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>I NEED a Plan!!!!!!



I kinda thought this would happen after the CRBR……floundering (hence the “Flouder” picture LOL).  The 12 weeks leading up to the race seemed so much easier when I had a training schedule that I had to tried to adhere to.  I just laced up my shoes and ran the prescribed distance, no thinking involved.  Well now without a goal to achieve I have no idea what I am doing. 

I ran today with “trail girl” Ashley (I had to differentiate the two Ashleys, people were getting confused) and it was so foreign to me trying to decide where to run, how far to run, what pace to do.  Without a “purpose” I felt kinda lost, I have forgotten what running “just for fun” was all about.  It is a freeing feeling not to have a schedule breathing down your neck, but it is a little scary knowing that I am not accountable for a “training” schedule.  I can see how this could turn into a slippery slope of letting myself get lazy. 

I am torn between working on speed or distance.  I know I said last week I wanted to concentrate on speed, but now I am toying with the idea of running a half marathon in early June which does not call for speed work in general.  My BFF wants to run a half marathon before she gets pregnant (or too far into pregnancy) so June is pushing it for her time line.  “Trail girl” Ashley told me about this cool trail half marathon near here called Race for the Land.  It looks like a lot of fun.  I think I could train safely for it by early June. 

I am also planning on running some 5ks and another 8K trail race here locally.  One I am really excited about, Run for the Money 5K here in Gastonia, NC which raises money for local non-profits.  Haley’s school is one of the non-profits on the list.  It is exciting knowing that my running could benefit her school.  And I might also do the Run Like a Girl 8K trail race in Charlotte. 

So I have some races in mind, I just don’t know how to plan my running schedule to fit my race needs.  I have a few short races that would benefit from speed work, but also a half that requires me to ramp up distance.  I guess it all depends on my goals……do I ultimately want to focus on speed on distance??????  Decisions decisions!!!!!

Don’t forget about the THORLO GIVEAWAY that ends tomorrow at Midnight.  I will announce the winner sometime on Thursday. 


>We Made It!!! Cooper River Bridge Run Re-Cap


I was been trying to think of how to write this blog post on the way back from Charleston today and I have decided that there are really no words to describe the Cooper River Bridge Run….overwhelming, crowded, awesome, crazy, intimidating, fun? None of them seem to do the the Bridge Run description justice. But all I know is we all had a blast, we all ran the entire thing in and had not too shabby finish times and we all are already planning our return trip and want to make this an annual event. My goal was to finish in under and hour and I did, so I am happy!!!

The Bridge Run itself is a lot to take in and mix it with the fund raising efforts we have been working on for the Joubert Syndrome Foundation and the generosity of our donors…..well, its almost too much to comprehend. On top of the money raised on Facebook, I have had several donations come in over the past few weeks, and my other team members, Ashley and Meredith had quite an impressive collection to turn in. I hope to have some final numbers by the end of the week, but I am very excited about the money we all raised.

We also accomplished another important goal of raising awareness. The three of us girls and Will all had on our J4JS shirts with the Foundation name on it, and my parents were holding a J4JS banner on the sideline towards the finish. We had several people ask us girls about our shirts and even had a guy in Starbucks after the race recognize us (although we had jackets over our team shirts he still remembered the shirts!!!!) and ask what our shirts were all about. So we had lots of opportunities to raise some awareness.

So I guess you all want to get a race re-cap huh??? Ok, Ok……Well the weather was kinda iffy. On the way down it was sunny and beautiful, nice warm SC weather, but the forecast did a U-turn on us and called for some pretty frigid race day temps. I think it was supposed to be 40 or 39 at race time so we stopped at Walmart and got some $5 sweatshirts from the little boys department with the intention of shedding them and leaving them behind just before the race started. I know it sounds wasteful to throw again a perfectly fine shirt but we wouldn’t have survived without them, and there was no way I could run with it tied around my waist. We also picked up some Ascis arm sleeves at the expo….which we almost missed because of the horrific traffic on the way into Charleston. But come Hell of high water we were wearing our team shirts and cute skirts.

