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>Week End Round Up

>Sorry for not blogging much this week, its been a hectic week! Haley’s 2nd Birthday celebrations kick-off today. If you don’t know me or my family, we (especially the women of the family) don’t just get birthDAYs we get birthday weekends. This drives my husband absolutely crazy, but he will get over it!!! Tonight we are going out to eat and have birthday cake with my Aunt and Uncle who came into town from Georgia, Mom and Dad and Lil’ Bro. Then tomorrow we are going to have a little party at Build-a-Bear and go eat again, and have MORE birthday cake. And Monday she will have a little birthday party at school….with MORE cake!!!! One can never have too much cake!!!! (glad I ran 18 miles this week, don’t expect any weight loss this week!)

So for my Week End Round Up:

Mileage totals:
Week: 18 miles
Month: 67 miles
Year: 105 (YEAH for breaking 100!!!!)

This weeks mileage:
Monday 4 miles (Neighborhood Run) 42 min
Tuesday 4 miles (KM Gateway “Hill Hell” Park) 41 min
Thursday 4 miles (Gastonia Greenway) 39 min (notice the time decreases as the week went by, YEAH!!!)
Saturday 6.02 miles 1 hour 1 min 11 seconds…weird!!!(Dallas Park, close 2nd to “Hill Hell”)

Next week’s schedule: 20 miles
Monday 5 miles
Wednesday 4 miles
Friday 4 miles
Saturday 7 miles YIKES!!!!!

How am I feeling?:

You may be wondering why am I running 7 miles (and in a few weeks it will be 8) if the race is only 6.2 miles???? Well, because the training schedule tells me so, and you can’t stray from the schedule the training police will come get me and fine me heavily and may disqualify me from the race!!! I am already breaking the rules by doing my runs on days other than the schedule tells me to!!!!! No, really its all about building your endurance. (sorry for the hysterical sarcasm) I read an article recently that said something to the effect that even though you can run “X” amount of distance once or twice doesn’t mean that your body is prepared for it. It takes several weeks of running at that particular distance for your body to really be prepared for it. I think they also push you a little farther than the 6.2 miles because this is not a flat course, there is on HELL of a hill (4 degree incline for 1.5 miles) that will do in some runners if they have not trained for it.

My feet are starting to bother me, not sure what is going on, if its just adjusting to the new shoes, if they are the wrong shoes for me (please GOD don’t let that be the case, they were mucho expensiosio!!!!!), if I am trying to develop an injury, or what. I have a history of plantar fascitis, which I developed when I worked 12 hour shifts at the hospital and was on my feet for the majority of that time. I went to the podiatrist and he made some orthotics and I have been fine ever since. And since I’ve been a home health nurse I have not had any problems with that (since I sit on my butt in my car for most of my day)……until this week. I’ve always run with my orthotics in my shoes, but they felt very uncomfortable Thursday, so I tried running without them. My feet felt pretty good without them, but I was very nervous because I could feel the lack of support in my arches. Actually my arches are so high, I could feel nothing touching them in my shoes, so I don’t think this is my best course of action. But the pain doesn’t feel like the pain I had with PF, it is an achiness in my heels and outer aspect of my foot up my ankle about an inch, so it a couple parts of my foot. I’m hoping its just my feet adjusting to the increase in mileage. I will give it a week or so and if it is still bothering me, I will go to the podiatrist. Luckily, my big toe isn’t really bothering me anymore. Maybe I just traded one pain for the other.

Please, Please, Please go visit the raffle page (link on the top right side of this page). Donations are coming in here and there, but we need MORE!!!!! Even if you are not interested in the items being raffled, someone you know might be so, go forth and spread the word my Facebooking, Twittering, Blogging buddies!!!!!

This will probably be it for blogging this week, I am going to be wrapped up in Haley’s Birthday WEEKEND. Have a good one!!!


>Thumbs Up! Thursday

>Hello everyone, hope you are having a fabulous week. I have been….for the most part anyway (but today is all about the good stuff, so I will keep my trap shut about all the less than fabulous things). Time to give a big Thumbs Up! to all the great stuff going on this week.

We received 3 pretty significant donations this week ($50, $75, and $100) which brings our fund raising total up to $970!!! That includes facebook donations, cash and checks received thus far, but does NOT include the money raised so far with the raffle. That is almost twice the amount of my original goal AWESOME!!!

