 8~Sorry ladies, this GIVEAWAY has ended…..stay tuned for more GIVEAWAYS in the near future!!!!

I know, I know, you are all experiencing GIVEAWAY withdrawals already aren’t you??? Have no fear, Laura is here with a great new giveaway. I contacted the folks over at Moving Comfort to see if they would like to join the the fun and they replied very quickly with a great response. While I myself have never tried a Moving Comfort jog bra, I have heard nothing but great things about them and have tried several times to win one on other blogs. I typically don’t spend a lot of sports bras because….well, I just don’t have that much to protect. I know some would argue that even us with “little girls” need to have supportive bras, and they are right, but with a limited budget, I have to be choosy where I sink my running gear allowance. If I was more “blessed” I would HAVE invest in a great bra like Moving Comfort to keep those puppies under wraps. But seeing as how I am breastically challenged, a clearance Target bra does the job. But the lovely people at Moving Comfort are giving you the chance to WIN your very own top quality jog bra!!!!!!

The winner has the choice of ONE of the following:

The Alexis


The Fiona

Picture 551

The entry rules are pretty much the same as always:

MANDATORY Become a follower of my blog (on the right hand side of the page) leave a comment letting me know you are a new or current follower– 1 entry

-Add me to your blog roll for a bonus entry (leave a link to your blog so I can follow you!) – 1 entry

– Visit Moving Comfort {Here} and leave a comment telling me which product you would order- 1 entry

-Become a fan of Moving Comfort on Facebook {Here}

-Post about my giveaway on your blog, Facebook, Twitter etc post a comment each time you do- 1 entry for each

– Visit the Joubert Syndrome Foundation website {Here} and leave a comment stating something you learned about JS – 1 entry

The Giveaway ends Midnight Friday May 7th and I will announce the winner on May 8th.

I have very little to post about in my running world right now. I finished all my regular runs for the week on Wednesday and I am resting up for the 8K trail race on Saturday. Letting my fingers recuperate from the dog fight the other night, and busy keeping my two mutts separated while figuring out what to do with them…..I think I need some help from the dog whisperer.

Cesar Millian….HELP US!!!!

My runs this week were pretty uneventful. Monday and Tuesday in tha Hood then a nice and easy three miles with the girls at the Greenway. I love the Greenway for an easy run… hills, nice quiet scenery, enough traffic to not feel totally isolated, but no so much that its over crowded, and most of all I usually get to meet up with some running buddies. The miles are so much easier with company!!! “Trail” Ashley was just commenting Wednesday how we both thought we were lone runners and turns out we are totally NOT!!! I have come to dread my solo runs and get super excited about a run when I know I won’t be alone. I used to be so self conscious about my running, I am so glad I stepped out of my little box and got over that!!!!

I will try to post my race results and review Saturday night, wish me luck!!!!


>Thumbs Up! Thursday……Running winner!!!!!!



Happy Thursday everyone!!!  Welcome to the new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thanks for joining us!!  I can’t believe I went from 30 something blog followers 2 weeks ago to almost 100!!!  BIG Thumbs Up! to Running for donating a skirt to make this giveaway possible.  I would not have picked up so many new followers without the gals from!!!!  Now the trick is to keep you all intrigued in Jog 4 Joubert Syndrome and my blog and I hope you continue to follow me.  But in case you loose interest in me I do have a couple more giveaways coming down the ol’ blogger pipe so stay tuned for that. 

This will be a short post today.  Typing is a little awkward for me right now.  I think I either jammed or severely bruised my first and middle finger of my right hand last night.  We have two full-grown German Shepherds and apparently there was a disagreement on the back porch as to who is the Alpha Male around here.  When screaming at them didn’t work I had to resort to getting physical with them and punching and hitting the attacker didn’t help either.  The larger of the two had the other’s collar in his mouth twisting it and choking him.  Somehow I got them untangled and separated.  I think the, not so effective. hitting caused the injury.  Now I am trying to type with my the ring finger of my right hand and it just not working.  I am worried about whether we will be able to keep the younger dog (the victim) now, I don’t want to risk him getting hurt.  We adopted him in November and they have gotten along great until recently.  For some unknown reason, the older one has gotten more aggressive all of a sudden.  So my Thumbs Up! day is not so Thumbs Upsy!!!!  So today I open to the floor to you all to create a Thumbs Up! Thursday post for me.  Leave me lots of comments on whatever you think deserves a Thumbs Up!…..races, accomplishments, great running week, random awesomeness……anything, I need a pick me up right now. 