Our day started bright and early at 5am. We quickly dressed and headed for the shuttle buses to take us to the other side of the bridge to the starting line. It was crazy to see so many people out at that time of day.

Bright and and bushy tailed on the shuttle

DSC01387 Then it was hurry up and wait. Quick porta-potty stop then go get in line because it was really getting crowded. The race sold out at 38,000 something regular entries and I don’t know how many charity runner entries. When I registered way back in January I was scared to register in any faster pace group than the 1 hour and over because I was running around 11-12 minutes/mile. Will registered in the 45-60min group so we didn’t see him at all until after the race. So we lined up and this was the view in front of us…..


and the view behind us……..DSC01389Literally a sea of people!!!! So we stood and shivered in the cold for over an hour, but we didn’t care we were too excited.

Brrr it was so cold!!!!

DSC01390 Then the gun went off, and the race started……..and we stood still……slowing inching up to the starting line……..8 minutes later!! Getting 40,000 people moving at one time just doesn’t happen instantly!!! Running is a mass of people like this is something I was not prepared for. At times we were barely jogging, and really could have just walked. But we bobbed and weaved through the crowd and made it to a more reasonably paced group of people. It was frustrating and I spent a lot of energy darting around from side to side. I was not entirely happy with my pace, but there really wasn’t much I could do about it.

I gave the other girls some rinky dink little digital cameras to take pics during the race, but I doubt they (as in the cameras) took very good pictures, I haven’t downloaded them yet. I had my Sony and got a couple pics while running

DSC01391 DSC01393

DSC01394 DSC01398

The bridge….my dreaded nemesis for the last 12 weeks, the thing I have trained for and worried about for countless hours in the end wasn’t too bad. Not nearly as bad as I had made it out to be in my mind. I’m not saying it was easy by any stretch of the imagination, but not horrific.

The bridge was a mile into the run and it started to spread out a little once we were on the bridge. I really can’t remember much from mile to mile, I was pretty obliviously as to the mile markers. I did hear over the PA system that the winner had crossed the finish line when we were about 2 miles into it. That was crazy!!! I was unsure about listening to music or not, but Pandora (the music I listen to on my phone) lost its signal about a mile in, but I really didn’t care, it was nice to take in the sights and sounds around me. I wish I could say I was able to take in the beautiful scenery from the top of the bridge, and I do remember having a euphoric “wow” moment, but I honestly don’t remember what it looked like. The crowd started to bottle neck once we were off of the bridge and back on the street. I had kept up with my girls for the most part up until this point. I could at least see them. But once the crowd got bad again, I lost them and didn’t want to waste my energy trying to find them. I passed some interesting people around this point. A guy in a full gorilla suit, Elvis, a homeless guy running topless who decided to be a race bandit and run with us, lots of walkers at this point, unfortunatley a guy who fell out for some reason and bleeding from the head ( I hope he is OK), people of all ages, sizes, shapes, just a great mixture of people. As we got closer to the finish line, the crowd of spectators got bigger and louder cheering us on. I never did see my parents on the sidewalk and they never did see me. As we rounded the corner headed to the finish line the whole crowd of runners picked up the pace pulling me with them. I remember photographers in the middle of the street, I posed for a couple, then there was the finish line. I was kinda tired by this point, thanking God the finish line was finally here, raised my arms for the classic finish line photo (we’ll see how those turn out!) and breathed a sigh of releif that I really did make it. I was a little emotionally spent, realizing I had accomplished something really big. Not only physically finishing the race, but accomplished my goals of raising money and awareness for Joubert Syndrome. I was about to get overly emotional, but them my girls found me, giddy with the excitment of finishing, and I pulled myself together…….now where was the food and water line?????!!!!! We were RAVENOUS!!!!!!! Our official finish times are:

Laura: 58:40

Will: 47:28

Meredith: 57:01

Ashley: 57:02

It was sooooo cold after the race that we really didn’t get to stay and enjoy the post-race festivities, but we met up with the others for some photo-ops and hung out with our families for a little bit.