Speaking of the BIG RAFFLE, we got another $60 in entries so far this week. Remember if someone enters the raffle and lists you as a referral, you get 2 FREE entries!!!

Also, the Facebook Cause page now has 250 members, keep spreading the word!!!

I have not had to run on the treadmill at ALL this week…woot, woot!!!! And have been able to run 3 different routes too! Ran my neighborhood Monday, then the KM Gateway (aka, Hill HELL) Tuesday, and the Greenway (AKA flat running Heaven) today. Big thanks to my mom for helping me out with that. I am going to try and squeeze in my long (6miles) run tomorrow instead of this weekend because this weekend is Haley’s 2nd Birthday weekend!!! I can’t believe she is going to be 2 years old….crazy!!!!

Also scored some great deals on winter running gear yesterday in the most unlikely place…Belk’s. The hats and gloves were 75% off. I have been looking for running gloves all winter that didn’t cost a ton of money, ones that are mittens that convert to fingerless gloves for when I have to fiddle around with my GPS/phone/music. When you think Isotoners you don’t think sporty, but these puppies are great. Fleece with neoprene like material….perfect….I got two pair.


Then I found a cute fleece tobogan. I have been sporting my bright pink Under Armour shirt with bright orange Under Armour shorts together lately thinking that I was a brightly colored mismatched FOOL, but lookie here….I found a hat to match my slightly manic running wardrobe. LOVE IT!!! You can see me coming from a mile away!!!


So that’s about it for today. What has been going on with you that deserves a thumbs up? Leave a comment if you would like to share.

>Saturday Summary

>Running This Week:
Monday: 4 miles treadmill (maybe more miles, I’m convinced the speed is wrong!), 48 min
Wednesday: 4 miles neighborhood run, 42 min
Friday: 3 miles at Mom’s, 31 min
Saturday: 6 miles in Belmont, 1hr4min

Week:17 miles
Month: 48 miles
Year: 87 miles

Next Week’s Schedule:
Monday-4 miles
Wednesday-4 miles
Friday-4 miles
Saturday-6 miles

How am I feeling:
Running 6 consecutive miles for the past two Saturdays is a huge confidence boost! I really feel like I will be able to run the whole 10K now, I’ve doubted my ability until recently. I really need to focus on hill work now (as much as I despise hills) to ensure I can make that 1 1/2 mile 4 degree incline up the bridge. Once we cross the bridge its pretty flat, but that hill scares the bejezes out of me!!!! Here is a map of the race course. Click on the map for the interactive version, kinda cheesy but you get the idea…..


Raffle Update:
So far only 4 people have donated a total of $120. It makes their chances pretty good for wining but….come on guys, get the word out and donate!!!! We need your help to make this a success. Remember the money raised goes to the Joubert Syndrome Foundation. The more you donate the more entries you receive, and you can also get “free” entries for referring people (see the raffle blog post for details). There are some really cool goodies you can win!!!! The raffle is open until midnight March 18th.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! I plan to do NOTHING tomorrow, rest my tired legs and gear up for another grueling running week.

>A Little Bit of Sunshine

>Looks like someone gave me Thumbs Up! yesterday. Sara over at Rookie on the Run, sent me the Sunshine Blog Award yesterday. Thanks for the props Sara!!!


Now time for me to spread the love. If you are sent the award please pass on the love and award your favorite bloggers with the Sunshine Award. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they received the award.

~I posted about this blog earlier in the week, but Nat at run1000miles is running 1000 this year to raise money for MS. Keep up the good work!!!

~Staci at WeightLossMama is a new bloggy acquaintance that is on a mission to loose the post baby weight, and learned to love running during her journey.

~AdventuresofRunningMom is a blog by one of my new running buddies, Ashley (and a supporter of my raffle THANKS Ashley!!!!). She is an avid trail runner, something I really want to get into after the Bridge Run is over.

~And last but not least TheFabulousRunningMommy is a blog that caught my eye several weeks ago. Olivia, the blogger, has a condition called Neurofibromatosis and runs for NF Endurance Team. One of my cousins is affected by this condition as well, so this is a blog that I really find inspirational.

There are many many more blogs that I love and enjoy that I would give this award to also, but I know they have already received it.