Well, enough about my family drama, I know why you are all here…..anxiously waiting to know who wins a super awesome running skirt!!!!!  Thank you to everybody for following directions, I only had to weed out a couple entries that did not qualify.  Enough chewing your fingernails down to the quick, the winner is……..





Congrats!!!!  Send me your info ( and I will forward it to the gals.  I wish I could give a skirt to each and every one of you!!!!  Thank you all for your support and I hope you continue to follow me and support my cause!!!! 

One quick Thumbs Up! request from you guys…….I am running my very first trail race this Saturday and getting a little nervous for some reason.  I guess its just the unknown of what to expect and the pain of racing I am anticipating.  But send me some Thumbs Up! vibes please!!!!!

>Weekly Re-Cap


Lots and lots of early morning miles, and running circles around my neighborhood this week.  At least the sun is starting to come up a little earlier though so its not so depressing.  I am almost embarrassed to say that I was a big fat FAIL this week on doing anything other than running.  I have to be honest, I just hate strength training, it bores me to tears.  A friend of mine gave me a copy of Turbo Jam last year, it sat collecting dust for the longest time.  I finally started doing it in January, and while it is mildly amusing to watch these a-holes acting like fools, I have a hard time getting into the propaganda.  I admit, I was kind of enjoying it at the time, but I think I was brain-washed by Chalene’s subliminal messages.  But then my toe started bothering me and some of their exercises made it worse, so I quit.  Since I stopped doing it I can’t bring myself to start it again.  I am waiting on a copy of P90X but I am super intimidated by that program.  I’ve heard from numerous people how hard it is, plus ideally you should do it at least 6 days a week, and I just don’t have time for that.  Then the idea of just lifting weights the old fashion way makes me cringe…..super boooorrrrrinnnnnggggg!!!!!  I spend, roughly, 4 hours a week on running alone.  I don’t have a lot of extra time to throw in more exercising and I refuse to feel guilty for that.  I know its better to cross train and add strength training too to avoid injury and have better overall fitness, but if all I can accomplish is running, well that’s better than nothing right????  I wish I could spend all day at the gym but I can’t, I do live in a little world called “reality” where I have a house, a child, a job, a husband, too many pets, and too many responsibilities.  So Hal Higdon can kiss it this week!!!!

Totals to date:

Week: 19 miles

Month: 74 miles

Year: 253 miles

Mileage for the week:

Tuesday: 5 miles in tha hood- 50 minutes

Wednesday: 3 more miles in tha hood- 28 minutes

Thursday: yet another 5 miles in tha hood – 49 minutes

Saturday: 6 miles Ridgeline Trail 1hr2min.  This was my first attempt at “speed work” on the trails.  We did a 1 mile warm up at 11:39, then 4 miles at 10, then 1 mile cool down at 10:32.  I did have to take a short walk break somewhere in mile three and we still managed at 10min/mile pace…WOW!!!  I’m really happy about today’s run, but it was TOUGH!!!  Ashley is such a great running partner, constantly encouraging me, giving me tips and reminders, and being kind enough to not leave me in her dust!!!!  HUGE thank you to her, I just hope I don’t hold her back too much with her training.  Hopefully my speed will increase quickly and will be able to keep up with her without too much of a struggle.  The new shoes were awesome.  I noticed I wasn’t having to work at hard to remain stable on the uneven terrain and down hills were much easier, not wrecking my quads and knees quite as bad.  The lacing system will take some getting used to.  They were ok in the beginning, then seemed to get too loose by the end. 

Plan for next week:

I’m going to repeat what I did this week because I have an 8K race Saturday, wish me luck, its my FIRST trail race!!!!  And I will keep trying to add something extra in but this is my mandatory schedule. 

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: 5 miles

Saturday: 8K and may add a couple after the race just for good measure to get my mileage in for the week 🙂

>I Love the UPS Man!!!


He came bearing gifts today.  Yes, I have been on a bit of a running gear shopping spree lately, but I deserve it!!!!  I now introduce the newest member of my running family……new trail shoes!!!!!