Then we went back to the hotel and thawed out, hung out with Haley and our parents for a while and just enjoyed the rest of the day. Here are some shots of our shirts


I have a lot more pictures, if you want to see them check them out here.

I feel like I really can’t describe my experience fully, I am still on a high from the whole experience. It is something I will never forget!!!!

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us, volunteered their time, donated to the cause, or spread the word, we would not have accomplished any of this without you!!!! Even though the CRBR is over J4JS will continue on with our fund raising and awareness efforts. I don’t know where we will go from here. I know that I need to come up with a new “plan” on how to run things (no pun intended) I feel like my original plan didn’t quite work out, and spent a lot of time spinning my wheels, causing unneeded frustration. But in the end we were successful and that is all that matter! I think I will take a short hiatus from planning or actively raising money, but I will of course keep running, training, and blogging. I will keep everyone posted on our future activities and plans. Keep on running!!!!!

Don’t forget about the THORLO GIVEAWAY that ends Wednesday.

>Thumbs Up! Thursday



Sad to say, but this week has not been much of a Thumbs Up! week. This is exactly why I started the Thumbs Up! segment, to force me to look for the positives going on even when I feel like there are none. I have managed to only squeak in a measly 2 miles this week thanks to mystery illness that is just barely nagging enough to RUIN running this week. Any other week I would run through it, but with the race coming up I don’t want to make the situation worse by stressing my body. So I’ve decided it is not worth it to run today. I have a feeling if I bonked again today it would only add to my anxiety, so I may just take the dogs for a long walk instead.

I am super excited that I will be leaving for Charleston tomorrow and getting to hang with my peeps. Thumbs Up! to my girls for deciding to stay in Charleston Saturday night after all. They were all going to ditch me after the race, but I guess I was pitiful enough they decided to stay. Thanks girls!!!

I’m giving a tentative Thumbs Up! to the forecast for Saturday, maybe being positive about it will make the weather gods happy. It is still a little iffy.

Today Thu, Mar 25 Fri, Mar 26 Sat, Mar 27 Sun, Mar 28 Mon, Mar 29 Tue, Mar 30 Wed, Mar 31 Thu, Apr 1 Fri, Apr 2

Day Night

Few Showers


Wind: From NE at 11 mph
Max. Humidity: 77%
UV Index: 6 High
Sunrise: 7:15 AM ET
Avg. High: 68°F
Record High: 80°F (1949)

Partly Cloudy
Overnight Low


Wind: From ENE at 5 mph
Max. Humidity: 85%
Sunset: 7:37 PM ET
Avg. Low: 54°F
Record Low: 28°F (1955)

Thumbs Up! to my feet quit hurting. I finally decided to take my Rx orthotics out of my shoes and see how I did without them for a week, and lo and behold, my feet are 90% better. Amazing!!!!

Oh!!!!! And I almost forgot, Thumbs Up! to the inventors of Body-Glide (anti-chafing stuff you put on sensitive chafe prone areas). Fabulous stuff, I don’t know why I didn’t try it earlier!!!! I have known about it for quite some time but had been skeptical. But with warmer weather calling for running in shorts and skirts = chafing of the pigs (my term of endearment for the good ol’thighs). I tried it for the first time today and it was like the pigs weren’t even touching. Will never run again without it!!!!

And don’t forget about the Tholo giveaway, got my own pair today and they are just lovely!!!!

Wish me luck for the race Saturday, this is what the past 12 weeks of my life have been building towards. I can’t believe it is finally here. I will try to blog to at least update you on how I did, and hopefully a full race report by Sunday night, we’ll see how that goes.

What do you deserve a Thumbs Up! for this week???