Ok, so I tried to get some “action” shots (and a few goofy modeling shots) of me today to unveil my oh-so-fabulous new running tights. As part of the Global Genes Project’s bluejean theme, I decided to buy some denim tights to run in. I finally found some and plan to run in the for the rest of the month in honor of World Rare Disease Day on February 28th. I was worried about how functional they would be seeing as how they are “fashion” tights, i.e., made of cotton and spandex most likely, but I ran 3 miles in them today with no chafing. We will see how I fair in the for my 6 mile run tomorrow……eeekkkk!!! So, as promised, here is some comic relief…..totally at my expense!!! You’re welcome!

I doubt anyone will be contacting me to model sportswear anytime soon!!!


Wow this is bad…….


But wait, it gets worse!!!!


How is this for “action shot”


At least the scenery is nice, form….not so much


And finally…..the Reason I RUN….


>Thumbs Up Thursday

>Most running blogs that I really enjoy all have some sort of regularly scheduled segment on certain days of the week, so I decided I wanted to try it to as a way to help structure (and force me to post frequently) my blog writing, and plus I love any excuse to use alliteration!!! So, Thumbs Up Thursday will be where I post about all the awesomeness that is going on in my week, give shout outs to some of my bloggy friends, and give props to people that I think are doing great things (running or otherwise).

My random awesomeness for this week:

My new running shoes came in the mail yesterday and as any runner will tell you, new shoe day is a glorious day!

Check them out. (excuse the pasty white ankles)

Photobucket Photobucket

They are the brand new Brooks Glycerin 8s. They recently received the Runner’s World Editors Choice Award for Spring 2010. They feel like little memory foam beds for my feet. Just love them!!! BIG Thumbs Up!

Another cool thing this week was being rescued from the treadmill by my mom yesterday. She graciously offered to watch Haley yesterday afternoon so I could run in my neighborhood. Not my most favorite run, as I live in a small neighborhood which is only a 1 mile loop. I’m not going to complain, at least I got to run outside and try out my new kicks. And speaking of mileage…..GPS went crazy yesterday and told me I ran all the way to North Augusta in 6 minutes….hahahha….wow, I am CRAZY fast!!!!,-89.36701&sspn=7.125975,19.753418&ie=UTF8&ll=34.40691,-81.452637&spn=3.172261,4.669189&z=7&output=embed
View Larger Map

And last bit of awesomeness for the week, we have raised $120 for the BIG Raffle so far…..super, keep getting the word out!!!!

Fellow runner, doing great things:

One of my favorite bloggers, Mel, aka Tall Mom, is running with Komen Team for the Cure Marathon Team and raising money for them. She is also hosting a great giveaway. Check them both out.

Fellow runner with great giveaway:

RunZoeRun. awesome champion giveaway….hope I win!!!!

Check back tomorrow. I am working on a something for the Global Genes Project which will probably be quite entertaining (at my expense). So stop by again tomorrow for some hilarious stuff.

If you are experiencing or doing something cool or know someone else that deserves a big Thumbs Up leave me a comment and I will post about it next Thursday!

>Tuesday Training Update

>Is it possible for an inanimate object to tell lies??? If you looked at my last mileage log on the Daily Mile widget you will notice that Mr. Treadmill and I are not seeing eye to eye lately. I think he is fibbing (profoundly!) about how fast I am running and at what incline I am running at. I realize I am a pretty slow runner, I get that. And there may not be a huge difference between a 12 minute and 10:30 minute mile, but is so demoralizing to see that freakin number mocking me the entire time I am running. When I am on the treadmill I really can’t go any (comfortably) faster than a 12 minute mile (according to its settings) It is just MADDENING!!!! So over the weekend I am going to try to calibrate it, just pray I don’t break the beast. We have a love hate relationship, but I sure would hate to loose the treadmill. But I am honestly not surprised it is a little bit wonky….it is 8 years old and we have never had it serviced….what else should I expect????

So today was a particularly difficult run because of the treadmill technical difficulties, then compound that with a sick, grumpy almost 2 year old and you have 48 minutes of pure misery on your hands. Haley has an ear infection with some other fabulous mystery illness on top of it. She started running random fevers yesterday….5 days into a round of antibiotics, so I’m not worried about an infection. I imagine its just a rogue virus she picked up at daycare. She refused to nap, refused to ride in the jogging stroller, so the only thing I knew to do was let her play (cry) while I was on the treadmill. I had to stop and start several different times to calm her down, or redirect her away from the whirling belt of the treadmill, or go get her more juice. Stopping and starting is very difficult for me. But we got it done and we both came out in one piece.