I have been running the trails in my poor old worn down 08 Mizuno Wave Riders and they have just about had it.  I have been agonizing over this purchase for weeks….ever since my first trail run.  I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in trail shoes since I only trail run once a week at best, but I wanted to get something decent.  Well, I quickly found out, and my friend “trail girl” Ashley confirmed this fact, that trail shoes are harder to shop for.  Most brick and mortar stores don’t carry very many and the sales people have little knowledge about them.  And online stores carry so many trail shoes with little in the way of useful reviews.  So choosing the right shoe is kind of a luck of the draw thing.  So I did a little research on my own, and a lot of bargain shopping and finally decided on a pair at Sierra Trading Post.  Wow, do they have some FABULOUS deals!!!!  I ordered a pair of LaFumas.  This is a popular brand in Europe, not quite as widely known here in the US.  I admit I kind of started off looking at the most expensive shoes thinking if they are expensive they might be good ones (????) then I did some research and ended up with these puppies.  They came in solid grey or lime-ade, and if you know me at all….the brighter the better!!!!  They are actually a very vibrant bright yellow in person.  I will be sad to get them dirty, but they are trail shoes after all.  They were originally $119 and I got them for $47…stole them!!!!!  I just put them on, they feel good.  I can automatically tell a difference between them and my street shoes, more support, yet flexible in the right places.  The lacing system will take a little getting used to, it is like a draw string system, I guess for quick adjustments on the run???  I hope to take them for a spin tomorrow and get them a little broken in and a little dirty (I don’t want to be “that” girl at the race next week with new looking shoes on).  I love new shoe day!!!!!!

>Thumbs Up! Thursday



Welcome to the new blog followers to Thumbs Up! Thursday, the day I post about all the awesomeness going on in my life and the world around me. Thanks for joining us!! I can’t believe how many new followers I have picked up since last week….nothing like an awesome GIVEAWAY to bring in some followers!!!! So, Thumbs Up! to you all for getting the word out for me!!! I know I am bribing you all to go visit the JSF website for extra entries, but its a win-win, you learn a little about JS and get an extra entry at the same time. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about JS, that is what this is all about after all!!!!

Thumbs Up! to me for getting my butt out of bed 3 days in a row at 5:45 for early AM runs. I despise loosing any beauty sleep, I need lots of it after all!!! I get to rest tomorrow and sleep in until about 7:30 (that is so sad when 7:30 is sleeping in!!!!). I am really looking forward to my weekly trail run Saturday, I have been confined to the “Loop” all week argghhhhhh!!!! I am going crazy, I need some uneven terrain under my feet.

Thumbs Up! to Glory Garmin, I love her!!! It is so nice to look down and instantly see my stats and hear that beautiful chirp at the end of another mile. Now I just have to figure out how to use her to her full potential!!!

I don’t know anyone personally who ran the Boston Marathon this past Monday, but Thumbs Up! to all those who did. I envy you all!!!! I could only hope to one day qualify for Boston. It seems like such a crazy idea to even run a marathon period but to qualify for Boston seems insane!!!! Maybe one day, a girl can dream right???

I haven’t had a ton of time to get out and enter the other giveaways in blog world but wanted to post about the few that I did….return the link love….

Long Legs on the Loose– Ryder sunglasses

Tall Mom on the Run – Gone for a Run Gift Certificate

Lil Runner – CEP compression socks

Run Courtney Run – Sweaty Bands

Send me a link to your giveaway and I will gladly post it!!!!!

Edit to add a couple more Thumbs Ups!!!:

OMG!!!! I almost forgot about my incredible luck this week. I won Erica’s, over at I Run Because…I Can’s giveaway. I won a Road ID which I have been in need of and a cool Gu goody bag. Can’t wait to get it, you ROCK Erica, Thumbs Up! to you!!!! Go check her blog out {here} she ALWAYS has a cool give away going on.

We have been trying to get one of my BFF’s Christie interested in running for a long long time now and she has been successful in resisting us until lately. She sees how addicted we are and how much we love running and we finally brought her over to the dark side..buhhhwahhhhahahaha (evil laugh) She went to Fleet Feet today and got fitted for some shoes. Bringing people into the running cult one innocent person at a time!!!!! Love ya Christie, big Thumbs Up! to you for having the courage to start this crazy adventure!!!!!

So what have you been up to that deserves a Thumbs Up!? Upcoming race? Accomplish something? Random awesomeness? Leave a comment and let me know!!!!