>Thorlos Experia Giveaway and MAJOR sucky running

>What is a runner’s worst nightmare (besides the crazy ones I have been having lately?)??? Sickness or injury just before a race. And guess what, I am in the middle of this bad dream right now. The bug that invaded our house last weekend has decided to camp out for a while. I wouldn’t say I am “sick”, but I just don’t feel well. Pounding head, scratchy throat, and mild achiness. Nothing to get too worked up about. I have taken it easy since Sunday, but I felt like I had to get out and attempt my 5 miler today. Probably 200yards into it I knew this would not be my day. After the first mile I felt like I had fine-grit sand paper in my throat, my legs were like Frankenstein legs, and my back was killing me. I could have forced 5 miles out, but I knew better. I gave up at little over 2 miles. I felt so defeated. Then anxiety started creeping in…..what if I am still mildly under the weather Saturday???? I will never make it!!!! It doesn’t take much to get me off my game. I mean most people wouldn’t even consider my mild symptoms enough to slow them down, but it really threw me for a loop today. Now I am battling with, “should I try to run tomorrow, or ditch it and rest up until Saturday”? I think if I feel ok I may attempt 3 miles at most. Ughhh, I can’t have come this far and have a crappy race!!!!!!

Anyway, enough of me complaining and streesing, I have a GIVEAWAY to get to!!!!

I have been eyeballing these bad boys for quite some time now. I am anxiously awaiting my very own pair that I ordered last week from Road Runner Sports. I can’t wait to try them out, they felt so soft and comfy when I looked at them in the store.

Thorlo was generous enough to donate a pair to our cause. I decided to do this as a giveaway rather than a raffle, especially since I just had a big, month long raffle. I thought I would reward my loyal followers (and maybe gain a few new ones in the process) with a FREE giveaway. Keep reading for details.

Here is the low-down on the socks:

Note: the socks in the giveaway are not this color, they are orangish/brown in color

The Experias have the classic Thorlo padding in all the right areas and have taken away all the excess padding in the non-essential areas making the sock a more aerodynamic, less bulky, and lighter weight sock, but still offers protection against blisters and protection for the pads of your feet. Made of Cool-Max to keep you feet nice and dry and cool.

Here is how you enter to win: Leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH of the following, your comments are your entries!!!!

MANDATORYBecome a follower of my blog (on the right hand side of this page) Leave a comment letting me know you became or already are a follower = 1 entry

-Post about this on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Leave me a comment each time = 1 entry for each individual post

-Visit Thorlo {Here} and leave me a comment to let me know what other product you would like to have = 1 entry

-Become a Facebook Follower of Thorlo {Here} = 1 entry

-Visit the Joubert Syndrome Foundation website {HERE} and let me know something you learned about JS = 1 entry

-If you donated to the last raffle you get 5 extra entries (it pays to donate!)

The giveaway will end Midnight, March 31st and I will announce the winner on next week’s installment of Thumbs Up! Thursday. Good luck!!!

>Weekly Wrap-Up


T-Minus 5 days and counting until the Cooper River Bridge Run!!!! I think I worked out most of my pre-race jitters with the 5K I did Saturday. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did it. But it has also sparked a new obsession with beating and improving my times. I think after the Bridge Run is over I will just maintain my mileage instead of working on increasing it and just work on speed for a few months. (You never work on speed and distance at the same time in order to avoid injury). I don’t plan on doing a 1/2 or full marathon until this winter so there is not much reason to work on distance right now. I just plan to run a couple 5Ks a month and hopefully some trail races here and there.

My mileage this week was stunted just a hair. I was supposed to run 8 miles today but only ran 5.6. Haley has obviously picked up a new snot producing bug again and has inevitably passed it on to me. I woke up this morning with a slight sore throat and that “pre” sickness feeling. I set out today with the thought that if I felt good I would do 8 but would shoot for 5-6. I ran with Ashley today at KM Battleground Park and after the first mile I knew it would be in the 5-6 range. I didn’t feel winded and my legs felt ok, but just the mild achiness told me it was not a good idea to push it. Besides, in the wise words of Ashley today, its not like the difference between 8 and 5 miles is going to make even the slightest impact on my performance next week. Its like trying to cram for an exam……useless at this point.