I did get to watch an absolutely mesmerizing Olympic event while running that kept my mind occupied (since Haley was oddly not even interested in watching Sesame Street….thank GOD!!!!!). I got to watch the women’s 10K biathlon. I found it slightly ironic that they were competing in a 10K, the same distance I am training for (and yes, I secretly pretended to myself that I was racing with them..hehehehe) …but they were doing it on skis, which of course is much faster than these slow feet. In case you don’t know what a biathlon is, its a cross country skiing track where they stop at the end of each lap and shoot at targets. If they miss the targets then they have to run a short penalty lap before getting back on the main course. Strange combination, I know, but interesting all the same. Fascinating.

I also wanted to mention a cause that I ran across today on Facebook Natalie, a runner from the UK is running 1000 miles for MS this year and raising money along the way. I always have a soft spot for neurological disorders (although MS is not nearly as rare as JS) so that is why I wanted to mention it, that and the fact that this is a very cool idea. Something I may consider doing in the future. 1000 miles is a lot but totally do-able.

I plan to get up at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow to pound out 4 more glorious miles on the treadmill so that I don’t have to contend with Haley’s issues. Hopefully that will circumvent the near melt down both mom and baby had today during today’s running session. Pray for a quick…painless run please!!!! Don’t forget the raffle!!!!!!

>The Big Raffle Is Here!!!

>So the moment you have all been waiting for……………….

Raffle time!!!!

I am really excited about this raffle and so blown away by the generosity of the companies that donated items to the raffle. I can tell you firsthand that each and every one of these items I would love to own!!!! I know that this is a runner themed raffle, but I think that each item could be used by anyone or at very least you could give them as a gift for someone who is into fitness. This gift basket if valued at over $200!!!! The raffle will run until March 19th to give people time to make lots and lots of donations. As always all proceeds will go to the Joubert Syndrome Foundation. (oh, and the super snappy white Saucony Shoes, courtesy of my husband Will, in the pictures below are NOT part of the raffle, just my poor attempt at posing the products LOL)

Road ID Gift Certificate:


The first item was donated by Road ID. They donated a gift card valued at $31.50, enough to buy one of their Elite ID bands. They have other items you can buy, but this is the one I have my eye on. This is an invaluable piece of running gear (one that I plan to get ASAP) as most of you runners know, we are not the greatest about carrying ID, I mean when you are already carrying a ton of gear, carrying your license is just one more thing to lug around. But with this cool little bracelet you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This would be useful for people who aren’t runners too, think of all the places you go where you don’t want to carry your wallet around with you, but the idea of “what if” something happened to me, how would people be able to ID me???

Lift Your Sole Gift Certificate:


Next item is another gift certificate valued at $24.00 for Lift Your Sole Jewelry. Beautiful handstamped jewelry. Jill (the owner) specializes in making sports themed pieces, but can personalize the piece for you if you like. The picture above is just an example of some of the great stuff she makes, all her stuff is just so cool. Beautiful and simple.,…..with a message.

Autographed Copy of “The Runner’s Rule Book”


A copy of “The Runner’s Rule Book” signed by the author Mark Remy. Mark Remy is the editor of Runner’s World magazine. I have to admit I did read some of this book. It is a great read for anyone, runner and non-runner alike. It is funny, inspirational, and very informative (pointing out all the running faux-pas)

Recovery Socks:


The next donation is going to be hard for me to part with, I have been coveting a pair of these for a long time………Recovery Socks. They are like grandma’s support hose for runners (except much more stylish LOL) Also great for people who do not run. They help keep soreness at bay in your lower legs with light compression to your calves.

5 BondiBands head bands and 1 Ponytail Hat:

Actual hat for raffle is BLACK

And last but not least….BondiBands. These are great little non-slip head bands. Great for runners to keep the hair out of their eyes while pounding down the pavement or great to just wear around the house. Super cute and super functional. Also included with the headbands is a Ponytail Hat. Keeps your head and ears warm but still allows you to wear your hair in a ponytail.

How Do I Buy a Ticket??????

So here is the low-down how to get your “raffle tickets”. Make a donation using the secure PayPal “donate” link at the bottom of this post or at the top of the blog. (Note you do not have to be a PayPal member to use PayPal, you can make a payment with most credit cards) If you do not feel comfortable giving via PayPal, please email me and I will send you my mailing address. The number of entries your receive depend on how much you donate, the more you donate, the better chance of winning!!!!!