>Did You Get Your Hair Cut????


Do you notice anything different about me today????

DSC01418Didn’t think you would, nope not the hair, that was a decoy……….look again……






I have a new running buddy, her name is  Glory Garmin.  Glory because she is so very glorious, I have longed for her forEVER!!!!  I am such a gear dork, I love any and all running gear.  I have an addiction, I am not ashamed to admit it.  And Glory because I hope she will lead me to some glorious race times (LOL!)

I finally broke down and bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 305 after many many months of drooling over and coveting everyone else’s watches.  I have been using my Blackberry Storm’s free application, Bones In Motion, which did the job for a while.  It kept up with pace, distance, time, elevation, mapped my routes etc.  But it had a spotty, at best, track record.  It often failed to receive a signal at all or would loose its signal mid run, or just plain go crazy and give me outlandish stats like running 112 miles in 7 minutes.  Now I know any piece of technology can malfunction and let us down, but I think Glory will be far more reliable and soooo much easier to read at on the run instead of digging in my waist belt to pull out the phone, or having to carry it in my hand (and risk dropping it which I have been known to do!!)

I love her already, took her for a short 3 mile spin this morning and what a lovely run.  She informed me that my 1 Mile Neighborhood Loop that I have been having luke warm feelings for is actually little over a mile.  I have been running farther than I thought, therefore my (what I thought was) sluggish pace really hasn’t been as bad.  I blame Bones in Motion for that (jealous lover perhaps, did BIM want me to hate The Loop?)  

So, cheers to my newest friend, I am sure we will have many happy miles together!!!

>A Letter to My One Mile Neighborhood Loop


Dear One Mile Neighborhood Loop,

I have to get something off my chest.  We have been together for a long time now, but I thought you deserved to know that I have been cheating on you, I do not love you anymore.  I wish I could say “its not you, its me”….but it really is you.  I have lost that loving feeling for you. 

You have been there for me from the beginning of my running renaissance.  You have seen me at my worst, when I could not even finish one lap around your loop.  I appreciate you for that, I would not be where I am at now without you.  But you bore me.  Lap after boring lap I despise you more and more.  You’re right, you are better than my former lover, the treadmill, but I have grown tired of you too.  Your 3 monotonous cul-de-sacs and your constant nagging with your rolling hills are too much to bear some days.  Your hills are not even enough to count for “hill work”.  You make me painfully aware of how many more grueling miles I have left to run.  You make me feel bad about my abilities, I always run slower with you like your asphalt is crazy glue clinging to my shoes, slowing my pace.  Speed work is impossible on you because you don’t have a stretch of road long or flat enough to work on.  You are merely a place to pound out the miles.    

I guess you want to know whom I am cheating on you with.  You can’t tell me you haven’t seen it coming.  Haven’t you wondered where I am going in my running gear every weekend?  Yes, it is the trails.  The wonderfully exciting, never a dull moment, wide open trails.  Sure they may hurt me in the long run, twist my ankles, wreck my knees, get me dirty, but they sure don’t bore me the way you do.  I get butterflies just thinking about them!

But, after all, I can not leave you.  We are in a marriage of convenience.  I have no where else to go at 6am.  I chose to live out in the country where your isolated streets are not surrounded by miles and miles of sprawling suburban neighborhood roads.  That is the sacrifice I made choosing to live where I do.  Just outside your loop is a crazy, two lane, winding road where cars speed past like wild banshees.  No way I can risk running out there!!!  You will keep me safe, you will always be there, and I have to stay with you for the sake of our “child”, the love of running. 

I just had to get that all out in the open, I am tired of cursing you under my breath.  I thought you should know that my heart belongs to another.  I will return to you day after day, but I will be thinking of someone else’s path, constantly wanting you to be something you are not. 

I guess I will see you tomorrow. 

>Weekly Re-Cap


Whewww…..what a week.  I feel really good about all of my runs this week, what a great feeling!!!!  I feel pretty sore today after my extra effort at the 5K yesterday, and I am really surprised I was able to crank out 8 miles today on the trails, but we did it, and only walked up one very short (but ridiculously steep hill)! 

I am disappointed that I didn’t fit in much more than the running portion of the Hal Higdon program (strength or cross training), but, oh well, maybe next week.  It is very hard to work in much more than the 4 running days with my crazy life. 