Today’s run was so nice. I really REALLY enjoy trail running and hope to be able to do much much more of it in the future. The weather said the rain would hold off until late afternoon, but guess what… didn’t. It began to rain somewhere in the first or second mile but it wasn’t that bad……bonus points for being HARDCORE!!!!! I wanted to take my camera to get some pics of the trail, but I’m glad I didn’t or it would have been ruined. But I did snap a quick pic of Ashley and I after the run to document our wet HARDCORE run today LOL!!!!

Ewww, nasty!


So, here is my weekly summary:

Mileage totals:

Week: 19 miles

Month: 58 miles

Year: 162 miles

This week:

Tuesday: 5.08miles at Mom’s 49 minutes

Thursday: 5.02miles downtown KM 49 minutes

Saturday: 5K race 27 minutes

Sunday: 5.61 miles KM Battleground Trail run 1hr2minutes

Next week:

Tuesday: 5 miles

Thursday: 2 miles

Saturday: RACE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

>First 5K!!!!!


I think I am hooked on racing now!!!! I can’t believe I waited this long to run my first race, I was always so intimidated to do it, but I am so glad I finally got up the nerve. I ran the Race to Remember 5K in Dallas, NC. There were roughly 150ish runners, so it was very small. A good, not intimidating race to start with. It was soooo cold this morning, but I was hell bent on wearing a running skirt. I froze my buns off, but I was cute darn it!!!

Yes, I am yawning….too freakin early for me!!!

DSCF3851 I am somewhere in there, I was too timid to go to the front


So I had another “nightmare” about racing last night. I think my subconscious is sending me messages on how to prepare for the race. This time I dreamed that my alarm clock did not go off and I did not wake up until 9am (well after the race was over). When I walked outside all my family (aunts, uncles, mom, dad…..EVERYbody) was standing in my driveway waiting on me to get back from the race to celebrate (why they wouldn’t have been at the race to cheer me on, I’m not sure???) When they saw I did not run the all shook their heads and left without saying a word. I woke up panicked. I looked at the alarm clock at it was 6:30…hmmmm weird, I set my alarm for 6:00 so I could leisurely get ready. Just like my dream, my alarm did not go off!!!!!! Too weird!!!!! Note to self: set more than 1 alarm!!!

Anyway, about the race. This ended up being a HUGE moral boost for me. I placed 2nd in my age group and 38th overall. And even though I can’t technically call this a PR since I don’t have any other races under my belt, this really is a PR for me training wise, because I have NEVER run this fast……EVER!!!! When I passed the first mile marker they called out “8 minutes”. What the WHAT????? I checked my GPS and sure enough I just ran an 8 minute mile…..WOW!!!!! I am usually just barely under 10 minutes or a little over. Mile 2 was mostly uphill but I still managed to stay under 9 minutes at 8:54.

Still managing a smile and a wave


The third mile was up and down hill, I began to struggle a little with the pace and squeaked out a 9:12. There was a lady in front of me that I kept trying to catch up with and by this point I knew I couldn’t and I was getting frustrated. But then I rounded the corner and saw the finish line and I didn’t care.

With an overall pace of 8:41 and total time of 27:13, I was EXTATIC!!!!! Which brings me to learning point #2 for today, don’t get caught up in the adrenaline rush and run way over your pace or you will gas before the finish line. I knew this in my head before today, I have been told this time and time again, and really thought I could adhere to this run, but I didn’t…..obviously!!!!! Luckily this was only a 5K and I didn’t have time to run out of gas, but I couldn’t have kept up the pace for much longer, and certainly wouldn’t have lasted for an entire 10K.