$5-1 entry
$10-5 entries
$20-10 entries
$50 – 25 entries
$100 – 50 entries

There are also other opportunities to get “free” entries after you have made your own donation. If you link this raffle to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc you will get 2 additional entries for each person that donates and lists you as a referral (ask them to do click the “add special instructions to seller” just left of the Total and put your name in the purpose area on the donation form).

If you would like a receipt for tax purposes please add that in the “special instructions” section of the PayPal check out and I will mail one out to you ASAP, as donations to the Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorders Foundation are tax-deductible. The JSRDF is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

The winner will be selected using a random number generator and will be announced on Friday March 19th. Good luck and thank you for your donations!!!!!

Disclaimer: Please note that when you receive your email confirmation, it will state that you made a donation to Laura Smith (me). The PayPal account had to be set up in my name (not Jog for Joubert) since we do not have a Federal Tax ID, we only operate to benefit the JSRDF. These donations in no way benefit me directly. 100% of donations (after PayPal fees) go to the JSRDF, and a receipt of this can be provided for you if requested. Please email me with any questions or concerns.

>Great Running Week!!

>Wow!!!!! I am finally starting to actually have some great runs lately, not completely torturous, dreadful, painful, killer runs. Monday was a rough one on the treadmill, but I totally attribute that to too many Super Bowl beers leading to slight dehydration and sluggish legs the following morning, so that doesn’t count. Wednesday I met up with my newest running buddies at the Greenway and ran an easy 3 miles. I felt AWESOME!!! I really could have run farther, but just didn’t have time. When I first starting running with these girls I noticed that they were able to just jibber jabber during the entire run, while I was only able to throw in an occasional gasping”yeah” “uh huh”. But this week I noticed I was actually able to speak in complete sentences for most of the run, something I have NEVER been able to do. SCORE for cardiovascular endurance!!!!! Today I had another great run before yet another snow storm hit the Carolinas. (note: I know I shouldn’t be complaining about our crappy weather since the more northern states have been getting hammered all week, but for pete sake, this is NC, enough with the snow!!!!) I got to do some moderate hill work during a 4 mile run. At mile 2 I wasn’t sure I would make it because I thought nature’s calling (I know TMI, but you runners totally understand what I’m talking about) would cut my run short. But that faded and I finished the entire 4 miles…..and as a bonus, I came in at under 10 minutes per mile LOVE IT!!!!! It feels great to actually be seeing some results and my mileage increasing. I know my victories are modest compared to some, but hey…I am making real progress!!!!

And true to form, my ever planning ahead self is already looking ahead to what my next goals and race will be after the Cooper River Bridge 10K. I am….gulp…..actually toying with the idea of doing either a 1/2 or full marathon at the end of the year. I am thinking maybe the OBX or Thunder Road Marathon, both located here in NC. I have never ever thought I could ever run a marathon, but the more I run, the more I think I can…..and actually WANT to. For those who don’t know how far a 1/2 or full marathon is….wait for it………..a half is 13.1 miles and yep, you guessed it, a full is 26.2 miles. You ask yourself…..why in the HELL would someone want to do that. Well for me, and I am sure most others, I would say “to see if I can, and to say I did” and it keeps my main goal (Jog for Joubert Syndrome) in motion. I don’t know, we will see how I fair in the 10K first.

PLEASE check the blog Monday morning for the BIG RAFFLE. It technically will go live Sunday night so that I don’t forget to post it during the Monday morning madness at the Buchanan household. I hope that I have all the donation kinks ironed out, and really hope for a big response. I have a few bloggy friends that are going to post about it on their blogs, so keep your fingers crossed and get ready to spread the word!!!!


>I just had to post this video. This is Shaan (his picture is at the bottom of the blog) a child affected by Joubert Syndrome. His mother, Elizabeth, is working tirelessly on a sister campaign the “Global Genes Project” to help raise money and awareness for Joubert Syndrome and other rare diseases.

Shaan…..another reason for us to run!!!!

>Sooo…..what do you think of our new space????

>Just a quick post to announce the launch of our new blog design. HUGE thanks to Krizzy Designs who graciously donated her time and talent to making such a fun and pretty place for our little blog. So let me know what you think. Will post more tomorrow.