So, today is short and sweet, here are my totals:

Mileage to date:

Week: 20 miles

Month: 55 miles

Year:  234 miles

Miles for this week:

Tuesday: Greenway 4.86 miles 46 minutes (9:48 pace)

Thursday: The “hood” 4.51 miles 44 minutes (9:48 pace)

Saturday: Run for the Money 5K 27 minutes (8:42 pace!!!)

Sunday: Whitewater Center Trail Run: 8 miles 1hr33min (11:37 pace)

Plan for next week:

Monday: Stretch and Strength Training

Tuesday: 5miles

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: 5 miles + Strength Training

Friday: Rest or easy run (probably will opt for rest)

Saturday: 10K race is what is on the schedule, but since I don’t have a 10K planned, either run 6.2 at a faster pace or just another long run around 8 miles. 

Sunday: Rest

Don’t forget about the Running GIVEAWAYSee you next week!!!!

>Almost Emptying the Tank


First off, I want to say WOW!!!!  I knew I would have a big turn out for the Running GIVEAWAY, but I had no idea you all would be BLOWING up my J4JS inbox with all the comments.  Thank you all so much for your support and welcome new bloggy members, I hope you all enjoy the blog and like it enough to stick around after the giveaway is over…..hugs!!!!

So today was the Run for the Money 5k in Gastonia.  This is only my second 5K and after knowing what to expect after my first one, I was kind of dreading today.  I know I just have to get a better handle on my race strategy and pace, but 5k’s are brutal for me.  Just all out chaos, balls to the wall at the beginning followed by pain, nausea, agony and running out of gas half way though and lingering effects all day long. 

This was a pretty big race for Gaston County, I don’t know the final number, but I was seeing bib numbers up into the 1200’s.  The race, in my not-so-professional or seasoned opinion,  was pretty poorly organized with several weak areas.  They had us line up pretty late and they didn’t come out with all the pace group signs until just before the gun went off so people of all different speeds were all over the place.  My parents who came to watch complained that they allowed the kids and walkers to cross the finish line before the runners and there was no real clear distinction when the “winner” came through (which I would find disappointing if I were the winner!!!) But the real screw up we are finding is with the results.  My husband Will’s results were no where to be found by his name, but we weeded through the bib numbers and found him listed as a 34 year old female finishing at 21:27.  There are several others whose results aren’t showing up also, which makes you wonder if the same thing happened to them.  My gun time was listed as 27:01, but don’t know what my “chip-time” was.  We were positioned several rows back at the start so were probably 10-15 seconds from the starting line.  I’m kind of disappointed not to know my chip time because that is the difference between having a sub-26 minute 5k….kind of a big deal to me right now at this point in my running career.  I’m such a numbers person, I know technically my time was better but not seeing it in black and white sucks.  On the flip side I know that chip times are not considered official times in true competitive terms.  

All complaining aside, I had a great time and I am really pleased with my time.  A new PR!!!!!  My goal was just to beat my last time and I accomplished that goal!!!!  I am especially happy because this was a TOUGH course, very very hilly.  Just when you would go up and down, you would be faced with yet another hill and another, and the grand finale was a torturous climb for the last 3/4 of a mile. 

Will and I met “trail girl” Ashley (yes, she does venture out of the woods every once in a while to run on the roads, no female sasquatch here!) and ran from where we parked to the starting area (little over half a mile) just a slow jog to warm up.  And to think I was making fun of those people running before the last 5k in my head, but that was before I knew why they were jogging around aimlessly… warm up….duh!!!!  So we got there early and milled around for a while then lined up.  We noticed a lot less “fit” people lining up in front of us, so we inched our way ahead of them into the 6 min/mile group (WHAAAA????)

Then we’re off!!!!  I ran like a bat out of hell, running like I stole something.  This is where my inexperience showed today.  My stupid “poor mans” Garmin (aka, my GPS enabled blackberry) didn’t even hook up with the satellite, so I had no clue how fast I was going.  I wish I knew my first mile split, I bet is was just STUPID!!!!!  I have no clue at what point my body started to protest, somewhere near the first mile marker, but my arms suddenly went numb……scary feeling, then my legs got all tingly and my breathing was very erratic and uncomfortable.  At this point Ashley caught up to me, said something that did not register in my brain (oxygen deprived brain I suppose).  We hung together briefly, then I began to struggle and I had to let her go.  I was slowly becoming the person everyone behind me was picking off. 