I tried to “kick” at the end, but just couldn’t get my legs to cooperate

DSCF3868My mom and dad and Haley were there to cheer me on. Hubby is suffering a most torturous golf outing in Hilton Head this weekend, poor thing, I’m sure you all feel as sorry for him as I do (NOT!!!) so he couldn’t make it. I wish he could have been here to witness his normally slow poke wife turn it up a notch!

Haley cheering the runners on


My real award for running!


But I got some bling also!!!!!


>And the Winner is…………….

>Drum roll please………………………………………………………..

But first (yes I am going all Ryan Seacrest on you) let me say thank you to everyone who contributed and helped make this a success. The value of the gift basket was approximately $200 and we raised $335. But because all of the products were donated, all $335 were pure profit for the Joubert Syndrome Foundation. A HUGE thank you to Recovery Socks, Lift Your Sole, Runner’s World, Bondi Bands, and RoadID

And to all of those people who donated but did not win, don’t be overly disappointed. You will automatically be entered in future giveaways/raffles that we have. I believe in the concept of good karma. I just received a HOT new product in the mail today and will be starting a giveaway next week. So check back Monday on detail on how to enter (its free of charge!!!!!)

And without any further unnecessary ado…………..the winner is……………………………………………………..


>Pre-Race Jitters Anyone????

>I feel kinda silly even being the slightest bit nervous about the race next weekend. I mean, its not like I am actually competing or anything, I’m not going to win any prizes, the best I can hope for is to finish the dern thing. But I must be at least subconsciously nervous. I had the craziest dream last night!

It started out that Will and I were late getting to the race and I had worn the most horrific outfit (not the cute skirt and J4JS shirt we’ve made) and I was wearing a black long sleeve shirt at that……HOT!!!! Then I realized we forgot our race bibs at home and I was trying to make up some fraudulent race bibs and just hoping that the race officials would not realize they were counterfeit. Note to self: Pack the race bibs FIRST!!!!!

So then we are being herded into our groups and Will is whisked away to the faster race group while I was grouped with the all women, obviously non-running/walking group. Now I know I’m slow, but dang, did they have to group me with the walkers???!!!! Then I notice that the group Will was in was moving closer to the bridge while our group was being lead to a dock. As I make my way closer to the dock I realize the women ahead of me are getting into the water. I get to the edge of the water and ask the race official, “why are we here?” and he said “well, it time to start the race, your group will be swimming” I start to panic, I hadn’t trained to swim across the Cooper River, and besides anyone who knows me knows that I am terrified of open water. I began protesting with the race official and he just kept telling me “sorry ma’am, we ran out of room on the bridge, you have to swim.” So, unwillingly I get into the water and start to (try to) run through the water.


Then I began having the dreaded “running but not getting anywhere” sensation that I have frequently in my dreams. I don’t know what the outcome was, I woke up during the struggle in a cold anxious sweat.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets pre-race jitters!!!!!

>Thumbs Up! Thursday

>Hi everyone and welcome new blog members. Thursdays are the day I post about all the fabulous awesomeness going on that deserves a Thumbs Up! Thanks for joining!

Donations are still trickling in from last weekends Chili Fundraiser, but unofficially we raised $1178!! I would have been happy with $800, so we far exceeded my expectations, and that is always a plus in my book! Thumbs Up!

The Cooper River Bridge Run is only 9 days away, EEEEEEE!!!!!! Thumbs Up! I am excited, nervous, anxious, and most of all READY!!!! Three short months ago I seriously doubted my ability to successfully train and complete the 6.2 mile distance. 6 miles is still no easy feat to accomplish for me, but I know for a fact that I can complete it. It always amazes me when I read blogs of marathon runners who say 6 miles is a “recovery” run for them. Maybe one day 6 miles will be no sweat for me.

I am also nervous though that once this race is over I may loose the fire and motivation to run. That’s why I am still trying to decide on what my next step is, and trying to narrow down what 1/2 or full marathon to train for. Any suggestions??? We have thought about the Rock n Roll Marathon in Las Vegas this December, but if anyone knows my husband and I, that may not be such a good idea…..what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…shhhhhh!!!!

I signed up for my very first 5K ever last night to help get me in the race mindset. Its the 4th Annual Race to Remember here in Dallas benefiting the Remember Kelly organization awarding a $1000 nursing scholarship to a North Gaston High School student. Kelly Guffey had just graduated nursing school a few months before she died of cancer in 2006. Its a pretty small race, right now about 75 people signed up. If you’re in town you should join me, I need the extra moral boost!!! But is should be fun, wish me luck, and send me a Thumbs UP!!!

And super excited Thumbs Up! to a couple awesome companies sending some cool products my way to giveaway and raffle off. Stayed tuned for details…..sorry, not going to let you in on the products, I want it to be a surprise, but a lot of you will be SUPER excited!!!

Thumbs Up! to my BFF going to the sports medicine doc yesterday and getting the ok to continue running. She has been battling a questionable injury….no retirement just yet!!!!

And mother nature gets a Thumbs Up! this week for giving us some great weather here in NC. We needed it after the tough winter we had (yes, you Northerners, this was a tough winter for us!). Spring is finally on its way, I better relish every moment of it before the oppressive heat of the Summer gets here!!!!

So, yep, thats about it for now. What awesomeness has been going on with you that deserves a Thumbs Up!?

>Running Outside the Lines + Weekly Wrap Up

>I could slowly feel myself slipping into a running rut. Dreading my long runs, not enjoying my short easy runs, and just the general feeling of wanting to hurry up and get running over with each day. I was afraid I was starting to burn out. I put off this weeks long run yesterday until today because I just loathed the idea of 7 painful laps around the park near our house. So this morning we called an audible and decided to run the trails at Crowders Mountain. One of my running buddies is an avid trail runner so I sent her a Facebook message asking what trails we should run, where to park, etc. and then she decided to join us. Glad you came Ashley, its always nice to run with someone who doesn’t leave me behind 🙂

I wish I had taken my small camera with me, it would have been a great photo opportunity. It was a pretty nice day and the change of scenery is just what I needed. I can see why trail runners enjoy it so much and why it is highly addictive. I haven’t had a running high like this in a LOOOOONNNG time!!! Will was dog tired at the end of our almost 7 mile run, but I surprisingly had lots of gas left in the tank. I think I could have gone a couple more miles but didn’t want to over do it. I just don’t understand how 7 miles on the road is more tiring than 7 miles on an uneven and fairly challenging trail, what ever the reason….I will take it any day!!!! I can definitely tell I used muscles I don’t usually use and will probably be a little sore in new spots tomorrow, but it will be so worth it. I can’t wait to go trail running again, and as soon as we got home I jumped on the internet looking for new trail shoes. It was quite slippy in my old Mizuno road running shoes. I was almost proud when we finished to see my shoes dirtied up quite a bit more and the mud that was splashed up to my knees. It made me feel so hard-core. I’m a dork, I know!!! Just the kick start I needed to re-inspire me!!!

Now for my mileage totals:

Week: 18 miles (a little shorter than the target but who cares???)
Month: 39 miles
Year: 144 miles

This weeks miles:
Monday: 4.02 miles early morning neighborhood run 42 minutes
Wednesday: 5.64 miles run at my moms 55 minutes
Thursday: 2 miles treadmill HELL big fat FAIL for that day, had planned for 4 miles
Sunday: 6.68 miles Crowders Mountain 1 hour 14 minutes

Next weeks plan:
Tuesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Saturday: might run a local 5K (it would be my very first race), if I don’t then 4 miles
Sunday: 8 miles….yikes!!!!!

This is the LAST WEEK to get your entries in for the BIG RAFFLE [CLICK HERE]!!!!! Please enter, it is for a great cause and pass on the word so you can get some free entries (see raffle instructions for details)

I added up the Chili Fund Raiser money last night and right now it is little over $1000, with a couple more donations trickling in. WOW!!!! Thanks again to all the volunteers and my mom and brother for all their hard work!!!!!