Hill after, God forsaken, hill I wanted to cry, walk, PUKE, anything but finish this damned race.  It was awful.  I was upset that I had no idea what my split times were, and that a little kid running in front of me the whole race, who couldn’t have been more than 7 years old, was now SMOKIN me.  Then we rounded a corner and I heard an electric guitar belting out a Pearl Jam tune and that got me psyched up and I kicked it up a notch again (I think my now delirious mind was envisioning Eddie Vedder waiting for me at the finish line, gotta hurry up!!!!).  Not too long after that, the finish line was in sight, but it was still so far away, and uphill all the way (what a cruel joke those race directors played on us!!!) I heard someone shout my name from the crowd cheering me on, it was a girl I’ve run with a couple times, her husband cheering for me (wow, nice of him to remember my name and give me some encouragement when I really needed it, thanks guy whose name I can now not recall!) Then I see Ashley, and she is screaming at me “you’re gonna beat your time!!!” I hadn’t even thought to look up at the clock and I see 26:45, holy “S”, I have to kick it so I can beat my time.  I kick with what little fumes are left in my tank and cross the finish line.  I wanted to get on my hands and knees and kiss the finish line, but I remember Will telling me to put my hands over my head and keep walking.  I was totally spent, totally wanted to puke, but on a total adrenaline rush.  God, I love running, and as painful as racing can be, I love racing. 

I really didn’t think this post would be that long, it was only a 5K for goodness sake.  If you’ve read it this far, God bless you!!!!  Here are a couple pics my brother took, not the greatest because they were taken with his phone.  Oh, and classic quote by my brother Matthew from today “you runners are annoying, too chipper this early in the morning, you are all FREAKS!!!” Yes, we are freaks….let your freak flag fly fellow runners!!!!! 

The Starting Line

The first turn….I was running so fast I was a blur, the camera couldn’t keep up LOL!!!!

Haley cheering for the runners

Will’s Finish (he’s in yellow just below the clock)

My finish

Sweet VICTORY!!!!

>Thumbs Up! Thursday, The Winner and THE Giveaway I Have Been Waiting For!!!!


April 29th: Sorry ladies, this GIVEAWAY has already ended, but I will be starting a new one tomorrow (4/30) {Here}. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you take off your coat and stay awhile. So sit back and relax, browse around my humble abode, and follow me for some great new giveaways coming up soon!!!!!!


Wow! A lot to get to today! Not too much on the Thumbs Up! forefront, it hasn’t been a bad week by any means, but nothing really new to report on. I want to give my mom a birthday shout out, her birthday was yesterday….Happy Birthday Mama!!!!!

And now the winner of the “Run Like A Mother Book” is:

Congrats (and Thumbs Up!) send me your address and I will get the book out to you ASAP (email

I have been chomping at the bit to get this giveaway rolling and so excited to announce that the ladies over at Running were generous enough to donate a skirt to Jog for Joubert Syndrome. I am sure most of you already know about the fabulousness that is a skirt, and if you don’t, well here is your chance to find out. And for the gentlemen who follow this blog, please enter too, your wives or significant others would be thrilled if you won one of these for them (so enter!!!!) The winner of the giveaway will get a skirt of their choice. Now here is how to enter and please read the instructions carefully. I am hoping for a big turn out for this one and I will NOT be weeding out the entries people who have been getting multiple entries on one comment in the past. If you try to post multiple entries on one comment I will only count it as 1 entry…sorry. PLEASE post a SEPARATE comment for each entry. Winner will be selected using


MANDATORY!!!!!! Become a follower of my blog (on the right hand side of the page) leave a comment letting me know you are a new or current follower– 1 entry

-Add me to your blog roll for a bonus entry (leave a link to your blog so I can follow you!) – 1 entry

– Visit Running {Here} and leave a comment telling me which product you would order- 1 entry

-Become a fan of Running on Facebook {Here}

-Post about my giveaway on your blog, Facebook, Twitter etc post a comment each time you do- 1 entry for each

– Visit the Joubert Syndrome Foundation website {Here} and leave a comment stating something you learned about JS – 1 entry

This Giveaway will run a little longer to allow the word to get out, so hang tight for a while, the drawing will be Thursday April 29th.

So get all your entries in and go forth and spread the running skirt word!!!!